Discussion on Quick Timetable

Discussion on Quick Timetable

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Hello… i buy the wrong versión.. i need the PHP Versión… can i cancel… thanks? How ? Best Regards

Hi. We will refund for you after you buy right version and vote for it (to let us know you have bought).


klmweb Purchased

How many catagories can this support? I looking for a planner that can support 20 different catagories. Thanks K

Hi. You can define unlimited categories as you want.

Hi in your description you mentioned “Fixed : Compare month when navigation.” is there any way i can demo this ?

Also currently current month is displaying by default. can i set any month to view as a default ?

thanks in advance

Thanks, Z.

Hi. Thank for your attention.
- This text may make misunderstandings for you. On previous versions, when navigation between months, the script has a bug on comparing month time (to get events to display), so the events list is wrong. We have fixed this bug on current version.
- There is no way to set any month to view as a default now.

Hi Can we change months ?

i can see only one current month if i need to see previous or next month or any year month how can i browse this ?

Hi. Yes, you can do it. The timetable is running on day mode on our demo, so the navigation is hidden. If switch to date mode, it will display. You can see it here:

Hi, please it possible to set refresh table? For example every minute from php script.


Hi. The table is rendered by Jquery. To refresh table every minute, you need implement the custom work: the timetable is rendered from line 729 – 810 on file assets/js/quick-timetable.js, you can create a loop, then call these lines on loop to render every minute.

Dear Author,

We purchased the code, or code aa776c35-53e9-4f4e-9e31-71194e5a60be . We cannot edit the timetable and create or add our own content.

Could you please share the admin side code?


Hi. This is the Javascript version. The timetables are managed on the json file (or get from your own MySQL database). If you want the admin panel to manage the timetables, you need the PHP version:

Hello, I am not that familiar with bootstrap, so would it be too much to ask how to make the menu a dropdown instead of across the top? Thank you.

Hi. You mean the main menu on the demo?

Yes, the main menu. Thanks.

Hi. To make the menu a dropdown, you only need use the code:
<div class="collapse navbar-collapse" id="navbarNavDropdown">
    <div class="dropdown">
        <button class="btn btn-secondary dropdown-toggle" type="button" id="dropdownMenuButton" data-toggle="dropdown" aria-haspopup="true" aria-expanded="false">Home</button>
        <div class="dropdown-menu" aria-labelledby="dropdownMenuButton">
            <a class="dropdown-item" href="#">Home 1</a>
            <a class="dropdown-item" href="#">Home 2</a>
            <a class="dropdown-item" href="#">Home 3</a>

Thanks for all the help! Worked perfectly!

Thank you. If you have any problem, please let us know.

How can I disable “all categories” ?? I need another category to be displayed as default

Hi. To do it, you need implement the custom work: search all-category on file assets/js/quick-timetable.js, then modify the code (it is quite difficult, if you can’t implement it, you can give us the FTP to email, we will help you to do it).

I was able to add the timeTo12HrFormat function per your suggestion which resolved my issue. However, it displays in a 24-hour format when I click on the event. Is there any way to convert that to 12-hour format when it displays?

Hi. To do it, you only need search function timetableDetail on file assets/js/quick-timetable.js, then adapt the function timeTo12HrFormat for timetable.start_time and timetable.end_time.

Hi, this plugin looks very promising.

Quick question though…is it possible to have multidays events? Could you implement one into the demo to see how it would look?

Thank you

Hi. This is the timetable, so there is only one-day events. If you want the multi days events, you can investigate our Quick Events script:

If it is configured to use json, it does not recognize any changes I make to the json file. If I configure it to use PHP, it works without any issues and reads any changes made within the MySQL database. Can you assist in determining what the issue is? Thanks.

Please disregard my previous comment. I was able to fix the issue by clearning my browser history. However is there any way to change it from using 24-hour time format to 12-hour time format? That is the only real issue I am having. Everything else is working great!

