Discussion on ProKit Flutter - Best Selling Flutter UI Kit with Chat GPT App

Discussion on ProKit Flutter - Best Selling Flutter UI Kit with Chat GPT App

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jackj3337 Purchased

Hello! I had left a comment before regarding the projects not even building and having numerous issues.

I have currently gone through at least 6 and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is using extremely out-of-date plugins or will not even build or update due to the dart SDK version being too low (for null-safety). At the BARE MINIMUM it required the compileSdkVersion to be set to 33 (currently 31 in many projects).

The projects would not even build without further modification. I just have to ask, is this intentional? Because you all reported all the projects were updated. Why are they still not even building without numerous issues?

In many projects, there are variables used that are completely deprecated and are no longer in use! As in will not even build unless altered to what is “preferred” now.

What exactly is going on with this? I was REALLY hoping it would all be updated, as I am using these projects to speed up my learning of flutter.


Please submit a support ticket at Our support agent will help you.

Thank you!

Where would I find my purchase code? As I cannot even submit a ticket without that, and I cannot find it anywhere. I tried the Invoice # and Order # (from Envato) and it said they were not valid. So where would I find my purchase code?

Regarding the category, etc—that dropdown did not include ProKit!


MTZ1978 Purchased


I think that the video that explains how to extract the theme is old, or maybe it was me who did not understand it well. I want to use your themes, is there an easy way to explain how to extract the theme and run the project? Help please,,

Can you please explain your concern in detail?


MTZ1978 Purchased

I apologize for the previous video!

Please see the issue:

Help please,


Please submit a support ticket at Our support agent will help you with that.

Thank You!

Hi, when compiling the Pro_Kit project, I get the following error, how can I fix it?

Because every version of flutter_localizations from sdk depends on intl 0.18.0 and prokit_flutter depends on intl ^0.17.0, flutter_localizations from sdk is forbidden. So, because prokit_flutter depends on flutter_localizations from sdk, version solving failed.


If you have purchased a product from Codecanyon, please kindly submit a support ticket at Our dedicated support agent will assist you with your inquiry.

Thank you!

Hello! I have been attempting to build the full apps, and many are not building (some are even using packages that are no longer supported!!!). No matter if I leave everything as it is (as it all came out from the zip files after “flutter pub get”) or update Gradle, Kotlin, the version of Java, etc, etc, etc — many still cannot build and run!

I was under the impression everything in this kit was always kept up to date, and we could build the full apps with little (if any) modifications necessary?

Is it possible for you to update all the apps provided in this kit, using the latest versions of DART and Flutter, along with of Kotlin, Java, etc — and successfully build?

I truly cannot express how critical this is, and how enormous this is for me (and I imagine MANY others who have purchased this kit as well)!

Also, there are a number of issues with the overall template project (with all of the different components in it, etc). It seems some of the packages are ~3 years old and haven’t been maintained and require different versions of things like “intl” than the overall template project itself (among other things).

Isn’t this the overall core/main part of this kit? Isn’t it the most important thing to keep up to date (using the latest versions of everything) and able to build so your clients can see how everything looks and figure what they do/don’t wish to use from it?

Hello jackj3337,

Flutter has recently released a major version 3.10, so we are planning to update the whole app and provide and update. but this process will take time to update all apps as we have 38 Apps to do so.

Thank you for understanding.


Will this be suitable and workable for all the three platforms , android, ios, web, admin panel .

Requesting for confirmation and more info on the same.



We have primarily focused on Android and iOS as of now but some of widgets and screens are well supported in Web.

Hi … very impressed with the UI and design. Great looking product. However before buying need to clarify a few points. Apologies if these queries were asked and answered before. Please point me where i can find the answers:

Q1 – I have a news website running on Wordpress. Can i use your product to showcase news from my website and create an IOS/Android mobile app?

Q2 – What would i need to do to convert your product to IOS/Android? and additional software needed?

Q3—Do you guys offer additional services to submit to App stores? if yes, how much would it cost.

