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Good Work! Congratulations!

Cool Item! Good Luck!

thx ;)


This plugin is also backend (panel) pages? Can I get osCommere backend screenshots (how we can configure add/remove to product filters) ?

hello. it has not back-end because this module uses smart algorithm: in each category it shows filter with attributes, which added to products in current category.

Hi, I have purchased and implemented this great app on a website and I’m very happy with it. However, just a quick question…I noticed that when a number of the product attributes are clicked together, it can sometimes display ‘no products in category’. How do I only display the product attributes in the left column that have a value of 1 or more depending on the other filters that have also been clicked?

Great, thanks Solomono, what’s your email address?

Fab, thank you, I’ll email you now :-)

Hello, before I buy your Plugin.. Will it work with Osc 2.3 BS EDGE? and will the Plugin show in the product listing or it will show just as box?

Thank You Joe

hello, I have not tested module on Osc 2.3 BS EDGE but if you will buy it and will have some problems with installing it – I`ll fix it for free. and yes, this plugin shows box and make changes in product listing(index.php), depended of selected attributes.

I meant that if the module will be on the product_lisiting page .. Will can be there? not just as a box

its only in box. but you can move it yourself from box or ask me for not very high price :)

After I read your answer to Joe122 question.. also I have osc 2.3 Edge and I just bought and install it .. it show the box but when I chose any Attribute in the filter there is nothing happens … any idea what the problem thank you

Thank you .. got it working

welcome :) so, where was the problem?

Hello solomono, I have in the shop QTpro module (Track and manage attribute stock) installed is there any way that the filter will show the products with attribute stock? where I can add a Sql query like this
WHERE products_stock_quantity > 0  
any help


thank you ;) but I want to help you anyway to make it working as you asked. does my query work fine or it generates some errors? do you have link of your website? if you want, you can email me.

it generates some errors ..I change this

no errors any more ..can I send it to this email

of course. I will wait for your email.

Hello there is in bm_filter.php this code
//(you`ll need this form, when you would like to submit filter by button)
 $content .= '<form name="m_srch" id="m_srch" action="'.tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT, 'cPath='.$_GET['cPath']).'" method="get" >';
I would like tohave submit filter by button but how ???


Hello I am interested in buying this addon, but firstly i need to make sure that how the product attributes are added, is this addon has advanced product attribute functionality or the product attributes are added via the default product attribute functionality in admin.

Please reply asap.

Thanks in advance.

hello, thank you for interesting in our module. this module uses default oscommerce attributes: products_attributes, products_options, products_option_values, products_options_to_products_option_values tables if you need additional functionality in admin panel, we can provide it as additional task.