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hi. No found scroll infinite with prestashop I can help me place

i send a email with latest version


memosxo Purchased

Hello, is it possible to get a new version ?

send me your email in a pm

tenes demo para ver el infinite scroll? and in any category woman

Hello Shacker. Do you have any new version please.

Ty Rita

i sent you a pm last days but dont received the answer

did you get it?

yes. Thank you.

can you send me latest version? I have 4.1

just send it

Hello, is it possible to get a new version ? l have prestashop1.6.1.4 and modül version 2.2.2 thanks a lot.

yes, send me your email


tanasi Purchased

Hi, thank you for this great plugin. It helped me decrease my database size from 1.2Gb to 200Mb. I have a few question though:

1) When updating to a new prestaspeed version e.g. from 4.0 to 4.1 what are the recommended steps? Deactivate, uninstall, upload new version, install?

2) What about prestashop CCC settings? I can get that those are more or less the same like prestaspeed’s optimizations e.g. Minify CSS, Minify JS, Apache optimization – htaccess optimization etc. Should I have both CCC and prestaspeed’s settings active? e.g. if i want to optimize htaccess should I activate the Apache optimization from CCC and the htacess optimization from Prestaspeed? Or there will be a conflict? What is the recommended setting?

3) Which is the latest version?

hi. add from back office directly, yes, active all the prestashop ccc options, htaccess etc, are independient of the module optimizations


tanasi Purchased

Ok, thanks. So for updating to a new version I should “add a new module” and nothing more. Could you send the newest version?I have 4.1

Dear, *The module is not working for me. I created a cron job to optimize images and checking some images the are still the same size. I am optimizing bonded carts but still seeing the count number on the dashboard is the same. *Also when uploading new products images the are not getting optimized although you told me that new images will be automatically optimized. *Optimizing Java and CSS is making my website looks missey.
  • My website performance on GTMetrics is the same

Can you tell me what is the benefit of your module ???

Hello Shacker, could you answer me plz ??? I started to have serious issues in my website load time after installation your module. how you can solve my problems?

hi. send me the site access in pm so we can check it


asonel Purchased

Hello. I sent a ticket 2 days ago. Please send the latest version. The current version gives me an error while loading pictures. Email: Tnx