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When using the resize feature, it always freezes for a minute or so. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this, but still use the resize feature?

Hello, yesterday i uploaded a new update, it resolves the uploading performance and stability


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I’ve go a couple of presale questions. Is it possible to:

- Set the minimum image size upload, i.e. accept images only above a certain minimum size in px? - Resize the uploaded image ONLYif that image is above a certain size (too large) (or connect it to some other plugin like Imsanity to do the resizing)?


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Would like to follow up, thanks


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I hope the paid support will be faster. Just purchased the plugin and don’t see how to set up any of the features you said are possible.

Hello, for support please write to rcwdsupport@cantarano.com. thanks :)

Hi.I send you a question for support last week but no answer? Can you help me please? thanks. (I c’an’t see your uploader on gravity form admin interface.I use last Wordpress and last woocommerce Version. It’s a multisites Wordpress Install)

Hello, please write again to rcwdsupport@cantarano.com Thanks

Hello.i Send you a mail 2days ago but no news..

Hello, what is your e-mail? Can you resend it? thanks

anyone here knows what is the CSS ELEMENT for the field’s label?

hello, im having http error while uploading file after the installing the latest version..please advise

Hello, please check your mail :)

Hello, please check your mail :)

Just FYI, automatic updates are working now for me. I don’t know if someone else had the same problem.

Hello, thanks for the feedback :) anyway, “automatic updates bug” was fixed some versions ago but i forgot to write this in the version log.

Please confirm one thing.

Is this plugin only preview the jpg file format or this plugin also allow to preview pdf, doc, docx etc file formats as well before submission in gravity forms ???

reply soon please

Currently, no way to show thumb of pdf, doc etc. Main problem is that first, your server need to activate the module Imagemagik. In future versions i will make my plugin compatible with Imagemagik

Hello, does this plugin allow us to set a required minimum number of files to be uploaded?

I.E. if the user doesn’t upload X number of files, the user will get a validation error?

Yes, you can customize it

Hello! I’ve got a presale-question: Can I use your plugin to create one or more thumbnails for my uploads? We are building a site for a photo contest and need to keep the original files but display a smaler version. Thanks. :)

Hello, yes my plugin have a setting that you can use to activate a thumb of the file, before or after the upload :)

Thats great! Thanks :)

Is this feature “Upload in chunks (by using the filter formidable_rcwdupload_chunks)” enable upload resumed file?

Hello, resuming file is not a feature of the plugin. This could bring more problems due to the login of the form plugin, so for now will not be implemented.

Hello, I want to know about repeater features. This repeater features work for Multi page gravity form??

Hello, yes sure!

Hey, I think I found a pretty anoying bug: When using the rename function, umlauts are breaking the file link for backend- and mergetag views! :(

Hello, can you give me more details to rcwdsupport@cantarano.com? thanks :)

Hello and thank for this wonderful script! Question: How to change the text ” Browse” with another text ?

Hello, please write to rcwdsupport@cantarano.com for support, thanks :)

Hi, Does it work with the multisite network? I want to upload the files to media library and use WP Offload S3 to upload it to Amazon and then use views plugin to show results. Would this plugin work in this scenario? Thanks

Hello, my plugin works with multisite network. About media library, my plugin is not connected to the media core but it has some hooks that you can use to add your php function that will connect the file to the media core, i have a basic function that you can use if you need it.

Hello I am looking for a plugin that works with gravity forms to allow resizing and optimizing the images. Users are uploading post images that will get attached to a new post created with form. I tried using image optimizing plugins after the upload but they make the form submit slowly and have more issues. Does this allow for image resizing for post images?

Hey. Does this gravity view support mean that uploaded files can be updated from gravity view. For example service agreement form.

Hello, what do you mean with “can be updated from gravity view”? Please write to rcwdsupport@cantarano.com, i will be glad to give to you all needed info :)

Hi, I’ve got two important presale questions:

1. Is it possible to use the upload field as Post featured image? 2. Is the uploaded url attached to the default Gravity Forms export csv?


Hello Added this plugin but when i submit the form it shows validation error. “Field Required” when i have already attached the file.

Hello, please send any support request to rcwdsupport@cantarano.com. Also, please add more details to the request, for example a link where check the problem.

Hi there, when i go to settings and fill up the purchase code, API key, etc..it says: Sorry, your data is invalid. Please insert valid data.//// this is not good. please help its urgent

Hi there! I have a pre-sales question – are the file fields also available as merge tags in the Gravity forms notifications? I mean so that the admin gets an email with a link to the file somebody uploaded via the form. 10x!

Yes, sure! Admin will get the links. Also, in F.A.Q. you will find a code that you can use to attach the files to the mail.


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PNG file can not be uploaded


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Hello, please send an email to rcwdsupport@cantarano.com. We will be glad to help you :)