Hi. To use the 12-hour format, you need implement the custom work: modify file assets/js/quick-timetable.js file:
- Firstly, declare function:
function timeTo12HrFormat(time) {
    var time_part_array = time.split(":");
    var ampm = 'AM';

    if (time_part_array[0] >= 12) {
        ampm = 'PM';

    if (time_part_array[0] > 12) {
        time_part_array[0] = time_part_array[0] - 12;

    var formatted_time = time_part_array[0] + ':' + time_part_array[1] + ' ' + ampm;

    return formatted_time;
- Then modify line 315 of this file:
timetable_string += '<div class="axis-item">' + hour + ':00</div>';
timetable_string += '<div class="axis-item">' + timeTo12HrFormat(hour + ':00') + '</div>';
- Modify line 371:
+ '<div class="timetable-time">' + timetables[t].start_time + ' - ' + timetables[t].end_time + '</div>'
+ '<div class="timetable-time">' + timeTo12HrFormat(timetables[t].start_time) + ' - ' + timeTo12HrFormat(timetables[t].end_time) + '</div>'

- Similar with line 543, 683


Can I allocate Classroom in this timetable?

Hi. Thank for your atttention. Unfortunately, you can’t do it.


your tool looks very promising! thanks in advance!

as i plan to use it for filtered items from a database, i need to genereate the calender items on the fly. therefore i need to hand over a variable containing the items instead of getting them from a file.

how is that possible to do?

best regards!

thanks for your quick reply!

but in doing so it would need a second request or am i wrong?

what i wanted to do was generating the entries from my CMS / database while generating my page.

so i would have something like

<script> const myItems = [ { “title”: “entry 1”, “category”: “Vinyasa Yoga”, }, { “title”: “entry 2”, “category”: “Vinyasa Yoga”, } ] </script>

and then could connect my variable to the call of the script here:

is there a way to do that?

oops, the code was filtered out:


and then could connect my variable to the call of the script here:

[div class=”section-body”] div class=”quick-timetable” data-source=”json” data-view=”week” data-mode=”day” [/div]

is there a way to do that?

Hi. Sorry, but this is your custom work, so we can’t give you the detail advice for the code. Looking forward to your sympathy.

Hello, how can I switch from military time to normal time?

Hi. You mean you want to change the 24h format to 12h format for exis time on left side?

Hi, does this script can rotate from 1 month to the next? I ask because I don’t see any links at the top that would allow me to add a weekly schedule but has 2 months’ worth of scheduling in it. Let me know very interested.

Hi. Sorry, but we don’t understand your question. Could you give us the example of your data?

Hello. Would this work with Squarespace? Using Javascript embed code.

Hi. Sorry, we have not used the Squarespace, so can’t confirm about it. To use the script, you only need include some js and css files, then use the html tag to display the timetable. The events are managed on the json file, so you also need include this file.

Hello, I’m interest in “Quick timetable” plugin but I want to ask you somethings first. This plugin is compatible with Divi? A

nd the other question is, can I put two events at same day and time? In this case, will appear, for example, on Monday, 50% column of 1 event and the other 50% the other event? We are a dance school and we have two simultaneous classes and this will be necessary.

Thank you so much and thank you for your job!


Hi. Thank for your attention. This is the Javascript version, not WP plugin. Here is WP plugin: . 1. We have not tested the plugin with Divi pagebuilder. But we think it will work. Because this plugin work as Wordpress widget or shortcode, so pagebuilder can use it. We are using the plugin with Elementor pagebuilder.
2. You can see this case on our demo: (the Monday).

Hello, I finally buy the plugin but I have some questions.

1. How can I add more colors for the events? There are 5 colors but I need 8 colors. 2. I need the timetable show the events from 9 to 23. How can I do? I only see the events from 8 to 21. 3. Only can use 1 timetable for website?

Thank you so much

Hi. We have answered you via email. You can check your email.

Hi, how can customer schedule in calendar, does it have to choose time or date/day ?

Hi. The events are managed on the json file or are got from your exist database. The customer only view the timetable on frontend.

I purchased the wrong version on quick timetable. Needed on for wordpress. Do I have to buy new one or is there anything you can do?

Hi. We can refund for you this version after you do these steps:
- Purchase the Wordpress version ( ).
- Rating 5 star for Wordpress version (to let us know you have bought).
- Create refund request for this Javascript version.


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