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Hi, how to remove the “Get direction” link and text? Pls check to the screenshot: Thank you

Please check the support section of the manual. If you mean in the maps, you can customize the shortcode following the manual of QT Places included in the product package (is a PDF).

When I add it to the shortcode on the page it gives this error “QT Places Error: the selected post type doesn’t exists or is not active in the plugin settings.” OBS: I’ve already added a valid location.

you could have an empty parameter posstype. If you don’t need to specify a foreign post type, just delete the parameter. For security delete all the empty parameters that you don’t need to specify.

Hi, in default screen of places (left screen on I can’t see zoom in/out, but if I close list of places on right side, the zoom in/out appears.

How I can add (show) zoom in/out on the default screen, please?

SOrry for late reply, been investigating your issue, actually the fact is that the is no “dezoom” function linked to the venue closing action. This can be added as option to the shortcode, would it be good for you? Basically it would zoom out to the original level.

Hi, if there is anything what will help to friendly navigate thru places I will be happy and my visitors too ;).

Thanks for your kind collaboration, I think there won’t be difficulty, only a small time issue because we already had a tight schedule and there wasn’t a QT Places update in program, so i ask to please patient some days. Thanks


1. Can map be set to 100% height of parent div?

2. Can I use custom post type featured image or other cpt field image as maker image?

3. Can I edit the controls shown on the map? ie. disable zoom / scroll, etc

1. Why can’t the map be set to 100% height?

4. No this is a custom map there are no poi 1. Because Google maps only can work with given fixed height

Hi i am trying to install the map in the Tour Page… I am really bad at english and i dont understand how to do it whit the Places and the geocodes… Btw i speak french and thank you the theme is really nice.

Hi, in the themes folder there is the PDF manual of the Places plugin, please. Check it carefully. In the plug-in settings page you see the link to generate the API key for Google maps, the Google page explains you how to do there. Please don’t forget, after generating it, to ACTIVATE the API in Google’s panel.

Bonjour, ce plugin est-il compatible avec Divi s’il vous plaît ? Merci d’avance pour votre réponse.

Hello, I don’t know, you can try it and if doesn’t work you can ask us a refund. Very important: documentation and support are only in english. Thanks


is it possible to make group when maps looks zoom out like this image :

Hello! I’m sorry this plugins doesn’t have thi spossibility.


1) Is there a backend demo we can test in please?

2) We want to create a frontend form where a user uploads their post and use your plugin to geotag that post. Do you have shortcodes that we can add to forms for this purpose?



Hello! 1) No sorry, you can test it and ask a refund if you don’t like it

2) You can’t easily add forms in frontend because it requires geolocation for the coordinates, to find them out of the address. In backend this function is available with our form fields but there is no support for frontend editing. This is possible if you add your own code, but we don’t provide support for that as is not part of product features, sorry.

Good Day… Is there any chance that the whole tabs are clickable? Only the icon on the tab are…

I’m sorry there is no such option in this plugin.

Hello one question, I need to do some sightseeing tours with this can be done? do the slut from point (a) to (b), and in extreme cases from (a) to (b) then to© and finally to (d). at each point add information and desctions and if you can even a video from youtube or vimeo. and that shows the routes that is the path that one can edit or move because it is rural and sometimes there are no roads that google identified there. I’m in need of this with extreme urgency.

Hello! I understand what you need I saw it done in many mountain tourism websites, but unfortunately this plugin doesn’t have options to draw path. I’m sorry but you’ll need to look for another one, this is more for venues/locations rather than routes. Thanks anyway for contacing us, and I with you a nice weekend.

Hi! I’ve just implemented the plugin here: Is there a way to change the standard styles (dark, light, normal) to a custom one (I want a light-red)?

Also, is there a way to set a marker on a “poligon” (delimited zone) for example a region?

Finally, I need a way to change the size of the category filter buttons.

Thank you!

Hi, please open a helpdesk request as described in the support, as your request is not a quick one. You find the instructions in the manual, in the support section.


Hi, Pre purchase questions here. Are we able to replace background to our own image instead of google map? is it possible to make pop up window bigger and remove all contact details? Do we need to se up for Google billing account to use your plug in? Thank you.

Hello! 1. No 2. Yes, if you do your own customizations. Not a service within support boundaries 3. No unless you geocode more than 10’000 addresses a month regards

Hi, Is the plugin compatible with WPML?

Hello, never tried. You can try and if is not I get you a refund, no problem. Thans

Could I use this for a city map, Displaying one city which will have markers for houses that have Christmas lights? Let me know.

Hey it would be a wonderful example of usage!!!

Hi. your support link is 404ing.

I want to show post of one specific category (only “destinations” category) I am using your example complete code:

posttype=”post” taxonomy=”destination”

[qtplaces mapid=”” template=”1” open=”1” limit=”” mapheight=”500” mapheightmobile=”” autozoom=”1” streetview=”1” getdirections=”Open in Google Maps” mapcolor=”normal” listimages=”1” showfilters=”1” posttype=”post” taxonomy=”destination” terms=”” debug=”0” mousewheel=”0” buttoncolor=”cccccc” buttonbackground=”” listbackground=”” markercolor=”“]

In the UI i am seeing all the posts.

Thanks for any help or for fixing the support page

Thanks. Got in the support wp web site and now I am getting Purchase code is not valid for this forum.

I entered my number in the field but it is not liking it.

Is there a way to remove or close the images side bar? Or set the default to close?thanks

Never mind. I found the flags. I still need help accessing suport please.

Hello, the purchase code works only in the specific forum for this product, please be sure to access this one

If you need more help on this please reach us via email at adding your forum username and email, plus your purchase code. Thank you very much and have a nice day!

Hello, I use this plugin in my Wordpress site, but the new wordpress update no longer uses shortcode, could you please explain to me how to reuse Qt Places?

Yes you can still use shortcode in Gutenberg, just add an element and select shortcode or simply paste it in a new paragraph. In the plugin settings page you find the full reference to all of the shortcode parameters.

Also, you don’t seem to have a license attached to your user for this plugin. For support, please write from the accoount you purchased the plugin from. thanks

Hi, can we upload our own icons?

No, sorry, you can replace the icon font totally but you need to do a big rewriting job.