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I bought the Resizable Multicolor Countdown, it’s wonderful. My purchasing code is d5095976-e426-4bfb-a41d-62b195116b82.

Is there any way to make it work In the opposite direction? I mean, from one past date to “now”, like a countup instead of countdown.

Thaks in advance.

Hello! No, the script does not support this feature

Hello, is it posible to use this countdown on HTML5 banners?

Hi There, I see this was asked before but how would one go about adding a 10th element to allow for 9999 days? I too require the counter for more than 999 days.

Also clock is only responsive in that it shrinks its size on mobile, not too bad but would prefer if each category (Days, Hours, Min, Sec) would fall below each other when using it on a mobile. Is this possible.


Hello. Write me email from my profile page. I will send you updated version.

Hi there

The countdown timer isn’t displaying on mobile. You can see here:

Plwase help!

Thanks Simon

Hello, please set another date. I see just “time’s up”

Hi there,

I just purchased this wonderful script. However, when the timer is less than 0, i saw “The End!” flashes and disappeared. I have tried to set CanvasContext.fillStyle = ”#000000”; in TimeEnd() in CountDownJS.js, but the problem is still there. Can you please advise how to fix this?

Thanks Marco

can you send me the link?

Sorry. I do not have a link. I am testing it in local drive only…

Can you send me all files on my email?


hu8035 Purchased

Hi, my counter only displays 8 elements, which are days, hours, minutes, and seconds. I’d like to hide seconds, and have more than 100 days, which means I need 3 digits for days. Currently it only displays 2 digits.. Thank you.

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Countdown çalışmasının Internet Explorer 9 çalışabilmesi için gerekli konu hakkında bilgi paylaşmanızı rica ederim.

I would ask you to share information about the subjects required to run Internet Explorer 9 work of the countdown.

I have no IE9. I can’t run script in this browser.

Supports recurring events?

Use start function.


Not long ago I purchased this script to use on a HTML5 banner, the code worked perfectly, but when sending to media, they rejected it. They say there’s a malware in the code we are using, so we run some tests; one of the tests was to delete the counter code and this banner was approved by media, meaning the script we bought is triggering some malware. Have you had this problem before? is there a way to fix this?

We are running out of time, so we’d really appreciate it if you could help us out ASAP. The campaign should have been already running.

Thanks in advance :)

What fragment of code is malware? What test did you run?

That’s the part which we are unsure of, which part of the code is triggering the malware. We just did a simple test in which we uploaded the banner with the counter code, and we uploaded the banner without the counter code; the one without the code didn’t trigger the malware.

Is there a specific test we can run to make sure what is triggering this? any suggestions on your side on what we should do?

thanks :)

Maybe there is a specification about which code can not be used?

Hello, after all thank you for this model ! it’s very wonderfull !,i want to ask you it is possible with this model to make difference between the current day and onther date if the result is negative it return a countdown with the color red in the opposite case i will have a green countdown!

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Can this be used to count up or down between arbitrary numbers, not date/times? Say from 34 to 2,198?

Is the JS code compatible with Wordpress noConflict mode? I don’t want a plugin but just to embed hard coded HTML, will the script work on a WP page?

Hello, it’s just countdown. This script did not test in WP

Purchase code e827fe0a-136d-4a23-bbc6-58af7d5c69f8 – 15 Mar 2018

Is that correct that the counter can only count mx 1 year? Unfortunately that is not in the description. I need the counter until 2021

Hello, write me email from my profile page please

Its possible to clock whith the computer time or real time, no count down?

no, it is just countdown

Its possible for you to make a real time? Like another script?

Unfortunately it is a very labor-intensive process


_yurets Purchased

Здравствуйте. Большое спасибо за отличную работу! Приятно поддержать труд соотечественника. :) Есть девелоперский вопрос по использованию плагина с jQuery. Сделал простой php-шаблон с кодом инициализации счетчика и прочей разметкой. Переменные времени отсчёта вставляются из БД, всё красиво, в-общем. Если этот шаблон includ’ю напрямую PHP-”движком”, то всё отлично. Но если этот шаблон вызываю с помощью AJAX-запроса, то всё ломается — появляется только счетчик на весь экран, прочая разметка из шаблона не появляется, иконка ajax-лоадера крутится постоянно. Как мне кажется, это из-за того, что вывод плагина сделан через “document.write”, но могу ошибаться. Не могли бы вы подсказать, как можно попробовать вывести результат работы Вашего скрипта в какой-то указанный div, например… Много как пробовал, но может у Вас есть какая-то мысль на этот счет. Реализовать идею попробую сам.

Надеюсь, что мне удалось объяснить суть моей проблемы.

Заранее спасибо. Юра.

Спасибо. Document.write нужен только для удобства. Можете этот фрагмент вообще удалить, но придется добавить див в то место где нужно выводить счетчик. Только нужно указать правильно префиксы.


_yurets Purchased

В-общем, я его победил. :) 1) Рисуем div, в который будет загружен счетчик. Указываем у него width=100% (в CSS). 2) В произвольном месте указываем параметры счетчика: <script type=”text/javascript”> countDown1 = new CountDownObject(); указываем все параметры: дату, цвета и пр. - countDown1.CANVAS_NAME = “CountDownCanvas”; </script> 3) В скрипте добавим две функции: this.Output = function(){ sec = this.SET_YOUR_SEC; min = this.SET_YOUR_MIN; hour = this.SET_YOUR_HOUR; day = this.SET_YOUR_DAY; month = this.SET_YOUR_MONTH; year = this.SET_YOUR_YEAR; num = this.NUM_OF_ELEMENTS; timeAnim = this.TIME_ANIMATION; backC = this.BACK_COLOR; digitsC = this.DIGITS_COLOR; textC = this.TEXT_COLOR; isDynamicColor = this.IS_DYNAMIC_COLOR; var output = ’<canvas id=”’ + this.CANVAS_NAME + ’”></canvas>’; return output; } this.Starter = function(wid){ findWidth = document.getElementById(‘my_countdown’); width = wid; Canvas = document.getElementById(this.CANVAS_NAME); CanvasContext = Canvas.getContext(“2d”); Canvas.setAttribute(“width”, width); param = new ParametresType(); height = 150.1param.elementSize + 1; Canvas.setAttribute(“height”, height); timeZoneEdit = (new Date().getTimezoneOffset() + this.TIME_ZONE60)*60000; timeAndDateLast = new TimeInfo(); img = new AllImages(); DrawText(); window.onload = function(){resizeCanvas();}; // for safari timerId = setInterval(Main, 16); }

Первая функция рисует в указанном нами месте пустой холст (canvas). Вторая функция вписывает в этот холст сам счетчик. 4) Включаем всю эту красоту: <script type=”text/javascript”> $(document).ready(function(){ var cnt = $(‘div#my_countdown’); var wid = cnt.width(); cnt.html(countDown1.Output()); countDown1.Starter(wid); }) $(window).resize(function(){ var wid = $(‘div#my_countdown’).width(); $(‘canvas#CountDownCanvas’).attr(‘width’, wid); }) </script> От встроенной функции изменения размеров счетчика пришлось отказаться, переписал на свой вариант. Всё работает. Еще раз спасибо! Успехов!

2 Pre-sale questions. Can you insert the countdown anywhere through shortcodes? Also, does the plugin support autoreset – when the countdown ends it automatically resets and start again?

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I mean, is the code optimized to not slow down the website.