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In mobile view, full screen option is not rendering properly. We got struck with couple of issues: 1. Once full screen option clicked, it results high zoom quality. 2. While rotating portrait to landscape, it results zoom out and becomes zoom in for landscape to portrait 3. How to set zoom in and zoom out options for mobile view.

I have a problem in Mobile view. Please respond

I have a problem in Mobile view and i have contacted you 4 days back with no response so far!!!

Sorry for the delay, email sent.


Your solution didn’t work, I replied you back more than 6 days back, with no response as well. Kindly reply me back ASAP.

Whenever we put a video in a iFrame and use the Zoom option, the zoom works fine, but when we return back to the screen after dismissing the zoomed video, the flipping book automatically zooms and becomes unusable.

We have the same problem when we switch to landscape and portrait mode as well.

Please respond. We asked the same question 4 days back as well

We have out html content inside iFrame as per your earlier suggestion. It works fine as long as the resolution of the screen is under 1366 X 768. But on MAC and other high resolution monitors (1920 X 1080), the html content appears Zoomed.

The images look good, but the html content appears zoomed. How do prevent this? This is a deal breaker for us as our customers use high resolution desktops to view the content that we create

Need urgent support please

Please answer, Its been 4 days, i had asked this question. The resolution problem is not allowing us to proceed.

I thought you will support people who bought the products.

Is there a way to insert a Google Analytics tracking code on the 3D Flipbook? Best Regards Thomas

Hi, on any page you can add any html content so you can put iframe with google analytics code.


is it possible LTR ? I want to turn left to right. and if is it possible, please tell me how to turn left to right.

Hi, just tested and here everything works. Do you have errors in the console?


No, I just have another problem. not a console. did you go to my example url? When the push the button under the book, I see a white space, not a design page. I think it is a loading. but I don’t want to see a white space. Is it too many pages?

thank you ㅜㅜ..

Is it possible When I click the thumbnail, turn the only one page regardless of pagenumber? now, When I click the thumbnail (There is a button under the book) Go to the number of pages. I’m sorry to keep bothering you. (_ _)

on mobile view at android the pdf dont show. we tried 3d modus (disable webgl) and try jpgs too, but there is the same problem.

Great work on responsive views.

A few glitches I found :

(1) input field “currentPage” calculation error?

For example, when I am on page “5-6”, and the left side is focused (page 5) -> entering “7” in the input box will not flip to page 7, instead it will slide right to page 6 instead. When I reenter “7” the second time, only then would it flip correctly to page 7. In the meantime, onTurnPageComplete() fires wrongly.

(2) input field “currentPage” does not focus on the correct page

When I type in “6” into the input field, it shows correctly page “5-6 / 26”, but it is wrongly left focused on page 5 instead of right focused on page 6


hi, i want to integrate with easy blog, do you know if is it possible? or do you help me about this? i want to configure the script to enable ti users auto create your own flipping books in order to “tags”. or do you think to publish a joomla version like wordpress version? because is very same both db and content structures. well sorry for my english and thanks

Pre-sale question, is it possible to add a direct download link above the ‘magazine’, so people can easely opt for the pdf download?

Hi, yes it is possible. There is also button “download pdf” in the menu.


Is it possible limit the amount of zoom in the mobile version? I saw in the demo via my Android smartphone that, when you try to zoom in too much, the web page freezes.


yjw3152 Purchased

How could I apply the background to the page? Except for cover and last page.


woltros Purchased

Cant embedded the deploy version on my current site. If i copy the scripts / css in the head en the div with id container and all files into the root… it wont work…


rodrix385 Purchased

I need a callback that triggers once the autoplay animation finishes. I need that once it finishes autoplaying it resets the book at the initial position (page cover). Can you help?


rodrix385 Purchased

I also need a callback that triggers once the user clicks a) full screen b) download. Thanks for your help

Is there a javascript that can I confirm the current page? thx.