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Nice Work,

Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :grin:


few questions – is it trigger SMS if end user out of place after token taken?

Sorry dear, this feature you asked about is not available now. Thanks

Very nice interface. Good luck with sales!


Congratulations! :-) Excellent work and design. I wish you big sales.


if you can add a feature to Get token by entering mobile number, it would be great and if automatic sms for feedback with feedback url will be send to user i will pay double to buy from you.

Thank you for your feedback, we will add those features in next version.

Hi, Please clarify the following

1. What is the difference between office user type and staff user type 2. Can i add more than 3 displays if required? there any documentation that explains how the token system works (for e.g auto vs manual) 4. we want to purchase this urgently. please provide the documentation as soon as possible

Thank you for purchase.

Reply of your queries: 1. The officer can see only his own token which assign to him and can change the status (ie. complete, stop) of the assigned token. Staff can assign token to any officer and can see the current active token list.

2. Yes! You can.

3. Auto Token: It will assign task to an officer automatically (An officer will selected first which task number is lowest). Manual Token: You can assign a task to any officer of any department.

4. User Guide: Click Here

Does your software have Customer KIOSK display? I tried demo but can’t seem to find any feature for Kiosk display where customer PRESS button to print priority number.

and also does this include source? can we make updates and tweaks?

hi thanks for that.hope you had a good vacation.

Kiosk interface is absolutely necessary in order to have customer self-service and issue themselves tokens. I can develop the kiosk module for this as long as it’s using mySQL but it depends how you guys structured it. can you show me the table for the tokens? as per source code options, Extended License is too expensive and way over our budgets.

Yep! had a great time. I have developed this app by using PHP Laravel & MYSQL. The workflow diagram given here and Token table structure here.

If you use it commercially, you have to buy extended licence and i will consider you in payment.

Is there a way to customize the token counter? Maybe by using appointment time or first name and last initial instead of a counter.

Sorry sir, you can’t do this, cause it’s not possible to calculate the service time. But you can do this by using SMS system which is built-in our application. You can send alert message to client who is in waiting position by SMS which is declared in our system.

For example, a client “A” is in serving, then the client “B” who is in waiting position to get served after client “A” will get a alert SMS by the system.


parbat Purchased

i did purchase but just downloaded with screenshot only in zip

can u check it plz ? and give me complete working code ?

instead of just zip with 3 screenshot only


parbat Purchased

no response ?

Dear sir, Sorry for the inconvenience. Now you can download main files. Thanks

Hi, I am interested in your product and would like to buy. Please answer these questions: Can this be connected to LCD TV or Counter LED Display and Speaker for sound? What are the Hardwares required to use? Is Auto SMS to Client available in Regular License package? Is Client phone number stored and can be retrieved? Are both Licenses having the same features? Do I have to upload it to my website or host it alone? Thank you.

Dear Sir, Thanks for your quiries.

1. Yes! You can connect to LCD TV but not to Counter LED. There is no Speaker required. 2. You have to need minimum 2 LCD/LED Monitor and a PC. 1st LCD & PC used to generate TOKENS & 2nd LCD showing the counter options. 3. Yes! Auto SMS is available for client but You have to buy SMS from SMS service provider then you can send SMS to waiting peoples. 4.Yes! you can store and retrieve client mobile no. 5. Both Licences have same features. If you use it commercially you must buy Extended Licence. 6. Yes! you can upload it along side with your application.


Hi.. Does this application have voice notification?

Sorry dear, this feature you asked about is not available now. We will add this feature in next version. Thanks

Hi there,

is there any option for an alert tone, if the number changes?

which printer models are usually using to print the tokens?

is it possible for the different display screens for each counter, showing the token details based on to that counter

Thank, for the display actually am asking is there any option to show the status details in counter vice

most importantly we need the sound alert, is it possible to add an alert tone ?


Sorry! This feature is not available right now. We are working on this and it will available in next version.



Hi, where and how to download the update?


Thanks for the update. Could you explain to me how to update my version to new version? I need step by step on how to update. Is it possible to have automatic update? I want to update to have the new features.



Please contact with our support center via



I need help to reinstall my script. My scripts is not working now. Or is it possible for you attach a video clip showing how to install and also update this scripts?

It will help a lot if we can have that.

Please contact with our support center via


7amanly Purchased

Hello, When i want to install, i fill all the needed information, but when I click install, it says “Root directory is not writeable”

the information is filled except for database password since my phpmyadmin doesn’t have one thank you.

hi, thanks for purchase. please contact via

Can I add Arabic voice instead of English voice

Hi, Thank you for showing interest. Please contact us via

do I have access to html? can I use an iframe in the counter?

Hi, Thank you for your queries. Please tell us in details via


Where do I get the file for testing purposes to see if this fits my needs.


Thank you for your queries. Please tell us in details via


Dear sir,

Shall we get this code ignitor instead of laravel.

if it is available in code igniter we are ready to purchase this.

Hi, Thank you for showing interest. Sorry! It is not available in Codeigniter.