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Hi, Can we revert on my email pls?

Hi, I have sent you an email. :)

Hi Today i purchased Poll script and trying to install as per your guidelines At the time of starting of installation i got the following error:

Warning: mysqli::mysqli(): (28000/1045): Access denied for user ‘easypolldb’@’localhost’ (using password: YES) in /home2/buzzybra/public_html/easypoll.in/install/index.php on line 18

Hi, I have sent you an email.
Thank you _

اعجبني الاسكربت واشتريته ولكن عندي مشكله انه مارضي يسجل دخول بعد التنصيب ولا قدرت كمان اسجل عضوية جديدة .. فيه كمان اللغات لو تفضلت علي واعطيتني طريقتها زي اللي انت عاملها في المثال اكون ممنون ..

السلام عليكم
شكرا لك على الإقتناء اخي

بخصوص المشكلة فيجب عليك ان تدخل رابط موقعك عند التثبيث لأغراض أمنية كما في الفيديو هنا


mrkknne Purchased

Hi,I am about to purchase this script but I would like to know if it has country ip restriction,i mean if you don’t want people from a certain country to vote on a particular poll.


mrkknne Purchased

My second question is,when there is an upgrade that I have downloaded,what happens to the data i have from polls I already have after installing the new upgrade? How does a new upgrade affect the data and polls I already have?

Hi, unfortunately you can’t ban or prevent people from vote on this version, but I will consider that for make it on new versions. and about upgrade, if I make a new version It will be available to upgrade from old versions. Thank you!

Hi puertokhalid, I have sent you an important email regarding the Facebook social plugin. Thank you.

Hi, I’ve sent you a reply. Thank you :)

Thank you very much! I sent you another message. Regards!

I want to look live preview before buy but I couldn’t…

the demo’s working now, thank you :)

hi , I follow al your install steps , and after i try to following my website link I got blank page ! , could you help me please .

Hi , I respond on your email , Thanks ,


All emails are answerd, thank you! :)

I’ve sent you an email for support

I’ve sent a reply. Thanks :)

كيفك اخي ممكن تعطيني سكربت مجان ما معي فلوس اخوك من العراق

Hello, i need see the admin panel please :) username or password error !!

The username & password: khalid