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I think you just share screen shots not original demo because its just base on HTML and CSS and its very easy to copy from source link of any browser. :)

Thank you. You’re right and I did it for other items. Sometimes it’s good to trust people and hope they won’t steal it… Utopia :)

Luca8link, Thank you for having trust and hope in people. I am purchasing the product right now.

Thank YOU then ;)


Please don’t tel me that this tabs are not responsive.

Hi Cruxy, they’re not (so far) as they are meant to fit the div they’re placed into. Planning to add responsive functionality ASAP tho

Responsive feature added

HI, nice work. simple and easy to use. I have a question.I wan to link an image ( or image map, i dont mind ) that when clicked will activate that tab. Is this possible. If you could let me know how to do this that would be awesome!. thanks. oh and glad it became responsive

thank you. Try and send me an url of your work, but I’m afraid this goes beyond the scope of the support.

i think im going to go the easy way and just not have those links involved, at least until the end of the project and see if i have enough time then.. thanks for your response – this is what i made so far with it (slightly modified the bkg and transparency) –

great job, i like it!

thank you,Luca.Wery well done. The program it’s easy to use. Have a nice day.


Hi Luca, Hope your doing greaaaat!! Beautiful work :) and i have a small question…like how to make it vertical? i m not a coder so a lil hard for meh :)

Thanks so much :):)

okay but can i make the circles into squares to fit my website ? :) thanks :).

yes, by commenting or removing some lines of code you can remove the rounded corners

Download the new version, you’ll be able to change your tab position ;)

Hello luca,

can i make the layout “Tabs Top Justify”?


Hi and thanks for your purchase. It is possible, how many tabs do you have?

For 4 tabs, like in my example, put these lines of code at the end of your CSS .tab-radio ~ .tab, .tab-radio:checked ~ .tab{ display: block; width: 25%; padding:2px 0 ; }

Very good code? Support onMouseOver? thank

Hi, onMouseHover isn’t supported as it’s pure css and html. The tabs work as option buttons.

Hello, I am very interested would it be possible to have Tabbed as in the example


HI! Yes, you can put all the html you want in each tab

Hello, okay I spoke to have the same tab clone I pay cordially

Hi, I am interested in a plugin tabs responsive without jquery would it be possible to have the vertical plugin and without effect add an icon to each possible tabs? thank you

I’m sorry I don’t understand. If you purchase this item, you will get an html sample file and the .css that you can edit as you want. Customisation is not included in the price.

the next plugin updates are free?

thank you

Of course, like for any item on the Envato store

Hi, please add .tab-container .tab-radio{ visibility:hidden; }.

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