Discussion on Redsnip Snippets Manager

Discussion on Redsnip Snippets Manager

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Is there a way to make it “portable” ?

The database is stored in local user profile, so you only be able to see the snippets you saved in same computer. So you cant use it as a portable software.

Thank you.

Very usefull tool, thank you.

A very nice app with a clean, good looking interface that has a lot of potential but I feel it is lacking in some basic features which I have suggested below although I feel the first one is an essential fix that needs to happen soon.

1. Confirmation if you try to leave a snippet you have edited but not saved that you will lose work if you continue, currently you lose any code you haven’t saved when moving from one snippet to another.

2. A search facility to make it quicker to find snippets when the list grows long.

3. The ability to move a snippet from one category to another, preferably by drag and drop.

4. The ability to export/import snippets both for backup of snippet library and to sync snippets between computers.

Keep up the good work :)

Great, thanks for the feedback, I’ll write these in my future updates list.

Hello, how can I delete a snippet? Thanks:)

Ok, right click… thanks!

Hi How can I move a snippet from one category into another category?

I’ll add this feature in coming updates, thanks.

Thank you. Drag and drop would be cool :-)

Great, thanks for the feedback.

Is there a live demo?

Its a desktop app, live demo is kind of impossible, but you can checkout the screenshots.

Sorry, I wasn’t thinking. Tnx.

Running on Windows 7 and 8 – but can not show all items when “page” is full and you need to scroll down to select – see screen dump here:

Also I would say that the app is lacking some “finish” – example: when you hit save, it should be some kind of quick confirmation telling that the item/update was saved – and if you forget to save, you should get a small and quick warning: Save/Discard? There should absolutely be some kind of search function as well.

This app has some potential, and you’re on the right track :)

For me, right now, it’s a 3.5 stars app – but fixing these issues would make it a full 5! for me :)

Oh, and: This is for the Windows Stand-Alone app – I have not tried the install version, since I would need this app to be on a memory stick for mobility.

Thanks for the feedback, I will make sure I fix these right away.

Hi, I have fixed the scroll issue and added the saved info box when snippet is saved.

Hi there,

I tried to reach you on contactform on your profile, but get no answer.

I’ll get an Error on installation: Setup Error! -f

Do you know about this and how it can solved?

Cheers, Steve

Email me, I will send you the standalone version.

fantastic & very useful tool !

An excellent job. Good luck with your sales ;)

great tool. glws


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