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great plugin .. all works .. but I tried to customize but I can .. what interests me is to upload images and resize to 500px wide by keeping the aspect ratio .. here’s the code.. Where I ‘m wrong It is uploaded without resizing ..

drop: true, imageHolder: document.getElementById(“imageHolder”), dragHoverClass: “drop_hover”, /* image_thumb_width: 128, image_thumb_height: 128,*/ dropPlace: document.getElementById(“dropPlace”), form: document.getElementById(“dropper”), fileInput: document.getElementById(“fileInput”), file_closebutton_class: “btn btn-danger close”, file_class: “list-i”, image: { thumb: false, //active thumbnail thumb_width: 200, //thumbnail width thumb_height: 200, //thumbnail height resize_width: 500, //image resize width resize_height: 500, //image resize height keep_aspect_ratio: true //image resize aspect ratio },



And please reference the settings from documantation or live preview.


Hi, I copied your example .. I entered the plugin updated in the folder ” scr ” but the problem is this : when do I upload upload a file of this type 1412121 without an extension and no name image .. you could send me an e -mail .. I can pay the time that you lose

thank you


If you are using php version of this plugin, it is old. You have to do some php work for run the plugin. Only mvc is working with plugin well.


We can not run the object just acqusiato. The server is windows the page now is: http: //

What could it be?


Sorry for late. Your plugin is old, please use src folder for js files. And please reference demo page for settings of plugin or documantation


We need a web form. Which folder should be placed those files? Otherwise you can not have another project running in web forms?

Okey it doesn’t matter what you going to use. Just update files and update settings from demo page. It will work. Just don’t enable the chunk upload.


This script works in Safari for Iphone?

Well, I never tried on iphone. But it is working on android and windows phones and all popular browsers on pc. I think it will work

What files types does this uploader allow you to upload?

Hi, You choose it, it allows everything.


Perfect. Thanks for the quick reply!

The more I try to keep the image proportionally I do not read the manual and mentioned that we use the variable:

1. resize_width: 800, // width image resize

2. resize_height: 0, // height image resize

3. keep_aspect_ratio: true // resize image aspect ratio

Treatment that regardless of the width of the image becomes proportionately.

Picture of 2000 pixels x 3000 pixels Result = 800 pixels x 1200 pixels

And it does not.

Another problem I have is that I apply templateno works like this in the example and does not work properly.

    ' ' +
        'x' +
        '{image}' +
    ' ' +
    ' ' +
        ' ' +
            'Start' +
        ' ' +
        ' ' +
            'Pause' +
        ' ' +

{} - {file.size}

' + ' ',

Try to put it in the Bootstrap.html and did not work, I put it in and not run tQera.Image.Uploader.js

Please I can indicate that I am doing wrong?

I’m doing this in php


I think you are using a old version of plugin. Please use the plugin files in “src” folder. After that it will be work. And please read the documentation for settings.

Thanks !

I have a question, I need to keep the name of the file that is uploaded into a database, is posible to catch the name of the file to send to the data base after is uploaded?


reacar Purchased

Error 1 . When click start upload button for web form application example. Please help me. The error was handled from webservice.asmx.cs code below line (Chrome web browser Ver 53.0.2785.143 and IE )

if (file.UploadAjax(HttpContext.Current.Request.InputStream, name , thumb) == -1)

Error : HttpAcception was unhandled by user code

Error 2 : When remmove thumbmail image there was error


itwolf Purchased

Hi, I have integrated your plugin into our solution, but one thing isn’t working for me. On server side (ASP.NET MVC) http headers are not filled while ajax uploading action is called from the client:

bool thumb = Convert.ToBoolean(Request.Headers[“Uploader-Thumb”]); int thumb_width = Convert.ToInt32(Request.Headers[“Uploader-ThumbHeight”]) int thumb_height = Convert.ToInt32(Request.Headers[“Uploader-ThumbWidth”]);

Can you navigate me please, to fix this?


Those values are from old version that we are not using anymore. In new versions you have to give those values by hand because that values can easly manipulate by other person. So there is a security problem in plugin if you use that values like that.


works in admin area ?

Hello. I purchased this script, but cant get it do do what I want.

I want the uploader to work and look like the boostrap demo, but with my images resized and watermarked.

I cant for the life of me seem to customise and of the scripts to make that work.

IN the documentation it has variable for Image: resize, but in the bootstrap script it does not?

I see the comments that say just use the scripts from the source, but I am obviously not cleaver enough to know what actually to do with them so they work?


What do you want to do exactly, could you be more spesific ? If you load the script from this page : and the get settings from there, it will work charmly.


hi, pls let me know can I use it to upload mp4 and other big video files? And protect that folder with .htaccess? thanks!