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I am having issues with this. It works fine when I’m doing this locally but once I upload it onto my site, it just keeps spinning. At first I thought it was because the pdf file is too large so I even used one of the examples in the deploy folder but it still just keeps on spinning.

Also, I can’t get the links within the PDF to click through.

Has anyone figured out how to get the links to work in the PDF? The plugin states that links should work right out of the box and it’s not.

Hi, please send the link so I can check. You can email me at my profile page.


Presales question: 1. Is it possible to load a banner ad after each page flip? If possible is there a particular version I need to buy

Hi, yes it is possible, flipbook can trigger event on each flip.



Where can I make changes to Flipbook. In the documentation you refer to this ‘You can override any option by passing your options object to the plugin constructor.’ But where can I find the plugin constructor?

Regards, Joost

Hi, you can see in deploy folder different html examples, each has flipbook with different options.


hello, i am looking to buy your product, but i have a question, is it posible to use 1 pdf file for every page in the flipbook, i mean instead of a large pdf use 10 short pdf’s for example.


Hi, sorry that is not possible.


Hello, after by your plugin i’m very excited with this nice plugin, i have i question

in your demo page, the style of button and navigation different between my downloaded source, can you attach all style/theme in downloaded source ?

It’s my download source is up to date version/build?

My important issue, if someone opened in firefox or browser with have a download manager, the flipbook is not show, but go to download file, and the flipbook still not show in browser, any solution ?

Btw, very nice plugin ;)


When i try close lightbox windows on iPhone i have this message:


TypeError: screenfull.exit is not a function. (In ‘screenfull.exit()’, ‘screenfull.exit’ is undefined)

URL: http://xxxx.com/wp-content/plugins/real3d-flipbook/js/flipbook.min.js?ver=2.35

Line Number: 5

Can youn help me?

On desktop PC/Mac all work good. I have last Version 2.9.6

Thank you! Nick

Hi, Great work!! Can I add audio under every page? thanks

Hi, yes you can add any HTML content to pages so you can also add audio player.


Does that mean I can add audio files to every page and be installed on Wordpress? Thanks

How do I manage flipbooks/pdfs? ftp or something? I don’t want to contaminate Wordpress Media Library so I’d like to use jQuery version instead.

Hi, if you use jQuery version then you can upload pdfs/ images wherever you want on your server via ftp.

I made mistake. i wan’t the jQuery Plugin but the Wordpress Plugin…Sorry ! :(

Hi, please email me at my profile page.


Hi, do you have a documentation I can look at? I’ll probably buy the extended license if I just know how it works. The jQuery version, with showing a PDF file. How is the mark up in HTML to get this working?

it looks like the latest version does not work with Microsoft Edge Browser and PDF it redirects a couple of times and then you get an error page.

Ok, found out it works with small PDF around 500K but with a 4M it is crashing Edge Browser.

Is this something that is going to be fix? (most of the PDF’s I need it for are around 15M)

I’m considering buying another licenses for another client but if it does not work on Edge Browser, I have to find a new script.


morancie Purchased

how do i get this demo? http://creativeinteractivemedia.com/real3d/page_2-3-2/#interactive_page0 its not in the plugin i purchased.

Hi, this is similar to example “inside div”. Basically the container is div that has width 100% and height relative to width. I will add this example in next update.


Hi, I have purchased this plugin and I have some issues.

You can see catalog here: https://www.bata.cz/web/stranka/letni-katalog

1st issue is performace: - macOS 10.12.5, Safari 10.1.1 - when I use catalog, cpu fan is so loud and computer gets slow (tested on more Macbooks Pro)

2nd zoom images are blurred - I use image resolution 1270×1693px - I have set up pageWidth and pageHeight - zoom step is not bigger than image resolution

3rd it’s not able to scroll throught catalog on touch device - when catalog is on full width and height of screen is lower that catalog, it’s not able to scroll up/down because catalog deactivate this possibility in its area

Thank you for your answers

ad 1 and 2) We have cancelled WebGL and now it works much better.

Hi, thanks for the feedback, scroll on mobile will be fixed in next update.



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Direction of turning the PDF pages

In your demo, the pages are turning from left to right. As my PDF is printed in Traditional Chinese, could I turn the pages of the PDF in a reversed direction?

Maybe I put it this way, could I turn the content of my PDF in every single page instead?


jennycs Purchased

Thank you for your quick response.

Where could I find the code for RIGHT TO LEFT flipping MODE?

There is example in deploy folder, rtl.html. Basically you just set

options.rightToLeft = true

jennycs Purchased

Thanks a lot. It works very well.

Whilst working with my PDFs, I have the following problems:

(a) Interactive PDF How to add links on pages in my PDF?

(b)Sound problem (1) In my iMac: I have set this but there is no sound when the pages are flipping even I see the sound icon on my iMac:

btnSound: { enabled: true, title: “Volume”, icon: “fa-volume-up” },

(2) On my iPhone 7, there is no sound icon at all.


Hi! Im about to buy your plugin but first I wonder if you can position the navigation-arrows closer to the book instead of out by the sides of the window.

Hi, yes side arrows can have margin, but they will stay at the same place, not move around with book when you zoom or pan.

I need demo or trial version before buy this jquery plugin I add a comment and email but didn’t receive any reply I hope use this on android app and want to know about license as well

Hi, here is about the license https://themeforest.net/licenses/standard It can not be used in stock items.


NONE of ur demos work in latest chrome browser..

Hi, which os do you use?

Do you mean trial version is not available? Also after purchase, can we get technical support in aspac timezone in a timely manner? I looked over license but couldn’t find about license period. is this license annual payment or perpetual? where can i find the manual?



jennycs Purchased


May I know how to make this:

Interactive PDF

PDF flipbook supports links on pages out of the box – you can view your PDF as 3D flipbook with clickable links on pages.


Hi, if your pdf has links inside, the links will also work in the flipbook.