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Does it feature a mode the same as in the preview page, at an angle with shadow?

Hi, not sure what you meant. What you see in the preview is one of the 4 available thumb positions. In the screenshots you can see the shadow fx, and it can be applied by simply adding a class to the gallery-container div. Feel free to ask more ;)

The responsivness does not work, can you help me? the same problem on your demo page…

hi and thanks for pointing it out. I just submitted a fixed version for approval, you will be notified when it’s available for you to download.


I like your product and its work in Chrome and firefox but not with internet explorer, just to mention that i change the size of gallery but even its work with Chrome and Firefox but not with internet explorer ?!

Hi its working now, and sorry to bother you but i am facing another problem i wish if you can check it and give me your opinion please

Hi msimo, you need to work on your left menu div’s z-index. Try adding z-index:999 on your menu div’s class

thanks it work now ;-)

What happen if i have more than 10 images to display? it will scroll?

Hi, it’s meant to be as simple as you can see it. To put 10 images you would need to change the CSS a bit.

Can we add more than 4 thubmnail positions?

Hi, are all the main images need to have the same size? Or it will automatically adjusted to fit the given width/height? tia