React Native Community Donation App – SupportNGo

React Native Community Donation App – SupportNGo

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SupportNGo is a mobile-based application for Android and IOS built on react-native. It is a community application which will let the members of community to donate for a cause or on a campaign. 


Developing a platform for non-profit community. 

Make it convenient for community members to connect with other members, participate in campaigns, request for donations, etc. 

Admin/Head of community can manage the donations, members, and campaigns. 

This is a very cost-effective method because users/members will be free to communicate and donate without any physical presence. 

Admin/Head will be able to export (.csv) of donations, users data, and campaigns. 

App Features:

Member Module: 

The purpose of member app will be simply to connect with other community members if someone joins the community. It also includes features to request for donations, chat with members, donate via application.  

1) Sign up: In order to sign up the community member app, user will enter the username, email address, and password. An OTP will be sent to the user email address and then after verification – user can log in the application. 

2) Log in: Member can login the application with the verified credentials. In addition to this, if member wants to stay logged in to the current devices, member can tap the “Remember Device” button. 

            2.1) Forget your password: Member will be able to retrieve his password once forgotten, with the help of an OTP – can retrieve his password. 

            2.2) Change Password: Member can change his password with the help of an OTP. 

3) Home screen: This section will contain following features: 

    • Members 

    • Campaign banners 

    • Donate amount 

    • Request for donation 

    • Transaction history 

    • Campaigns/Causes 

    • Notifications 

    • Profile drawer 

4) Members: This section will contain a list of registered community members. This may include members whose contact numbers are saved in phone directory or user can search for members on the same page. On clicking any card, user will be taken to chat screens correspondingly. 

5) Chat: Member will be able to share the images, gifs, voice note, stickers, links, and pin messages. 

6) Campaign banners: These banner will contain campaign images, set by admin. On tapping the banner, it will take the member to the corresponding campaign. 

7) Donate amount: In general, Member will be able to donate amount to the admin whatever the member wants. 

Request for donation: Member can generate a request of donation for a cause. 

9) Transaction history: This section will contain transaction history for general donations and campaigns. 

10) Campaign/Causes: Their will be a list of campaigns with title, donation amount, and date. On tapping the card, it will direct the member to the details where member can see title, description, date, progress, and a donate button. This donate button will take the user to pay donation page but it will carry the campaign Id so that It can be recorded on admin panel. 

11) Notifications: A list of notifications will be contained in this section. On clicking, it will take the user to the corresponding screen. Following notification can be received: 

    • When donation request is approved 

    • When cause/campaign is successfully completed. 

    • When a message is received. 

12)  Profile: In side-drawer, member will have following options: 

            12.1) Payment method: Member will be able to pay via Bank account, PayPal, and MoneyGram.

            12.2) Get help:  contact number, info email

            12.3) Change password: Member can change his password

            12.4) Log out: Member can log out. 

What will you get: 

Source Code of React Native App

Source Code of PHP Laravel Admin Panel

Documentation Files 

App React-Native APK

Downlaod APK

Admin Panel Demo Credentials


Password: 12345678