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Does it support RTL?


There is nothing in the script to handle RTL.

Regards, TC

Hi We are using your Quforms for a while now , and has been very helpful. Thank you.

I have a question

We have a weekly task form that employees submit at the end of the week. We are having an issue with it as the user needs more than 2 to 3 day to finish the tasks and would like to daily update the list and submit at the end of the week.

Do you see a way that we can overcome this issue? such as putting the form on hold then later submit …

Thank you


There isn’t anything built into the script to handle this, so it would require custom development.

I’m not sure I understand exactly, could you add a new field or option to the form that the employee can use to change the way that the data is used? In the process file you can use PHP code to perform custom actions (like save a partial submission) if they use this new field. If they don’t use the field, gather the partial submissions and submit it fully. You might need a developer for this.

Regards, TC


Why don’t you integrate email validation by TheChecker ( to validate the emails in real-time and avoid misspelling mistakes by the end users?

I’m the partnership manager at TheChecker. We can give your users a custom promo code with 1,000 FREE email validations and also give you a commission for each sale. You guys can integrate the email validation with one line of code:

Let me know if you need to clarify anything:


I have setup up the contact form and it works, the only problem i have is that when a required field is not filled in it changes url to the process.php page and displays the error messages there, not on the contact form as per the example. We then have to use the browser back button to get back to the form.

I have copied across the form as per the example. The page i am using for the form is contact.php. I have tried this on php versions 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2 and get the same result on all. I have the quform folder and structure the same.

Is there a setting i need to change somewhere?



It sounds like the Quform JavaScript files are missing from the page or there is a JS error on the page. Can you double check that you followed Step 3 of the How to install guide. Also check the browser console for JS errors. You can post a link to the page or send the link privately to if you want me to take a look.

Regards, TC


Thanks for the reply.

All of the .js files are there. I have managed to work out where the problem was.

I was using ‘jquery-3.2.1.slim.min.js’ as i need the newer version. I have now changed it to ‘jquery-3.3.1.min.js’ and the form error messages work. I just need to work on the colour and styling of them to fit in with the site.

There must be something missing from the slim version of jquery that your script relies on.

Thanks again. I will contact you directly as well.


Hi Steve

Thanks for posting the solution. The slim version of jQuery is missing the Ajax functionality and some animation functions that are required by Quform.

Regards, TC