Q4 – Im looking to create a news mobile app for a particular industry and hoping this product can serve my needs. However im not very familiar with the app development process. I can handle HTML, CSS, JS easily …. are these enough for me to use your product or i need to have more ?

Appreciate if you can advise me these … Thank you in advance!

Hi chrisaris, Thank you for you appreaciation about the app.

1. Can you share the purpose for showcase our app?

2. ProKit app is based on Flutter SDK which is by default supported by Android/iOS. So no additional software is needed.

3. Yes, We offer installation service but not for ProKit Flutter app because ProKit app is only for demo purpose and developers can get the code from it.

4. We have dedicated News mobile app, you can checkout here instead of ProKit app.

Thank you.


anix02 Purchased

I got this problem when building:

Error (Xcode): lib/integrations/screens/GenerateQRCodeScreen.dart:70:20: Error: Too few positional arguments: 1 required, 0 given. GenerateQRCodeScreen.dart:70 Could not build the application for the simulator.


anix02 Purchased

now next error Resolving dependencies… Because every version of flutter_localizations from sdk depends on intl 0.18.0 and prokit_flutter depends on intl ^0.17.0, flutter_localizations from sdk is forbidden. So, because prokit_flutter depends on flutter_localizations from sdk, version solving failed.

flutter version 3.10


anix02 Purchased

RoomFinder and some other Apps have Problems with accentColor

Okay, we will check and provide update with latest version.

Compatible with Flutter 3.7?

Yes, ProKit is compatible with Flutter 3.7 SDK.

App on the TestFlight is not available

We will update our ProKit app on TestFlight.

is this only a ui? like template or a a functional ?

This is only UI kit except we have introduced Chat GPT working app recently.

znindia Purchased

What is new in this update and I see chatGPT in your app so how can I use in my app and chatgpt is free?


- Please see the change log for what’s new.

- You can copy ChatGPT code in your app and you can use it for free but please see pricing plans for ChatGPT API key.


I have few questions. You have 3 UI kits scripts – Kotlin, SoftUI and Flutter – 1. Do all of them have the same number of pages/screens? 2. Do all of them have the same designs for all the screens? – I want to be sure that all are same just the platform are different, is it so?


No, all have different number of screens. We have very well maintained ProKit Flutter screens with regular updates.

does it have fantasy cricket app ui kit?

No, ProKit Flutter does not have fantasy cricket app.

1)I have not still understand the Regular and Extended Lincence, you said ’’‘If your app will have users who will pay to use your app then you’ll need an extended license otherwise regular license will work for you’’’’ Please can you explain further ? 2) Apps i want to develop i will need upload them to both apple and android app store, and also my user will need to make payment inside for goods or for some particular service. Will i be going for Extended lincence ?


1. Choose the Regular License if your end product is distributed for free, and choose the Extended License if your end product is sold to the end customer.

2. To provide a Service, You can refer to our other products instead if you wish to use this app for UI design:

Where’s the GPT app? I can not find in the full apps folder. and shows nothing in the docs

You can find Chat GPT app in the workingApps folder. Thanks.

I have never seen such a ridiculous support team. The code is fine but remember that you are alone in any problem.


Sorry for the inconveniences you may faced. What is your ticket number?

is there exist ui design figma , photoshop or any files ?

No, we don’t provide Figma file.

Where’s the GPT app? not in the full apps folder. and shows nothing in the docs

You can find Chat GPT app in the workingApp folder.


its_soa Purchased

Hi! I have three questions please;

1. Do we get the UI of all 37 apps or just the Chat GPT app?

2. Are the screens responsive to different screen sizes? Small, regular screens and tabs precisely.

3. Also what state management solution was used here?


1. You will get all the premium screens of 37 full apps along with working chat GPT app.

2. Yes, most of the screens are responsive.

3. This is not working apps, so state management is not used accurately. This is just an UI screens.

Feel free to ask any questions if you have another.


Hello, is it a complete application or just a user oasis?

Yes, its the complete application, you can extract any screen from the entire application if you want.


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