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I just got this plugin and its not working for me. My site is, Please help

Hi, i am sorry for the problem. Can you send me your website setting at so i can check the problem. Thanks

Can I redirect to a page inside my wordpress site?

Yes, You can but only one specific page. Thanks

Hey I bought this plugin and it is not working can I please get some help

Can you send me your website setting at so i can check the problem. Thanks

I’m using this to redirect users to my subscribe page in iTunes for podcasts. I just added a 3rd podcast to my lineup, w/ two of them on the same site. I’d love for this plugin to be able to monitor multiple pages for redirects—i.e. if going to, this plugin will redirect mobile users to If going to, this plugin will redirect mobile users to Any chance this is in the works?

Hi, Sorry you can’t redirect multiple specific page. You can redirect your whole website or a specific page to a website. You can make variation for different device but you can’t redirect from multiple page to multiple site. Thanks

I know it’s not possible now, but is it possible in the future? Is that something you’d be willing to look at?

I am not sure but i will give a try. Thanks

Hi, does this plugin have the ability to redirect only for portrait sized tablet screens and not for landscape size tablet screens? Thx.

No. Thanks


Brth Purchased

Hello i want to do a mobile redirection like : , then you can click at the bottom of the page on a button to go to the main website :

I installed the plugin but it doesn’t work, i ve just sent you a email. Waiting for your reply ! Thanks by advance

I sent you mail but didn’t get any response.

Hey there, the plugin isn’t working for me. I have emailed you via envato and personally as well. Please respond ASAP.

Problem solved.

Hi, If I make an install of WP in a domain and then make a sub direcotry install ( not multi-site ) can I use this plugin to direct all mobile and tablet traffic to the sub directory install?

I have a URL based licnese which demands all content stay in the primary domain and not sub domains like

I would like to use or something like that.

Also, in other cases Multisite is important. Can I use it there too?

You can use its all feature on sub directory installation. For multisite, you may use specific page mobile redirection. Thanks

mobile.php error .. This plugin does not work well ..

Please send me your website login info at so i can check the problem. Thanks

Please mail me on my email with WordPress login

Why we can’t redirect more specific pages than 1? I need 5 site redirect to mobile. How can I do this?

Sorry for specific page, it will redirect 1 page but for all, you can redirect your all pages. Thanks

It is possible that your plugin does the following: once they enter from mobile to my web you see my web but the web opens a new window with a mobile redirection of a company that serves to monetize?

Sorry no. It will redirect your website to mobile website when visiting from mobile.