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Hi – Thanks for a nice script

How do I activate the Google address autocomplete feature?

Do I have to use my Google api no.?

Best regards Jan

Hi Jan, to activate the Google address feature include the google maps script in your page: <script src="http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false&libraries=places"></script>

Hi arkord,

How do I make a field not required? For example, how do I make the phone field not a required field?

Also the zip file contain ReadyToSendMailer.min.js can I have the ReadyToSendMailer.js?

Hi amytsang82, currently there’s not an ‘not required option’, but you can make phone not required, sure you can have ReadyToSendMailer.js, please contact me via my profile http://codecanyon.net/user/arkord

Hi Arkord, I’ve purchased this script, not sure how to incorporate into an existing site. I already have a form done, and was at a loss on how to get it running. My host is on php5.4 and I tried to find the extensions and none were as you had listed. Any direction woud be a big help. Thanks Rick

Hi Rick, normally php extensions you need are enabled by default by your hosting provider, please send me an email through my profile so we can talk more widely. http://codecanyon.net/user/arkord

Can I use the example script to send an email in the script c #. net? where SMTP account settings, I can not see it.

The package comes with an example in php, but if you use C# I can help you to integrate the plug-in with C#

hi it is work with asp.net vb or not

hello, the component’s user interface and client events are in javascript, it uses only php to send emails, but would be easy to replace php to send emals via VB using a ashx Handler file for example.

I’m planning to integrate an email script into my application, therefore I need something simple with pretty much the features your script provides. Since I don’t see it in the screenshots I have to ask, does your script have login and sessions? Thanx.

Hello. The script only includes php code to send html emails

Then it is exactly what I need, you should promote it like that instead and your sells will go up, I found it by accident actually.

Thanks for the observation :)

could I get the js not minified? I’m having some issues. Invalidvalueerror

I just sent you an email

Awesome thank you for your help and quick response!

Is this still working?

Hi, yes It is still working