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I hope this tool will be useful for some people ! :)


What if I want to post on the boards? Does this handle the logins?


I never tried to post on forums but I have already used it to post on article directories.

RapidFormFiller applies a value to a form element (input, textarea, checkbox, ...). So I think it works with boards.

I have build a trial version (limited to 5 fields) : http://bit.ly/sJYElH You can try and let me know if you find bugs with boards.



For registration I can see why this is good, but honestly, if you automatically fill the comments with random things like Thanks for this post then that kind of defeats the purpose of a honest to god opinion right?.

would you for example take me seriously if I posted:

Great Script! Thank you.

Even like now, I kind of think it’s a great script, but I won’t buy it so it doesn’t benefit anyone.


As said it’s for SEO purpose, to create backlinks to your website and build linkwheel between your backlinks.

Posting comments on blogs is not to give an opinion but only to create a backlink with NAME and WEBSITE fields.

The best way is to use long and generic comments, on auto-approved blogs without captchas.

RapidFormFiller can also be used to register forums and fill the user profile page (where you can put a link to your website).

Get more links to your site, better you will be ranked in Google (I shortened).

If you have questions, feel free to ask. Best.


EDIT : It’s a reply to Blaxus’s comment.

So you’re saying we should use this script to spam other’s websites or your own websites?

I can’t see the use of this tool at all.

You can, but it’s not the first usage. There are tons of link building ways that you can do, like register Web2.0.

RapidFormFiller is just a tool. It’s the user who will do whitehat or blackhat use.

You must know the world of SEO and internet marketing to understand.


@Thecodingdude: I dont think the tool was ment to spam tho’ who care what you use it for, so be it if someone finds a use thats out of your morals… Looks nice, good look with the sales.

Thank you for support ! :)



“You must know the world of SEO and internet marketing to understand.”

That’s just bollocks, I know I need backlinks to get higher in google, so I understand, but randomly posting comments that have no value is not linkbuilding my friend, it’s disguised spam.

But that doesn’t matter either way, you may sell this tool, that’s perfectly legal.

I was wrong by the way, it does benefit people, people who are indeed up to no good. But that’s just a matter of perspective.

I wish you the best of luck since I have no doubt you have worked very hard to make this, it’s just my personal take on it ;)

Thank you for your support :)

Of course posting comments with backlinks on random blogs will not be useful. For that you need to have good auto-approved blogs list, with high PageRank, DoFollow and why not in .EDU. This example is extreme.

RapidFormFiller was made to fill forms to register easily on Web2.0, forums, ... If a spammer look for a tool to post mass comments on blogs, he will must use ScrapeBox or XRumer.


hi.. just bought it.. i dont know how to use.. can you explain more detail.. a video? i think you tool are awesome but not suitable to sell here.. you will get more sale if you sale at forum..


Thank you for your order !

To read the included helph file, just open the file Help.html (or press F1 in RapidFormFiller) to learn how to start.

But if you have more questions, feel free to ask ! Thank you :)


How work RADIO BUTTON ??? :S http://www.echoecho.com/htmlforms10.htm example please !!!

I’ll try radio button and checkbox.

Best !


This looks like a handy lil tool. thanks for the trial version but it only allows 1 field.

Yes, because it’s a trial version :D It was important to give a free trial version for this kind of tool. Because some Ajax/JavaScript forms/fields can sometimes not work. Before purchasing you can test if it’s supported or not.


Looks like it could save me some time with white hat business directory submissions.

Edit: BTW thanks for Simple Google Scraper via BHW I ’m trying it out now

Thank you for your support ;)


Does this support spinning?

Not in this version, sorry.


Why this software doesn’t work on my computer? I tested it on two different PC, but this software don’t work on either of them. Please help me out!

I check your web site and found that, there is a input box which accept the input of Form ID in the picture showed in the offical website.

But the Full version I got does not have that interface control.

Nice app. Can you add in proxy support?

I hope this tool available in web application not desktop

Sorry to destroy your hopes, but no this application is not available as web app. Only as a desktop application.

Best :)


Hi, can you create a software to fill forms of websites, like contact us, for example. Your software must search sites from 3 to 10 keywords and list all sites found. After that your software must fill all forms of this sites, like this software: http://www.divulgamais.com.br/images/logica_divulgar_formulario_de_contato.png

The tool is not working, i cant even start it… error (0xc0000142)

What is your OS version ?

I tried on Windows 10 and it doesnt work (I just now tried windows 7 and it works there, but always starting my VM is not what i would like)

HI, is there a way to batch import profiles to this from a csv?

No sorry, it’s not possible :)

Win 10? How would find contact forms on kw sites and a profile created?