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Hola, he actualizado a la versión del modulo 4.0.1 y en la parte inferior de la web me indica lo siguiente:

“No hay se encuentra plantilla para el módulo prestaspeed”

¿Podrían decir como puedo quitar este mensaje que aparece en la web?

desde modulos, posiciones, eliminalo del footer

= mente usa la update 4.1.0


After optimization images pictures are very large on the main page and also i cannot click on Mijn Account (upper right corner)

Please tell me how to fix these issues ?


Hi. PLease disable apache optimization in the module, for the images send me a pm with the screenshot

I’m trying to update to the latest version and i get this error “File too large (limit of 2097152 bytes).”

upload via FTP


iu welcome


Pass66 Purchased

Hello, On PageSpeed tells me I have the images (home_default) that could be better optimized by about 15 to 20%. For time on my server I check via my fttp images are optimized … Can you check and give me a solutions? Thank you in advance.

hi. Gtmetrix uses another optimization methop instead of resmushit. you can tri optimize again the images to check

Hello, so far everything is fine with your plugin: super fast site, no conflicts but i am worried about the new PS 1.7 performance features “CCC (COMBINE, COMPRESS AND CACHE)”, after activating it i feel that my site is not as fast as it use to be. Can you please clarify how to configure other PS options to take better advantage of this great plugin. Thank you in advance

yes, I use 1.7.1, should I rollback to 1.7.0 then wait for your next update to re-upgrade? My bad, didn’t pay attention to the “Software Version” in the descriptions.

Hello, any updates for 1.7.1? Thank you

no, use 1.7.1, and wait the update


efgieel Purchased

Sir, can you pay more attention to your support? It is hard to get in touch with you or get any reply, even like piss off :)

sorry, i didntget any email. can you resend it?


efgieel Purchased

I have sent it 2 times (last one today), and one was replyied by you so seems to be ok. Just check your mailbox or whatever..


Pass66 Purchased

Hello, When I load an image during a product creation … the server blocks and replies that it does not load the image, I refresh the page and the image and load (the manip is very long) And when I Deactivates your image module this load very quickly. Can you look at the problem. Thank you in advance. Pascal

Hi. did you have the 4.1 version?


Pass66 Purchased

Yes, the version and well 4.1..

send me a pm with your email please

This module has so many issues: 1. While image Optimisation, it stops and redirects to 404 error every time. And finally, a lot of images disappeared. We had to restore full website backup. 2. Enable Gzip is not possible. 3. The front page speed gets lower horribly.

i must do myself to give the refund

Thanks, Sent email, please check.


Hi, after I updated to your latest version I get this error after I want upload pictures of products:

SON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 3 of the JSON data

If I deactivate your modul it works. What I have to do?

Thanks, Marko

send me your email please

Same problem. I installed the previous version and ok.

send me your email. i send the update


Strangly I get this error every time I place an image in the optimize one image: [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/home/groenew/public_html/modules/prestaspeed/smusher.php: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘Invalid file path: /home/groenew/public_html/' in /home/groenew/public_html/modules/prestaspeed/smusher.php:129 Stack trace: #0 [internal function]: Smush::file(Resource id #36, ’/home/groenew/p…’, ’/\\.(jpg|jpeg|pn…’, false, false, false) #1 /home/groenew/public_html/modules/prestaspeed/smusher.php(72): call_user_func(‘smush::file’, Resource id #36, ’/home/groenew/p…’, ’/\\.(jpg|jpeg|pn…’, false, false, false) #2 /home/groenew/public_html/modules/prestaspeed/prestaspeed.php(769): Smush::it(’/home/groenew/p…’) #3 /home/groenew/public_html/modules/prestaspeed/prestaspeed.php(1156): PrestaSpeed->smushcustom(‘https://www.sus...') #4 /home/groenew/public_html/modules/prestaspeed/prestaspeed.php(5912): PrestaSpeed->postProcess() #5 /home/groenew/public_html/controllers/admin/AdminModulesController.php(867): PrestaSpeed->getContent() #6 /home/groenew/public_html/controllers/admin/A

When I delete the line it is ok. I use the direct line to example img/cms/image.jpg.

What can this be?


I send you a private message but did not here from you. Can you react to my message. Still having all kinds of errors. Also in Storecommander module!

didnt get any email from you

send me only ps access and i install the latest version

do you got my email address about the error? I didn`t receive an email with update.

hi. i send to your email 2 times and get it back


jupolux Purchased


When I upload photo I have message : Unexpected token s in JSON at position 2

Desactivate your module and I can upload without error.

How I can do ?


send me a pm with the email and i send the update


jupolux Purchased

I sent you my email but I did not receive the module

is rejected every time i send. i just updated in codecanyon. mus be ready to download this week

hello i have a problem … all good but if i acticate the modul.. error 500 on back office ( only back office first page )

send me a pm with ftp and admin please


Since last update i also have an error message when iI upload a picture on the product page. This is the message : Unexpected token s in JSON at position 2

please send me your admin access, you need the latest version