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no js. amazing ;) GLWS

thank you

Does it have an active option included?

yes, in both options. You can see it in the demo, the first example has the 1st panel open.

great style , very useful ! Good job :)

thank you Eric

Hi, would/could this work with a height of 100% – or so that the content would automatically adjust to fill the panel area?

Yes, you can edit the panel size so that open panels will fit the content

Thanks for the quick reply. I have tried this before on css only accordions and setting a non-specific height breaks the animation. So are you saying that the slide up/down still works when not specifying a height?

You’re welcome. Of course the animation is more fluid if you work with fixed height as in the example because the animation works on the height property. Try check this out

Super – worked right out of the box, and thanks for the instructions, very helpful. Having tried another one before this (which didn’t work at all), it was good to find something so robust.

Thank you so much, and I wrote it 2 yrs ago! Would you mind to review it too? Best, Luca

Very Nice work:)