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Hi, We would like to know how to configure it with JPGs?

Hi, in deploy folder there are html.examples of flipbooks with jpg pages.



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Hi, is possibile to hide tableOfContent icon? for the btnDownloadPdf url i set “http:” but it doesn’t wokrs, why?

thanks best regards

Hi, you need to put options.btnToc = {enabled:false}

I have just purchased this and was able to get it up and running on my XAMPP development server and it works great. However, when I upload it to my web host, it isn’t working. When the page loads I just get a grey background with a spinning gif indicating that it’s loading. I have double checked the directories structure and have ensured that every file referenced in the source code is present just as it was on my development server. Can you please help. You can visit the site in question here. magazine.onceuponatime.events/preview/issue1.html. Thanks!

Hi, it is a cross origin issue, because of https.

How would I fix that?


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I’m trying to load a pdf from a different domain and it load very slowly, infact when i click to open the pdf it load all pdf and then open the modal. This happens only for a cross domain case. If i load the pdf in the same domain it works fine. Why? how can i solve? thanks best regards

hello i bought this great plugin. but i have a problem with internet download manager idm shows pdf auto download message and plugin stop and does not show 3d pdf viewer. what should i do? please help me.

Hi, please email me the link at my profile page so I can check.


Hi there Can you give me a link to an example that has the original pdf content on a page with a video superimposed on it, some custom text to describe the video, and an image file somewhere on the page. If no such link is available, is it possible to do the above ?

Hi, I added example with html content on the page that embeds youtube video

http://creativeinteractivemedia.com/real3d/pdf_youtube_webgl/ here is the html content
<div style="position: absolute;top: 574px;left: 223px;"><iframe width="320" height="180" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/n9Wk6Ta3kCk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

Thanks for the quick response !

Hello, I want to use this plugin to flip a simple greeting card, but I don’t need all the additional features shown in the demos. Is it possible to disable all helper buttons and zoom in functionality of the plugin?

Hi, yes you can disable menu and zoom.



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I bought and installed the real3d-flipbook-jquery-plugin. It is working excellently well on the modal but I have problems with the preview page because it is blurr. Please how do I set up the preview page

Aloha! Just wondering if anyone knows why my flipbook crashes in Edge but fine in Chrome,Firefox, iPad, etc? I have a feeling its the links in my PDF

I want to forward the pdf document as a source, which contains text, images and links, for example, “Blah blah blah www.google.com blah blah blah.” Can I click on the link “www.google.com” and take us to that page. Is this option supported by IE, FF, Safari. Thank you

Hello. Is it possible to see any documentation for this plugin? (how to setup, settings and etc ’’how to’‘). Thanks

hi how can I increase the number of pages ? error after 8 pages

html error

Hi, flipook can have unlimited number of pages, just edit one of the examples and add more pages in the array.



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Version 2.38 does not work correctly in IE or Edge. The enabled buttons are disabled so you cannot click them, and the disabled buttons are enabled, which provides strange results. Please assist.

Can you use a document URL and limit the number of pages a user can view?