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sebinkv Purchased

Hi, I am getting error while changing the following URL

<!- set you service URL plz don't foget otherwise it will be get our question database. FOR ONE option Questions->
   <string name="get_question_right_answare">http://arkayapps.com/quizpower/getquestionrightanswerbylevelid.php?levelid=</string>
   <!- <string name="get_number_of_level">http://arkayapps.com/quizpower/getnumberoflevel.php</string> ->

When I replace the above URL with my own, I am not getting any results in “Let’s learn” Menu.

Other Two URL are working fine with my server. Can you tell me the reason?

Can you contact me skype: keraisureshv so i can understand what’s problem.


sebinkv Purchased

I already connected you via skype. But no reply..

Let me check.

Hi, arkayapps, first well done on this ,second when i play with quiz power, some level that have one question the app crush and get an error of index out of bounds exception, example level when a question of which language used to program android apps, can u please response on how to resolve this ?

hello again arkayapps , i’have another usue, the level game not updated immediately after completing questions of a given level? until restarting the game ,also when you try another chance to complete a given level sound effect is gone ? is that normal ?

just i’ want to say that ’s a lot of unachieved work and envato must delete this app or incite the author updates the hall app also the script php to work with php version 7 or even 5 .nothing to say i just know that envato nothing than a fake website that does not doing his tasks , reviewing products and soon will lose his credibility.

good evening, i need help with this app, how do i setup the php admin so i can add questions? im not familiar with how this works. thanks

We will provide basic project setup process service free but if you need help to set up game service and cloud setup, and other additional support then that service will be chargeable.

Let me know any customisation skype: keraisureshv

Does this support other languages? Tamil or Telugu?


there is no support eclipse project? i want the eclipse project without game service

Not. we discontinues eclipse support.

how about offline database? I want using sqlite

We remove this functionality. you can contact me skype: keraisuresv for detail.

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you have not purchase any code how to get this error?

I installed the web admin panel, but when I log in correctly, the page unfortunately returns to its original state. What is the problem with web admin panel?

www.bilgihost.net/quizzzx/ preliminary link

Hi Can’t start GitProbably the path to Git executable is not valid. Fix it. Problems help me.?


jmgra Purchased

Hi. How it Works differnet level for each category? Can I change the value of 70% required to unlock level?

Yes. right now it 70% to unlock level.


jmgra Purchased

Hi. When I share my score, alwayas appears 0

Ok. let me check. will provide update if any mistake.

google account sign in failed. Why?

After answering all the questions correctly, the levels do not change automatically.can you help?

if 7 question true it will be change level.

is 7 true, but the level does not continue. the question does not change.