Discussion on Pricing Table Creator

Discussion on Pricing Table Creator

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very good work ! all the best for your sales

The css seems to be interfering with some of the other elements on my website. It is causing weird spacing, and overriding formatting. I am using to build the site. I can place my own html on a page and can add custom css in the header code. I do not see why this css style sheet would override other elements of my website? Isn’t the CSS written specifically to the html code? Sorry for my lack of coding lingo.

Can you use this easy in Wordpress?

I’m not a wordpress user but if you can include the html and css there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work.


Hello Again!

I just realized my last questions do not 100% help me. I copied the html into a wordpress page and added the CSS code to the themes stylesheet. But formatting is not correct.

I now realize there is a javascript, images, and steps 2 thru 4 in the file folder.

So, where do I add this? Easy step by step instructions would be extremely helpful so I do it right! :) Thanks.

Hey randit, first of all thanks for purchasing.

You don’t need the the steps 2 thru 4 in the file folder, these files are just for creating your final code.

1) Copy the css on the body of your main-css file 2) Copy the 3 small images to your server and link them inside your css file 3) Copy the html code inside your page (save as html formatted text) 4) Link the css link correct to your main css file

Normally it’s very easy to get this work but because you’re working with wordpress it’s a little bit harder.


Hello: I am excited to use this code. I am not an IT guru and have a few questions to add this to my wordpress site:

1.) where do I add the CSS style code? Can I add it to my wordpress themes CSS .php stylesheet or do I need to create a new stylesheet?

2.) Do I upload the images to my media manager?

Thanks for your help.

Hi there, how can I specify the width that the table should be?

Hey lesterhein,

the width is automatically generated on the amount of columns you use :)

With a basic knowledge css you can also change it afterwards (if necessary).

If you want to know how wide your pricing table would be, mail me at :)


Hi Confix

Is this a browser based app or a pc executable?

Also, lets say I create a pricing table, and then in week I have some additions (adding rows.. ect.) Can the current table be uploaded back into the app for changes or do I have to start all over again?



this is a browser based app so you don’t have to install anything :)

The app doesn’t autosave but with a small knowledge of html you can easily adjust the rows inside the html.


Hi, I purchased this today. After creating the table, the HTML code that was generated did not generate correctly. There is a lot of information missing and therefor the code does not work. Have you had this problem before? Solution?

Hey mwmontgomery,

no i tested this program very well and never had this problem. Are only the icons missing or special signs or the normal text? And did you use firefox?

Please mail me on, i’ll do everything to make it work for you

Regards (and sorry for the inconvenience), Confix

Hi again!

Sorry to be back so soon, but I think you have answered another client question…

Mine above is about how to add different customized icons to each row in the description column in a Pricing Table Creator.

Shold I tweak the Html code and add a inline CSS style? If so how should I write the code?

Or do you have a CSS selector guide so I can target the right element and add a icon that way. I have tried to find the CSS selectors using Firebug but without any luck.

Thanks again, Sammet

Hi, sorry i had an other programm in mind :p

your solution is quite easy :) You don’t have to edit something in the css, find the field (where you want the icon) inside the html code, it will look like this:

< div class=”column”>< strong > Example text < /strong >< /div >

just link the image instead of the text, like this:

< div class=”column” >< img src=”images/icon.jpg” alt=”icon_descr” >< /div >

i hope this will help you out, if not mail me again and i’ll make a quick video preview :)

Cheers, Confix

ps: Icons are 13×13 px

Hi Again!

Great! It does work very, very esay! I am so glad I found this!

However I was wondering how I should write the css so I can ad different icons with the text in the description rows?

Happy for tips! Best regards, Sammet

Hi Sammet!

i think the best solution for you is taking a social network that is not in use (‘hide’), change the 2 images (in / out) in the folder countdown_files/img/social_media/ and add the link on the social network where you changed the images from. :)

The icons are 30×30 px and the ‘in’ icon has as photoshop effects:

- Black and White - Inner shadow: – blend mode: normal – color: #000000 – distance: 0px – choke: 0% – size: 30px

I hope this solution will work for you, otherwise shoot me a mail and i’ll costumize the javascript file :)

Good luck and thanks again for purchasing, Confix


Very nice design, I like it!

Is this compatible with wordpress and headway theme? If so, great!

Let me know!



Hello sammet!

If you add the css to your stylesheet and the code to your page, than i see no reason why it should not work :)


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