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Is there an update to the 20 quizzes? When import, it always destroys my Database

Hey, Please let us check your issue via support tab. Thanks

Can i create these kind of quiz?- http://en.allquizz.com/

Hi, Sorry, we have only Buzzfeed like quizzes as now. Thanks

Interested in mass embedding youtube video into you Buzzy site base on

Features Include: Get videos from Playlist Get videos from Channels Get videos from user videos Get video descriptions from youtube (Will only include first 500 characters), Fetch Youtube image and upload to your Buzzy site

email me buzzy.embed@novashock.net

Option are 1. One time Mass embed 2. Purchase the embed script and run it on you PC (Will help you set this up on a Mac PC via TeamViewer)

I bought but i cant download on admin panel can you help me ?

Merhaba Sorun detayını support sekmesi ile iletirseniz yardımcı olalım. Teşekkürler

hi, if I purchase will I be able to find all those quizes already with the script ?

Hi You will get 20 quiz with quizzes plugin Thanks


TLG75 Purchased

Is there a way to use more than 45 characters in answers?

Hi, Please open app/http/controller/postscontroller.php and find this function http://prntscr.com/gt3p23 and change max number in here Thanks

Hi, I’m interested in the Quiz plugin. I understand that I also have to buy Buzzy Theme but in my website I would like to use only the quizzes and not the whole theme. Let me explain: our project is to create a site of just quiz and Your plugin is great. Can I make Quiz plugin become my home page and can I hide everything else (ie Buzzy)? I would like the website to open only with quizzes without seeing anything else…Thx.


Just you need to disable other categories from admin panel and use homepage builder for homepage columns. You can pick quiz categories for columns for default theme. Or you can use http://buzzyviralmag.akbilisim.com/ or http://buzzyboxed.akbilisim.com/ themes for no columns on homepage. Just list quizzes posts Thanks

Plz Support

Plz Support, Why Not Working Quiz Plugins

Answered via email

Hello Why Not Upload And Working Quiz Pack Plz Help

please verify the file codecanyon-13619914-quizzes-plugin-for-buzzy, to download, is EMPTY. <?php return [ /* |-------------- | Buzzy Quizzes Plugin |-------------- */ ‘p_version’ => ‘1.0’,



MokkaTV Purchased

Hello dear Author, have a question for Quizzes results. In rich text editor I have a html link to webpage, but in results i have no this html link only share on facebook and twitter. Please help me. We need in Quizzes results have a html links. Thanks