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Hi presales question – is this possible to take out Copyright © 2014-2015 sakosys.com in footer so that i can show demo? our client is techy man he understand where i bought so

u can remove it no problem if u want after buy i will help u to do this thanks :)

Once client happy about my demo then I will buy, before that I need demo without your names pls

Hey , How do i change the currency into Kes.

From system settings.

How do i change language of the system

from settings then system setup if u cannot my friend send me link with access i will do that for you thanks :)


Can you explain me the difference between Super admin, admin and owner ?


Check our documentation thanks :)

This mysql version is not supported on my server. this error is showing - [01-Mar-2018 07:02:50 UTC] PHP Deprecated: mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead in /home/wwwbizsolution/apartment.bizsolution.in/config.php on line 11

my friend send me cpanel access with admin all access i will take care of it thanks :)

email : devsolver@gmail.com

Kindly indicate if there’s support for Nigerian Naira (NGN) currency, ir it can be added, as i’m interested in purchasing your script ASAP.

You can change only currency icon from script settings page thanks :)

hi, planning to buy, but before that would like to know, this is open source?

you will get all source code but you can use it only for one website not multiple website thanks :)


When will an update be made available with features such as;

1. Ability for the tenant to pay for bills online

2. Ability for tenants to receive automatic monthly recurring invoices.

3. Ability for tenants to see paid and unpaid balance on particular invoices. Right now the system does show billable items but does not show how much paid and the balance unpaid

4.Ability to select some items to be on recurring monthly bills when creating a tenant account. Because some times can be charged once and others such as security bill is recurring.

And also, the ability for the landlord to add announcements and get seen by all tenants.

I will be happy to hear from you

Thank you


we will add those our next version right now we are fixing some bugs and changing design thanks :)

We are also interested in buying. Do you have a planned date to publish next version?

Next version coming with new look design and fixing bug with more login security thanks :)

next week.

Hello, It’s saas script, isn’t it?

No thanks :)

hi, what does multi-branch mean? and what of i need to manage more than one building? I see in the demo a single building?

No its multi branch you can handle multiple building user will shift branch automatically and super admin can login any branch. Thanks :)

Hello,, when you release new version?

We will and you will get confirmation email thanks :)

i am waiting install 3 days… Please reply and domain reset

Hello you cannot install multiple domain kindly send me your correct domain info with cpanel info to my email address devsolver@gmail.com i will take care of it thanks :)

Hi, sir front end website is not available, where any one directly search rooms/flats and book by paying amount….

We don’t have front end but future we will thanks :)

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People are not foolish and not cheater like you no idea about market no idea about license try to use script multiple domain when not work then u are going to MAD careful people from this Buyer careful people from this buyer he and his right hand play this GAME.

SUCH A COMPLETE LIAR.. I dare you provide one instance of the accusation you keep making..just one, me i have all of your emails where you have abused me repeatedly, refused to fix your broken software unless i gave you 5 star rating before you would touch it…who does that seriously.. and completely lied through your teeth. People reading..dont say you were not warned about this guy!!

oh and love the right hand comment..very professional!!

He need to work my script into multiple sub domain because he want to resell it when installation not working with multiple domain he want refund and trying to create bad reputation into market place no idea license system and policy really new comer ALL SELLER KINDLY CAREFUL FROM THIS BUYER.

Sorry, but the demo’s login is not working.

Kindly check now its perfect we have changed something into server that’s why it was showing error now ok thanks

I can’t install ams in localhost, in step 2 ( Purchase Information) does not advance to next step.

Have you skype?

sent you via email check thanks :)

Notice: Undefined variable: _data in C:\xampp\htdocs\marinadelrey\index.php on line 153 can’t create database tables

Hi It’s an interesting system. but demo and document not workig

all working and gave you reply via email thanks :)

My installation is stuck at “Verify Purchase Enter domain name and purchase code details” , i have added everything but it doesn’t move to the next step

My friend kindly send me cpanel access with your purchase code to my email address let me check thanks :)