Discussion on Region Detection (jQuery)

Discussion on Region Detection (jQuery)

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In Fact, I seek an example like your switcher script, but for a different use (I would like to display a banner).

Do I think that it is necessary to use a condition?

Thanks !


Kindly email me via the contact form on my profile page and I’ll see what I can do. The example for what you’re looking for is already given in the example file that comes with it; for further understanding you must read the help file.


Do You have an example to display a div on an overflight (hover) ?

Thanks for your assistance !


There’s an example in the examples.html file that comes bundled with the file you purchased, there’s a hover example in there too. If you’re having difficulties implementing it, kindly read the documentation or send me an email via my profile page with details of what you’re trying to achieve and a zipped example file you’re working on. Thanks!


Sent you PM ! Thanks

I’ve been using this on a site I’m planning on launching soon that has a rather difficult and unconventional way of showing a drop-down menu. This plugin works awesomely and much better than the hacky setTimeout() method I was using previously.

hey, thanks for the feedback :)! glad you found it useful.

Wow, what fast responses and great services. Consider this sold, especially after implementing hover support into the plugin so quickly!

thanks :)!

havent had my morning coffee yet so not fully awake – but i saw the working demo and looks impressive am just wondering what you would use it for?

it’s being used in .. so basically, for dropdown menus, if you were to click anywhere outside the menu’s region, it should close it or hide it or something ..

a user wanted to use it to show advertisements if the mouse was moved away from the window’s region by creating a div which was 1px smaller than the window size ..

so the uses can be numerous if you think about it ..

Wow! what a quick reply!

wrapper div sounds like a plan!

consider it bookmarked! may get it in the week….


No problem :)!

Hi daniyal, would this be able to detect a mouse going over the edge of the open browser window? Maybe having a small transparent border just inside the edge of the window? And with that, trigger a popup window? Don’t want much do i!

or you could simply make a wrapper div about 1px smaller than the window width/height and that region would be considered outside the region you intend to monitor, so that would work, but as for the border thing, it’s considered inside the region by the script.

Could this be expanded to check if a mouse hovers over a specific region outside of an element? I could see this being useful for dropdown menus that aren’t inside of a parent UL.

yes, with a bit of coding it surely can be; i’ll try this myself and get back to you with the results and might just push it forward as an update.

it was a fairly simple update, i’ll push it through after i update the documentation so stay tuned :)!

it is now updated to support both hover and click detection, and is available for purchase :)!


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