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please provide me sqlite file my mail saitejatirunagari@gmail.com. and when i upload Hindi questions in PHP admin. this hindi questions are showing me like this “?????” am uploading it with csv file format. please help me ASAP.

any one reply me…!!

sure. let me sent it.

Is there anytime soon your giving update for this App!!

not able to login to admin

Please try now.

hi can i create or add voice record / mp3 to question and answers?

sorry not.


I am looking and have been reading to buy you script but have a question about Let’s Learn.

1. Can Let’s Learn be use only to provide short lessons for students.

2. Can teacheacher add images to the lessons under Let’ Learn.

3. I don’t want this section kto have any questions be just lessons is that possible.

4. How do teachers register?


Thank for your interested on our product. 1. Yes you can do that. 2. Sorry Image Feature not available on this app. 3. No, You have to create chapter then you can add question. 4. Admin can add question, subject, chapter etc.