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Nice concept! :)

Thanks for your comment!

Looks good. Does it have swipe support for mobile devices?

I will include it in future releases


How does pagination work?

Is it page based, or infinite slider?

Hi, the images are shown by category filters of two levels. You can group them in columns of categories. The gallery is page based.

Very impressive. Does it have widgets to show recent media?

Currently it does not have that feature but would be interesting

if i want to play internal files with video player ? (avi or mp4 ..)

Hi, currently that feature is not included

Hi there, great project, it fills perfectly my client needs, just that the mobile version needs to be refined because the grid doesn’t fit perfectly and filters are not working at all, as well as menu size could be more user friendly and icons are grainy.

(tested on Iphone 5/5s, Htc One 2 and Samsung S3/S4/S5)

Any updates coming soon?

Many thx!

Hi thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it. Yes some updates will come, if you need a customized version just contact me via my profile