Prestashop Tidy - Cleaning, Optimization and Speed Up

Prestashop Tidy - Cleaning, Optimization and Speed Up

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This module will help you keep your store nice and clean.

It allows you to perform the following operations:


  • delete old abandoned carts
  • delete old connections stats
  • delete old search stats
  • delete old email logs
  • delete old logs
  • delete old guests with no addresses
  • delete old customers with no addresses (useful if your shop suffered from bots registering fake accounts)
  • delete old guests with no addresses
  • delete old customers with no orders
  • delete old customer threads – new feature, march 2021
  • delete old guests with no orders
  • delete expired specific prices from products
  • delete expired vouchers
  • delete unused feature values and empty features
  • clear all cache

You can set number of days to only delete data older than this setting (but not for cache, it gets cleared totally).

Data consistency

  • regenerate friendly URL’s for products (for all languages)
  • regenerate friendly URL’s for categories
  • set products’ cheapest combinations as default
  • assign the most common tax rules group to products with no tax rules grup – new feature!

Fix images

  • delete products’ broken images (the ones that appear as question marks)
  • delete unused image files (cleans all leftovers in the img/p/ folder along with empty folders)
  • set first image as cover for products without cover
  • associate all images to all shops (useful if you find some of your images not displaying) – new feature, april 2021
  • set product’s cover as it’s first image
  • delete temporary images

Fix associations

  • set product’s deepest category as default
  • assign all products to parent categories (usefull if some products are assigned only to some deep categories, but you want them to appear also in parent categories)
  • assign all customer groups to all categories

Mass activation and deactivation

  • deactivate active categories without active products
  • deactivate active products not assigned to any active categories
  • activate inactive categories with active products
  • deactivate active manufacturers without active products
  • activate inactive manufacturers with active products

You can also automate each of the above operations with cron tasks, making your shop clean itself on a daily basis.

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Module supports Prestashop 1.6, 1.7 and ThirtyBees