Discussion on Pubg mini multiplayer v2.0

Discussion on Pubg mini multiplayer v2.0

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Is it possible to limit the amount of players in each room?

it’s still giving this error of leaving the head of the body of the next players, whether on mobile or pc. Is there anything I can do to resolve it?

Thanks for contacting us we are looking into the issue. it is a rare issue so we don’t see it very often we need to check in different devices. we will let you know via email.

Thanks again3

Ok, when solving the error if possible send the new file to my email. thanks!

Could you fix the game error? when other players enter some players give an error, for example “separate the head from the body

Thanks for contacting us we are looking into the issue. it is a rare issue so we don’t see it very often we need to check in different devices. we will let you know via email.

Thanks again

Ok, when solving the error if possible send the new file to my email. thanks!

Private room not working, is there a way to fix it?

Ignore the face book link popup and get back to the game tab


Good afternoon, I already bought the product, can you help me with two things?. could you put the different bodies of each character? ... The custom room maker doesn’t work. can you help me ?

In order to changes the bodies for each player a different you need to make each new skin ( body) in 2 animations (idle, run, jump).

you can name their animation as “1idle”, “1run”, “1jump” and for the 2nd body as 2idle 2run etc. for all the skins

Step 2 : in the event sheet look for where the body animations is set. change the body animtion with the expression like :

head.animationframe & “idle” head.animationframe & “run” head.animationframe & “jump”

What is the staus on the photonengine version? I haven’t seen the info, but it should be completed last month right?

We apologize. we are currently working on private projects. you can order and exclusive game as are game development service.

please contact us via email at

how many levels are there how much you charge to change character

also how much you charge for rexin and fb adds too with deployment

Hello, I am interested on your Multiplayer game. Do you familiar with smart contract integration. I would like to know do you able to integrate this game into a smart contract. Players need to pay with some tokens, and If receive tokens if they win… I want to integrate with a BSC smart contract (which I will deploy the smart contract or token myself). What you need to do it to call the smart contract using Web3 and interact with it before and after each game.

Thanks for the comment. Please, send us your email or contact us at via

Could this work with photon engine instead of the user ‘hosted’ server’?

We will soon Upload a New game like this with photon engine.

what is the status on the photon release?

It will be done in next month

Software does not work on web browser…Your demo does not work either…Just says connecting and then gives a game over screen

Pubg mini multiplayer v2.0 is based on peer to peer multiplayer connection that means the first person started a game becomes host server the rest of the player join him.

see more

if the host pc or it’s internet connection is not working the game will not be able to connect.

check out our new game Sky battle that based on photon multiplayer. which don’t required any PC as a host. it work online with photon engine CCU.

Game :

Photon :

How much for reskin?

Thanks for your comment. price depends on how you want to reskin. for more detail please contact us at email

which software to use to reskin this game and will you provide full documentation

construct 2 or 3

to open the source file. you can use any graphic software like photoshop illustrator etc. for reskin. once you have the construct 2 installed.

Yes ! the document guide is included with the item. for more information you can contact me at

Thanks !

Hi! pre-sale questions: 1. in respawn, the player can’t move. 2. is this easy to integrate in mysql & php for website users?

I’ve rechecked the game it works fine when respawn. That may be because of the host of the game left the room so the rest of the players stuck too and then the game restart. This game is made with peer to peer connection.

2. The item also constrain html folder containing .html , .Js and Json files.

hello what is the most complete version v1 or v2

Both of them are completed V1 has a forest map and v2 has snow map

When the updates are made you (Buyers) will be notify and you can re-download that. we will update the bot version very soon before the week ends.

Is the Leaderboard via Google Play?

Also when will the AI bots be put in this version and will current owners get a free update when they are done?

For the Leaderboard via google play, you have to use construct 2 google play plugin it is a default plugin in C2 see the details :

And I think the the buyers can download update for free, but you must make sure from customer support of envato about this.

Sorry I don’t think game is worth it’s name

We apologize for the inconvenience, if you expect it the PUBG (3D game). No it is not the PUBG yet enjoying and featured. So much learning and resourceful for projects.

If you have any suggestions how we can make it better we would love to know.

Thanks !

what are the requirements for making it multiplayer? Demo link not working

here is the link of the demo game :

This game is a multiplayer game same as PUBG mini with a charge of map (snow theme). There is no extra plugin required for multiplayer, It is made on the default Multiplayer plugin of construct 2 Multiplayer Guide :

pl share your email id, have some customisation on this.

nice work, I recommend add bot/ai/robot players , if game not famous, so user can play with bot/ai/robot players. so user not bored and alone .i think i will buy this soon.

Thanks for your suggestion sir. we are in fact working on ai players on some other games. soon will release the new version of pubg mini with ai players.

Please feel free to give us more suggestions that we love to work.

The 2nd version is a different level more ways to hide and fight !


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