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I’m about to buy the plugin and i wanted to ask you if there is a way to limit the upload repeater to just 24. I want to upload 24 images to make an album.


Hello, sorry for the late but i received yersterday the email from Envato about this new comment… Yes with my plugin you can set a limit by using one of the various hooks i builded. I can help you if you will find difficult.

The form I want to build accepts mp3 or wav file(s). For all the uploaded files, the total duration of the length is then used in the next step of the Gravity Form to calculate price. Can RCWD accomplish this? Thanks.

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The minimum image dimensions feature on the latest version isn’t working for me. I put 1000 in each box but it still lets me upload smaller. Tested in with 200×128 and 150×200 image and it uploaded them both without a warning.

Hello, please send a support request to rcwdsupport@cantarano.com, we will be glad to help you to fix this problem.

Done – thanks.

The author of this excellent plugin is amazingly responsive! I encountered a slight problem (not bug) that occurred when the Rcwd Upload for Gravity Forms plugin interacted with another plugin on a Friday night. He responded to my support request on Saturday morning. And had posted a working fix by Monday morning! Amazing!

Many thanks RCWD!

I wish all developers took so much pride in their work!

Hi. We use gravity forms with the post edit function to upload images and content to posts. We use the update function on gravity forms to use the same form to update the content of the posts, and prefill the form with the post data. But at the moment it doesn’t prefill images on the form.

We were wondering whether this plugin would do that? When using the form again can the user see their already uploaded images and add more, reorder etc.

Many thanks.

Hello, sorry for the late but i did not received any e-mail wfrom Envato about your request. Anyway, yes with my plugin you can show the previous uploaded image in that form.

I am looking for an upload plugin for gravity forms where we can drag and drop the file order once uploaded in the form itself Does this plugin do that?

Hello, my plugin has a repeater where oyu can drag and drop images, also you can sort that fields vertically.


Few pre-sales questions. Does this plugin work with Sticky List.? Also does it allow users to add/change captions to the uploaded images.?

Hello, about Sticky List: i will check the compatibility asap. About caption: yes, with my plugin you can add one or more text fields (witch custom labels) where add any info.

Hello again, i confirm that is compatible :)


pre-sales question: Can I add a multi-image uploader AND a multi-video uploader into the same GF form with your plugin? And can I then LINK to the images and videos in an email?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, yes with my plugin you can activate a repeater where you can load one or more files and sort the order. The user will receive the links via mail.

Another question: Does your plugin support uploading attachments to Amazon S3 storage?


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Hello! Is it possible to automatically name the downloaded file? Or, for example, via merge tag?

Hello, you are talking about “downloaded file”, maybe do you mean uploaded file? Please send more info to rcwdsupport@cantarano.com. Thanks :)

Seems there are bugs if we use RCWD along with Gravity View. If one entry is updated (via GV Edit Entry), multiple files uploaded by RCWD will be updated and wrongly referenced (most time they will refer to same / one file).

Hello, bug fixed. I i am writing here just for reference for other users. This customer has contact us by e-mail for the fix request :)

I’ve had 7 emails in the last 24 hours saying there is a new version of this. Is this Envato making a mistake or have you released loads of updates?!

Hello, sorry about that. The problem is that Envato mails does not add the details of the updates so all that mails seems the same (or am i wrong?). Yes i released 7 updates because in those 3 days various users contacted me about different bugs, o every time i fix something i publish it.

Ah, ok. At least I know. Thanks.

Pre-Sales Question

Is it possible to make a upload field with this plugin which attaches the image they upload as their avatar/profile picture?

I am currently using the GF registration add on

Hello, my plugin is compatible with GF Registration add-on. You can connect the upload field with a custom field and use one of my plugin functions to retreive the url of the image and use it in your img tag.

Seems there’s issue with GV Save and Continue. Uploaded files are missing if we open the saved link day(s) later (link is not expired yet).


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I’ve attempted to contact you for support via the email you provide in your documentation 5 days ago but it was bounced as undeliverable twice. I resent the note via Enveto’s PM. I’m hoping to some how to get in touch with you.