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Hi Voky,

Is there a way to add more icons or images to the tabs ?

Thank you !

Hello. Yes, you can use images instead of icons. Just send me an email after purchasing and i’ll show you how to do that.

Regards, Voky

Hi Voky,

I just bought it and already sent you an email.

Nice feedback as always ;)

Regards, Alex.

Hi Voky

You did a nice work thank you, but i need your support as i already buy your product but i have a issue, as i am using the theme 3 but i dont like how the text appear its like pop-up i want to use the same way of how the text appear in theme 5 with theme 3. i hope you got what i mean.

Thank you

Hello, thanks. Please, send me an email and I’ll try to help you.

Regards, Voky

I’m trying to duplicate this function: http://sputnikcreative.com/#!/process

Could you recommend how I could create a similar action with custom icons?

I don’t think that this is possible with Pure CSS3 Tabs.

Regards, Voky

I just need custom icons in a tab like this: https://gumroad.com/

This example isn’t a tab but thats the layout and using the function from the previous site I pointed out.

You can insert any images instead of the default icons. And if you’ll have problems you can always contact me and I’ll help to align images correctly.

Just got this. Very clean!

One little glitch tho. When using justified layout and switcher for mobile, the mobile switcher instead of using the full width is squashed into 25% of the width. Not attractive.

For a future upgrade, would it be possible to have the justified version switch gracefully to center mode when the viewport size is reduced instead of the chunky double-lined display?

Also, since I’m dreaming, could the mobile icon mode just display the icons at a larger size, but without the empty bar which servers no purpose that I see?


Hello, thanks. I can fix justified version problem very fast. Just send me an email and I’ll send you updated css.

Regards, Voky

Will do.


Thanks for this nice work. Lots of features, nice coding style and documentation. Many example html code helped a lot.

Thanks a lot, mate!


Just purchased the item, trying to set up several sets of tabs and it doesn’t quite work, could you help with it? How do I separate the tabs to not to be considered one set by the browser?

Hello. Thanks a lot for the purchasing. Please send me an email through the contact form here and I’ll help you.

Regards, Voky

Hi, before I buy: you state that no javascript is used for the tabs. However, if I check the demo, I see a reference to a JQuery script. So, if JQuery is needed, then I conclude you DO use Javascript …. :O. And since I cannot refer to (external or internal) Jquery scripts on the site where I want to implement the tabs, unfortunately I cannot use this. Which is a shame because I really like how it looks :D.

Hello. JS needed only for IE8 support. And JQuery is loading only if your user uses IE8. In all other cases there is no need in javascript and tabs will work in pure CSS3.

Regards, Voky

hi, After hours of googling to solve the challange to put a google map in tab 4 – I thought to ask here: How is it possible to have a google map in a tab other then the frist tab??? Would be very happy for a solution!!! greeting from Austria Martin

Hello. Thanks a lot for the purchasing. Please, send me an email through the contact form here http://codecanyon.net/user/voky and i’ll help you.

Regards, Voky

Hello This is awesome, Ever thought of making a vertical Tab Example. Thank ya

Hello, thanks! For this kind of tabs it’s hard to create vertical version, but you can find it here http://codecanyon.net/item/sky-tabs/5808594

Regards, Voky

Hello I have 3 packages of yours and that is one of them I was looking at this to add to the Tools. I like the styles in your products. Just wanted to give you a ^5 for skills. Thank you

Thank, friend! Really appreciate that!

Regards, Voky

hi I like to have a clone? like ,this site here http://www.lws.fr/hebergement_web.php this, is it possible thank you

Hello. Yeah, as I was saying before, if you have some basic skills in html/css I think you can do something like this with help of Pure CSS3 Tabs.

Regards, Voky

apparently you do not want to give us the css code

No, I’m not providing a custom work.

Regards, Voky

Is the html laid out primarily using Divs or List items?

Hello. It’s using List items for the tab’s content and labels for the tabs.

Regards, Voky

Hi! These look great! I’m trying to make nested tabs: under one of the tabs, I need to have an inner set of tabs. Is that possible? How do I do it?

Hello. Unfortunately Pure CSS3 Tabs doesn’t support nested tabs.

Regards, Voky

Thanks for the quick reply! Yes, I realized that. My mistake.


Very good job, ? would like to buy Pure CSS3 Tabs, but before this I like to ask you a clarification:

When I view Live Preview using my mobile phone (android) with android default browser (internet) i see a problem: When i choose the 2nd tab does not change to tab2. The color of 2nd tab change but the contents don’t change and I still read tab1.

I would like to know if this is something could be rectified, before to buy it.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, thanks for your response!

I use 2 different versions: 4.0.4 and 4.2.2

Hm, it’s strange. Everything must work correctly in these versions. I’ll try to figure out this problem. Thanks for the report.

Regards, Voky

Please let me know when it will be ready (hopefully soon) to buy it. Thanks.

Hello, I have some questions:

1. How do I use my own icons png 2. How to use the icons at the top

Hello. Sent you an answer by email.

Regards, Voky

Yes, thanks, I already have the changes and looks superb. Cheers.

No problem. Glad that i helped ;)

is it possible to have an accordion in one tab and a form in the other?

Hello. Yes, you can put any content inside the tabs.

Regards, Voky

Hi voky Is it possible fill the content space (Text talian Renaissance polymath:.... with my own images using html ?

Hello. Yeah, sure. This content is only for demo purposes and of course you can change it with your own.

Regards, Voky


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