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Hi, I would like to buy your product and try in my local machine, before I implement this in my clinic. Is it possible to install this software twice? Another question: is it possible to change the voice in another language, like for example in Dutch? Best regards, RvD.

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i have problem in installation after i install it i give me page not found and i can’t found file of system.config what can i do

Please check the PHP version of the server. You can contact us via

Hi, we deployed this system on and activated once but still asks for the license key and while entering again shows its invalid.

please help

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Hello, We are planning to buy your software for our requirement, we have a question here, in manual token it asks only for the customer mobile number, can we get more fields to capture like name, age, sex etc

Please advice

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nasan Purchased

Hello, please can you assist.

After installing, and clicking the “Browse application” button, all I get is a server error, “500 Internal Server Error”.

My domain is using an ssl certificate. Please can you assist?

Please check your email inbox.

I see that you replied to a question 1 year ago “6. It is not fully mobile responsive. we will improve the mobile version as soon as possible”.
Is it now fully responsive, please?

Yes, it’s now fully responsive. Please check the demo.

Thank you. I just sent you a private message.


Can you add one week token system for example someone wants to visit after 2 days so he/she will select on that day the token for themself.

No, we cannot do it at this time. In the future, we will think about it.

The cron job for SMS is not working
  • * * * * wget -q -t 5 -O – “

I have already changed the URL to my IP address and SMS library is working on the system. I can send SMS messages but the cron job is not working.

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E’ possibile tradurlo?

Yes, If you help then I can do it.

Come posso aiutarti? Mi serve in lingua Italiano

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Ciao, volevo sapere se esiste una procedura per tradurlo in Italiano. Gentilmente dovrei eliminare il copyright dal footer

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eliaseg Purchased

Hi, Is it possible for clients to get in line by texting their number or email address?

Hi there, there seems to be a problem with my token, can you help? when I log in with the default credentials it throws a 403 forbidden error. are the issues related?

Thanks In Advance

I am now getting the purchase code is invalid every time I enter it.

Hi. I just try your demo page. But I think all the voice & sound is not working. I try to re-call the token and complete the token but still no sound calling next token.

When you recall a token then an SMS will send to the customer. Then the officer serves the service to this customer. For more, please contact us via

hello does it have like one week or more or less than one week appointment system for example today is Sunday and I want to get appointment for only Tuesday. And do u have video on youtube for A to Z installation guidance on this script to cpanel

Hi There,

There is no available option for advanced booking in the application and video tutorials are available in our YouTube channel. For more please contact us via


Purchase code is showing as not genuine. Not able to use it after proper installing.

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