Discussion on Prestashop Regenerate Cache

Discussion on Prestashop Regenerate Cache

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Hello, there are different versions for each marketplace.

Hello. I just want to thank you for this module. It works best. Thank you again!

Is there new version of the module? I see that in addons prestashop site is fresh than here. Can I get the fresh ver. too?


Hello, mobile useragent?

No it has not.

Hello, please send ftp and backoffice credentials to so we can investigate the issue.

Please ignore my last message, i had maintenance activated. Another problem i noticed is that we have multi store activated with different domain names (multilingual) but your module doesn’t give the urls of the multi stores, only of the main domain. So the pages of the other stores cannot be cached using your module

Hi I sent you the bo access to this emails quite some time ago Did you manage to take a look? Thank you

Hello, please resent the email to and give as much information about the problem as you can in the email.


Hi I have just bought your module and installed it on my website which has about 50 categories, 20.000 products, and 6 languages (multistore) We use the smarty cache from prestashop + another cache module. The category pages are very long to load when not cached yet (cache cleared), so i tried to regenerate cache on your module on the category pages, but it didn’t work, the pages were still loading without being cached. Would you mind taking a look please. Tried manual and cron Thank you


I would like to buy this module but I would like to make sure of the following things: 1. Is it compatible with v1.6.1.4 and newer versions? 2. We use Express Cache 3, will there be conflicts of non-functionality? 3. If I use LiteSpeed ​​Cache, will this be a malfunction? 4. Does the regeneration of the cache for 1500 products take a long time? 5. If the module doesn’t solve our problem, do you have a refund policy?


1. The module is compatible with prestashop 1.6 and 1.7 2. The module is compatible with every cache module, as it simulates a page open, so there is no reason it shouldn’t 3. There should be no malfunctions, and does not matter you use litespeed, it just sends a robot to open a page, but if you use litespeed cache, please check that there is a free cache warmer for litespeed offered for free. 4. it just opens each pages manually, so the time, depends on the loading time for each page 5. if the module does not open the page, does not crawl, etc, we offer support to fix the issue, if we cannot, we will refund, however, there is no refund if you do not understand what exactly the module does and it works properly.


I am using your module. I have teh xPress cache moduel that is used as well

If I generate the prodcut each it do not make any effect in the xpress cache module – the module do not show any update of cached files? IS it normal behaviour?

thank you Jemelik

Hello, each time you go to the configuration page you regenerate the entire cache, the module does not know which page is cached and which page is not cached. You can set the cronjob so it will automatically cache the entire site.

No, it is not true. The module entries the site into the database. I checked the database after clear the cache (using module) and after running your moduel NO NEW ENTRY was made. Am I wrong?

Hello, i do not know the module so i cannot confirm if it is true or not, what i can do is tell you that the script replicates a page open as a normal user, and the Prestashop Smarty cache is built + if the page cache module generates the cache at the first open of a page, the module cache should be generated too.

Hi there, have you any updates on the user agent to simulate mobile? Thanks

Hello, unfortunately not yet and i do not have an estimated time when it will be done.


Does this module work with prestashop 1.7.4? I’m actually using Express Cache 3, what is the difference between your module and this one? Can I use you module and Express Cache 3 together?

Thank you

Yes, it works with prestashop 1.7.4 but this is a cache warmer, it works in combination with any cache system, as it eliminates the need for a page to be first accessed by a user to be cached.

Hi author, i use prestashop 1.7. When i regenerate the cache with the Play icon i can see that it goes from 0->6 to 6->6 in example. When i reopen the module it is on 0->6 again, does this means that my cache is empty again or is it normal that it says 0->6 and is my cache still active? Like to hear from you. Best regards, René


The module cannot know which page is cached and which is not, so each time you run it, it regenerates the entire cache.

If after refresh its set to 0, that does not mean the cache is empty, it only means you can regenerate the cache again for the entire site.

Thanks for your help!

You are welcome

does it work for presta 1.7.3 ?

Yes, it does


does Regenerate Cache also work with the Prestashop version 1.7.2.X or higher?

Best regards Volkmar

Yes it works.

Hey there, I was wondering, does this module run the cache for mobile seprately, or does it just run for desktop version of the site? many thanks

Hello, at the moment only desktop but we add an option to change the user agent to simulate mobile

Hi there, have you any updates on the the user agent to simulate mobile? Thanks

Hello, Not yet.

Hi there,

I just purchased your product and it seems to work pretty well.

However I run a products cache test, and I noticed that it only did the caching in one of the languages of my store (Spanish, main language). If I go to the other language (English), products are not cached.

How can we get all languages cached?

Kind regards. Manuel Segarra.


We focused on the module for big shops and things that can cause problems, homepage wasn’t one of those things as it’s only one page, at the moment we do not plan to add such a feature as this is a bit useless.


Yep, you are right…

Well, I setup 50 products per cron task in back office. As I only have 156 products, I setup also 4 tasks at 4 minutes intervals. That should be enough, isn’t it?

I’ll tell you how it went tomorrow after it runs tonight.

Kind regards. Manuel.

Hello, it’s more than enough :)

Hello, is this module useful when my shop only uses smartycache in combination with OPcache and cloudflare? For which of each item will it be useful?


I do not know what Thirty Bees is, but i works with any cache system than needs the pages to be accessed before getting build.

Thirty Bees is an open source fork of PrestaShop version 1.6. More and more merchants are switching to ThirtyBees.

If they use the same cache module system, it should work.

hi, i bought the module and installed it on my site but unfortunately it is not that works as you have shown your own site xtendify ..

kindly help me to decrease the loading time .

seems most of my problem solved .. its workin now ..

just want to know about the difference between regenerate cache and express cache modules


Any cache module requires every page to be accessed once before the cache is active, that is where the regenerate cache module is useful, it crawls all the pages so you do not need to manually visit every page. The cache module is the system itself made to make the site faster, as the regeneration module without any type of cache is useless.

It is great module working good with Jpresta Cache Ultimate. I have one question how to regenerate cache during the night ? Cron Jobs work only every minute, so it is really hard to regenerate all products (5 for each execution).


we will add an update to the module for the future and you will be able to select how many pages are processed by an execution.

When do you plan to make an update?

Hello, at the moment we do not have an estimated time, we have multiple modules and this is not a priority for us. but we will try to do it as soon as we can.

Hello, this is a pre-sale question. Does this module work with Express Cache (from xtendify) module? I use only this module and the native Prestashop caching is turned off. Will your module work? Thanks!

Hello, yes, it should work with any cache module, as this is a cache warmer, so i crawls the page to generate the cache no matter the module.


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