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flexo Purchased

Hello! Can I remove the title link in the info box?

Hello, if you don’t put any URL it will be removed. If you mean the link to the post, actually there’s no option for that. But I’m not sure what you mean.


flexo Purchased

Is possible to cluster (group) markers?

You can use the taxonomy filters, please check the manual in the details page, is very well explained there ;) thanks!

Hello there. I have a pre-purchase question regarding your plugin. Within the “places” post-type, is there a way to add html, or is it restricted to the custom fields information? Essentially, I need the ability to add ahref links within the “place” that will link out to other URLs on the website. I see in your demo that you have what appear to “website”, “phone”, “email”, and “directions” fields. Again, wondering if there can be multiple URLs entered in that popup, so that linking to several other pages is possible. Please let me know. Thank you.

Hello! 1) you can add Maps functionality to any existing post type, also normal pages and posts. Means that you can select the post types you wish to create maps from, in the plugin’s settings page. Done that, when you edit a post of your preferred post type, like also normal pages, the coordinate fields and extra options will appear in the edit page.

Then you add the post-type parameter to the shortcode and you can also filter the map results by your preferred taxonomy (including any custom taxonomy not only categories and tags).

OR you can simply use the native Places post type and add a custom link to any page you want, but the title of the marker will link still to the Place page.

2) For the multiple URL actually that’s not supported, but is more for a space reason: while opening the popup of the map in mobile, there isn’t space for more infos than that.

Hola, tengo problemas:

1. The button: Geocode this Address does not work.

2. Enter Latitude and Longitude and does not work. Sitio: -12.049834189396936, -77.02886939048767

3. By posting you show me this error message:

QT Places Error: the selected post type doesn’t exists or is not active in the plugin settings.

Nota: I have active plugin.

I have not received any email, still does not work

Hi! Very sorry we sent the update to codecanyon but looks like nobody from Envato published it. We just resubmitted the update, you should receive email notification in couple of hours. It’s the new version 1.0.6 with backend map api upgrade.

Gracias por toda la ayuda Ya esta activo el mapa: http://www.datatrust.pe

Hi, quick question – can you display the category filter buttons on mobile? When I squeeze my browser to view the demos on mobile view, it looks like the filters disappear.

hi! They don’t fit there is no enough space in mobile, sorry!

Hi there, When you say that the plugin is compatible with Buddypress, does-it mean that it is possible to geolocate members ??? Thanks

Hello, the plugin allows to associate geolocation capabilities to every custom post type, even created by other plugins, so I think there are no problems. If you test the plugin and doesn’t work we can provide a refund, no problem, or also adapt it to work with buddypress as is a cool idea ;)

Hi, pre-sales questions:

1. We want to list rental properties in the sidebar and then have a filter category of “Rooms”. Some properties can be rented as, say, a 1-bedroom, a 2-bedroom, or a 3-bedroom. Can a property be tagged as 1, 2, 3 bedroom so it shows up when someone selects any of those numbers?

2. We also want to display our favorite restaurants, bars, etc. on the map. Can the exists as pins even if they’re not in the sidebar?

Hello! You can natively use any pre-existing taxonomy and any pre-existing post type with this plugin, so if you already have real estate properties with their categories, in the manual you’ll see how to use them to obtain what you nees. You can craft the map results as well very accurately.

2) The plugin creates a custom type “places” which you can use for any type of venues. Restaurants are a classic example of what the plugin was made for, or you can use other plugins to add post types and QT places will find your new post types.

Hi, Just bougth this plugin. I have added a place entered the api code and published place. I selected to use places for pages & Post in settings. The problem here is that when i select “pages” the visual composer is gone when I edit a page? can you have a look!!

Also the geocode adress sucks. It doesn’t take any address I enter. Also the longitude & lattide cannot be saved. I enter them as you explain. After save the field(s) are empty again. Can’t you add a map where you can drag and drop and move the marker around and the lon/latt is updated automatically? Without changing the addres field? I aks because still half of the world cannot find a specific address and with automated adres it gives the most rediculous names. Its much better to type the address and then move around the marker to where you want it to be..without changing the address text field again!!!

I just see the problem with long/lat. You must enter it in the second field which is not really clear. maybe you can write it somewhere to add the long/latt in the second field!!

Stil the geolocate address does not work as you would expect. I added addresses that defenitly should be found very easy, but nothing works here. You could really consider to use a map here with drop & drag pin.

Hello, please contact us via email at info@qantumthemes.com we will send a new beta of the plugin that may fix your issues. Sorry for late reply but we are not at office during the weekend. Thanks!


I bought your plugin but there is no place details in post and places. Please can you tell me why? I tried almost everything… Deactivate plugins, theme… It still doesnt work. The website is using wordpress 4.7.3.

Thank you very much

Hello, I still have same problem… I´ll try to disable all plugins and theme now… Or do I have to clean old

data in database?

Hi, no you don’t have to do nothing of that. But it looks like Codecanyon is still having a slowdown on the updates:


Please contact us at info@qantumthemes.com i’ll send you direct download link for the product. Thanks!

Does this plugin support multi-Site?

hi! No it doesn’t

Hello! pre sale question. Can i show a gallery of 2 or 3 img for each item? I want this plugin for a customer who has a construction company, and want a map to show works in different cities of the countr, but will be interesting if we can show 2 or 3 img for each item. Regards!

Hello! I’m sorry there is no such function.