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Hi , If we purchase this , hope we will get all the files and database structure

yes thanks :)


casious Purchased

Hi, please i need the documentation.

Documentation already plugin page but no problem i have already sent you documentation link thanks :)

is there this feature in this script recurring rentals with dues every month ?

you need to take payment by cash thanks :)

no recurring system :)

incase one owner has multiple appartments, does it support

we have multiple apartment system check demo thanks :)

From looking at the comments 10 months ago you kept promising things like the payment system and a way for tenants to place complaints and other tickets to owners, but there has been no updates, instead it looks like from the comments i read… you have been doing multiple individual customization’s for the same features and not updating it on here… please explain if i have this incorrectly or please update or tell me when you will be uploading the updates you promised

and 3. i just logged in as super admin and admin.. what are the differences? i logged in as both and went through every option and they were identical

My friend Have you checked my documentation ? Super admin can be handle all branch but u can be set admin for single branch thanks. My friend we cannot confirm you when we will update it we are busy another 3 project so we have plan we will update as as soon as possible and add paypal payment with our system thanks if u need urgent then we can discuss for customization thanks :)


Q. Can there be unlimited admin accounts? not super admins just need 1 of those

i installed the software and have 2 major issues 1.st : Its in another language not english 2nd: the passwords listed for the demo ..especially the SUPER admin does not work.

So kindly contact with me via email that will be faster thanks :) so i will check format pass issue and let u know thanks :)

what? i clearly said i contacted you via email, you then asked my email and i told you which email i sent you a email from already which was info@domicilehub… hummhh not good. did you get my email or not?

please also check your spam folder just as a precaution. i am still waiting for your response and fix.

Add Renter module is not working, Its say that Successfully added but there is no record on database. I want to refund this script. Please contact me.

I need to check your issue send me cpanel access with some screenshot what is not working i will check and solve ur issue thanks :)

my email: devsolver@gmail.com thanks :)

I’m send an email for info, waiting for your answer. thanks

hello i have now emailed you at devsolver@gmail all my cPanel info and im still waiting for the fixes i outlined on here and in the email from info at domicilehub and mindsoulm at yahoo

listen friend i have got your message from codecanyon and i have check my email nothing there using ur email address kindly send me your issue to my email with cpanel access i will check and solve that if we found issue thanks :) if we chat too much our time will waste and no solution we will find thanks :)

email: devsolver@gmail.com thanks :)

i keep sending the info over and over again to devsolver@gmail.com and you do not acknowledge that you have gotten the email. i have sent it from info@domicilehub,com , also mindsoulm@yahoo.com ... I ALSO JUST SENT IT AGAIN FROM BOTH EMAILS TO YOUR EMAIL DEVSOLVER@GMAIL.. are you scamming me?

Since i have now sent my cPanel info to you here on codecanyon (which you acknowledged 2 times you received)and several times and from several different emails to make sure it was delivered to devsolver@gmail.com and you keep asking me to resend and resend if you want to insist that i keep sending it please JUST REFUND MY MONEY and we will both move on. Or you can get to fixing the issues. I will wait for your decission.

Please i would like to see front end link, in Add New Renter page i can not see where to choose “HOUSE NAME” option,

u can choose floor no with unit also check carefully like House 1 Floor 6 Unit 6A thanks :)

Please let me see front end link. thanks.

We have only admin management System and link working thanks :)


ferelmm Purchased

hi! Is it possible to increase prices by percentage? For example, light expenditure increases by 30%, etc.


ferelmm Purchased

I’m in Argentina … in this country prices go up regularly. Can you implement an increase in the value put in water, light, etc. by percentage? That is, if the light costs $ 100 from next month will cost 10% more

Possible but you need customization so kindly contact with me via my email address devsolver@gmail.com for quotation :)


ferelmm Purchased

ok, thanks!

What is the php version?

we have used 5.4 but no problem it will work with any version thanks :)

is there any possibility I can manage if a renter rents for multiple months and multiple units, also is it possible to notify renter on the payment due date and inquire to issue payment (can be via email) ?

u can take rent but right now no notification system we will add them feature thanks :)

You mean there is a way to manage if a single person took a rent of multiple units for multiple months ?

possible u need to add him multiple times thanks :)

Add_floor.php – Add_bill.php and so on I can not add!

where is your purchase tag ? send me purchase information into my email address with cpanel access information thanks :)

email: devsolver@gmail.com

Have you got responsive apartment management system of turkish language version?

You can make Turkish language pack by yourself and i will tell you how to do that thanks :)