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I get this error when I click SHARE under quiz result. “picture is not properly formatted”

Please contact us via support tab. Thanks


mtnmu Purchased

I can see that you just updated it. Where can we see a demo of v2.0 with trivia?

Hello, i see update if there any update instruction ? how to update giude ?

Just download latest quiz zip file and upload to your buzzy root directory. Thanks


Morlaci Purchased

Guncelleme mailinden sonra tekrar indirdim ve FTP gonderdim. Trvia eklemeye calisirke ana sayfaya yonleniyor. htaccess ile ilgili bir sorun ise nereden duzenlemem gerekiyor

Merhaba, Kontrol etmemiz icin site login bilgileriniz ile mail atiniz. Tesekkurler

After update, when I tray to publish an new “trivia” – (..../create?new=quiz&qtype=trivia) – this link go to the home page. ???

Please download and reupload 11 August files for it Thanks

Hi, couple of questions before buying:

1) I want to use the quiz for my website members only, so can I disable the sharing features?

2) Are the results customizable as per number of correct answers? Meaning if someone got 3 out of 10 correct answers, I show them X result text, if someone got 8 out of 10 results, i show them Y result text….?

3) Is it compulsory for the question/answers to be in image format only?

4) Can this be embedded inside a wordpress page? Yes, I know a little bit php and a lot of html/javascript.

Thanks, let me know.

Hey, Sorry, all is not possible with current quiz plugin. We will consider your suggestions in future update. Thanks


Jay216 Purchased

Hi, it says 20 quizes starter pack included but where is it? when i go on quizes it says nothing to see here. Do i have to add the database or how will them 20 quizes show up?

Hey Please check envato.akbilisim.com for download link. You will see when you register your quiz plugin purchase code. Thanks


Jay216 Purchased

Hi, it says 20 quizes starter pack included but where is it? when i go on quizes it says nothing to see here. Do i have to add the database or how will them 20 quizes show up?

Hi, i have a problem with the plugin, installed it, setup the app in facebook, and i can’t make any share at the end of quiz to work, twitter the same for twitter i get undifined, for facebook i get not url setup, which i have in app, i’ve send ss to support mail, please help.

Answered via email

From where I will download the version 2.0. If the answer is from envato download centre, I did it already. Even after installation of the the latest version i am not getting trivia option to select.

Hey, It should work. Please let me check your url. Send support request from support tab. Thanks


How to use Trivia Quizz i am trying to add but this pop up appear

“Quizzes require at least 2 result”

how to add result ???

Hey, Are you sure you uploaded latest file correctly? Please let me check your ftp or cpanel via support tab. Thanks

already sent ftp via support tab. Thanks

Ah this is great best buz script ive seen i dig it i just need one thing n ill buy it n all addons lol

I need ability to auto post news stories to it via other site rss feed, is this possible

Sorry, There is no option for it in Buzzy. Thanks

Hello I have a short question. It will be possible in the coming updates to place the quiz questions on several pages? As with the lists I can choose how much posts are shown on a page. This feature would be really helpful

Thanks for suggestion

Hello. I face one problem in Quizz post. it’s releted to content while I try to post the content, it engage with some line of content which is not belong to me. such as , “Posted by: Hege Refsnes” ,” Contact information: someone@example.com” I also don’t know how to delete it.

Answered via email

I also face another problem, while I try to share the result of the quizz. it shows ” Invalid App ID: 0”. One thing is that 20 Quizz posts that given is show in Menu Drop-down ,but while try to select that quizze Menu, it show nothing in main content ,but at the widget I can see few quizzes, only few

Answered via email


is it possible to make the results of quizzes, polls, “HIDDEN” until the user share it on fb? similar to nametests? or force users to share the URL to see the results…

Sorry, currently there is no option for it. We will update quiz plugin in the future. And we want to add this function too. Thanks

I just purchased this plugin… and it BROKE my ORIG BUZZY SITE.. PLEASE HELP… I already sent you a couple of messages


Islim Purchased

Hi, I do not see update feature in admin though you released new update. How do i update? Thanks

You don’t need to update anything if you using buzzy v2. Thanks


v_dee Purchased

Hi there, akbilisim, can i receive media files for quiz pack without description, for translation….

Hey, Just download quiz pack from envato.akbilisim.com. Thanks

Quizz Plugin

While I try to import sql text to phpmyadmin I face this Problem

Error SQL query update ‘category’ set id = ‘11541’ Where ‘type’ = ‘quizze’

Could you help me with this ?

Answered via email