Discussion on Prime Laravel Saas - Form builder & Poll Management System

Discussion on Prime Laravel Saas - Form builder & Poll Management System

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Please check your email, I have an emergency and there is an error: *Error table ID = user table – Ajax error

I can’t create a user account

Friend good night. I imagine your support resolved it. Passing by to report that the problem mentioned above is functional. I also leave here my satisfaction regarding the professional quality and immense amount of resources that you made available in your script, I confess that I was a little afraid before purchasing due to some limitations of the demo and not being able to explore all the resources, however after installing your script I really was able to realize how professional your system is. congratulations…

Hi, I m interested in buying your script, but first I need to know: users can download as csv or excell all requests? For example: respondend answer with yes at the following question: “do you want to receive news about our products on email? ” The creator of form should can export easily the answers from certain form respondends in marketing and segmenting purpose. Thanks

Hi, Yes it is possible. Please create one form in demo and check.

new update files not extracting fully, fix that

Please check now

Hi team, it would be great if you integrate openai in this script. It will help us alot. Thanks in advance.

Hi, can you send me the flow, how you want to add openai in our script.

Hi, We have pre-sale query 1) Can we use SAAS in Regular Version?? 2) Can we also create Landing pages?? 3) Can we integrate this with third party software/CRM?? 4) Can we integrate WhatsApp Automation tool/software for automation??

Hi 1. Yes 2. We have one landing page right now. 3. We have to do custom code for it. 4. We have to do custom code for it.

2. I mean, can we add custom Landing pages for our end users as per their businesses ??

Please let me know when you’ve fixed/got rid of the iframe. iframes are very problematic. Thanks

Hi, does the embed code work as iframe or proper embed code?

It work as iframe

with all due respect, iframe vs embed always loose. Please let me know if you are available for some custom development? if so, where do I reach you?

Hi, Thanks for your advice I will look into it and solve it in the next update, and for custom work please create a support ticket at:


sitebly Purchased

Hello, the filled forms appear separately. Can all records be displayed on a single page? For example, Name and surname: all under the other. Your gender: like one under the other. Example image in here:


Yes, it possible, you just have to check this checkbox: in form design.


sitebly Purchased

Thank you very much for your comment. Yes, I tested it. However, it is only valid for fields such as username, name. It cannot be activated in others. I hope the next update will have a separate page for it. The fields to be displayed on the page are activated and the data appears one after the other. Thanks.

Hi, Thanks for your advice I will look into it and solve it in the next update.

pre sales ? how can we test to create and edit any forms in demo, it says create and edit not allowed in demo. we need to fully test before purchase. Pls let us know how we can test full working demo. thx.

Hi, Please check now.

Hello Quebix.

I am trying to install the updated version of your script locally under Windows hosting and while navigating at the initial installation page, it says to set all permissions to 777 and refresh the page. That is completely OK, however I do not see where is the problem as there are no indicators marked in red or else pointing which one is problematic, and as far as I know that under Windows I have never had to set a file to 777 as by default they are, what are the steps to continue the installation as I am not even able to install the product not to mention using it?

Hi Please create support ticket at:

Does regular licence include source code and SaaS?

Zip file has issues – respond to my email

Please create support ticket at:

Respond to my email by providing required support

Please check your email.


When I change the permissions resources/lang/ to 777 and refresh the page, everything goes blank..what can i do to solve it?

Please create support ticket at:

public view/fill/poll is not working in this script… Why, this feature is not available??

Please create support ticket at:

no responds for tickets. i have raised ticket last week

can you send me the ticket number?

Pre purchase question. Can you add the function to user can chooce color picker?

Yes, we can add it for you.

hello, before to buy it, i just want to be sure we can used our STRIPE payment ? best regards,

oh sorry i have just see it

after install and activation we desicover all ressouce from are in 403… we create the ls link withe scrip-folrder/storage/ add CHMod 777 still on 403 no logo no uploads working

ticket ID #1680859147

I am using php 7.4 and cannot upgrade it. The documentation shows that it could be used in php 7.4. But while installing it is showing that 8 or 8+ is needed. Please help me resolve this.

But you have mentioned in the document that it can run on 7.4+

Please help me out with this, I have already told you that I cannot upgrade my system due to dependencies. Documentation says it will run in PHP 7.4 but it is NOT. Please help me out with this or kindly refund. This is of NO use for me.

Or please provide me a version that can run on PHP 7.4

I buy the script and install but not the same as screenshots, and formbuilder is poor, can back me the buy?

Please check updated code.

Hello. I’ve tried to install your script on localhost in order to apply some modifications for the needs of my current project and it did not pass the validation as I am using windows as my preferred OS for development. How can I proceed to install and apply my works?

From what I see so far, we are expected to run the script on a hosting. Will this work on a private VPS Server as this is what we need for our project and are planning on using?

1. The meaning of 777 permission is to give full permission (Read/Write/Execute) to that folder or file

2. Please upload the script on the live server and then test it.

3. Run the script on the localhost URL it will not ask for a license and You have to fill in the activation form with a live URL and the license is updated with the live domain.

Dear Quebix, I am uploading the script locally to work on it. My server is a well known among Laravel-lers – LARAGOB that calls the local sites to “{name}.test” which is a standard practice for many local servers. And yes, I know what 777 means and again, on Windows you can only remove READ restrict permission and the folder becomes already 777 as I am not using a network server but locall.

If I am not able to start testing the script and you are suggesting me to move to a production server to use my license and start working there, that is UNACCEPTABLE as nobody would post a temporary product on their live server as that involves a lot of negative SEO scores based on all the temp errors that would appear and get fixed in time.

Please note that a FQDN would get resolved by a simple query to a specified whois server of your choice or a DNS query and if the result is not returned as existing, than the website is an OFFLINE/local.

My other server (OpenServer) that I am also using returns the same result as there I can have a virtual website ( which in turns adds a redirect in hosts file to localhost and it is more than obvious that it is a local website, but your script is considering it again as REAL website and I am unable to use either or both..

If you run script on http://localhost then it work fine without license. and if you have any issue please create support ticket at

Hello Sirs.

I would like to purchase the script, however I have a few questions before I do: 1, Does the admin is built on pure Laravel or uses custom packages (SPATIE etc.) to allow the user/admin rights/permissions. My concern with packages is that sometimes those expire and are no longer maintained and the site tend to break if a need be to update the platform to a further version of Laravel. 2. How well portable is the project if used with Laravel 9 or 10 as soon the latest version will get in productive mode and if I cannot use that specific version, the script will be useless for me. 3. Does the script uses LiveWire to control the dynamics/validations or it uses some custom form client side validations before submission? (customer side validations are easy to surpass with a little knowledge and are not secure to use for respectful projects). 4. I can see many issues being listed here, but the support so far isn’t convincing me of being pretty effective. What is the average response rate for script features that are included in the package but are malfunctioning or non-functional on client’s side? 5. If there are promised features that aren’t operational and cannot get fixed promptly, what is the script refund policy? No disrespect, but I’ve dealt with some scripts that were promising the sky and then failed to deliver on tons of features and I don’t like spending time on disputes and so forth proving my point. Hopefully your script works as promised, but just to be on the safe side here…

Well, once I get the answers, it will be easier for me to decide if the script worth its value or I can start building on top of our custom admin my own version.

Thanks in advance for the prompt reply and GLWS!


1. Yes, we use custom packages, but these packages are updated when the laravel version is updated. 2. This script is in laravel 9, and we update it in laravel 10 soon. 3. No, we didn’t use LiveWire. 4. We will reply to the support ticket within 24 hours. 5. We will refund the amount if the promised features are not working.


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