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Frihed Purchased

Greate module shacker. Works perfect !!!

Muchas gracias.

thanks for the comments

Hello there Thank you very happy with your Purogramı . Currently I have a problem . I want to optimize images, after waiting a long time I get a server error . I refresh the page with F5 continues even though the same mistake . Check the address gtmetrix of B ( 83 ) C (75 ) seem . He drew my attention to something here , Specify image dimensions – can not fix part of the available pictures . Previously there was no such section. What should we do about it? Thank you again for your help. I like to always appreciate your program . my webside :

and l send ftp access :)

have you got it ?



I’ve installed this module and it seems all work fine but the image optimization it’s not working. I have ps and also tried in a cloned test website with the latest and the same happens. When I hit the optimize button is seems to start working but a few minutes latter I get a server error. Recently I had to re-install my system due to a boot problem and I’m still fine tunning it….I have a dedicated server with Ubuntu 14.04 instaled.

Any ideas about what’s happening?

hi. can be a server restriction. try to optimize with the cron option. you must set the url like img/p/ to optimize products

ok, I tried that but after some minutes same error 500 occurs. I’m also contacting my server’s company to verify if there’s some limitation. But they don’t know specific prestashop needs. Can you advise me what might be the limitation here? I have total access to php.ini and all configuration files…

if you use cron option, you cant have a timeout error. You configure the cron in the server?


fourkan Purchased

Hi, i dont like the change “optimize template” did to the size so i disable it but it did change 2 thing i think, the slider disappeared and product brands does apper vertically now, i want to change back those changes pls

yes, i check it today


fourkan Purchased

the module caused errors to the site and i cant fix that, the descreption of brands or categories are no longer displayd on front office, can you see what caused that please.

Thats strange. Send me a PM with the admin access/ftp and the ur lof the error

Hi, I started optimization of the images.

Because of image duplication with the _old image backup, this increased a lot my disk. I have more than 10 000 products…

So I started using the procedure to erase the _old backup to regain disk space

The question is:

Will the optimization procedure work only once in each image, or if this process keeps running I can end up with bad looking images because of repeated optimizations?

Thank you José

yes, dont loss quality

Tks great module.

thanks for the comments


Your modules looks fine but I’d like to test if before buying it The demo page

Doesn’t work anymore with user: pass: 012345678

May I have the new login please to test it ?

Thanks !

use: pass: demodemo

Thanks but you forgot to put permissions on module

you can see and configure it


moy2010 Purchased

Hi, shacker. Do you think if could be possible to add a feature to presta speed to crop image backgrounds from prestashop thumbnails? This could save some KB in total page load size:

moy2010 Purchased

I want to get rid of the background (Mostly white background or white background).


moy2010 Purchased

I meant white background or transparent background. Pretty much the way IMG_CROP_DEFAULT works and an option to set the threshold value for IMG_CROP_THRESHOLD.

ok, but you need to put all images in same size format right?

Hello, When i enabled infinite scroll , Product list’s top options like Grid view,list view, sort by etc all options disappear. how can i solve this problem..? i want it to work even with infinite scroll function. Reply soonest possible. Thanks.

in the module configuration, just replace the sortpagibar css

See, i am not a coder. So please tell me in which folder , in which file , what need to replce with what..!?

configure the module and where says .content_sortPagiBar , just change to .content_sortPagiBar22

I have been investigating missing image issues for quite some time and believe I may have found the culprit. My images are suddenly disappearing because the folder images are gone. I had my host look at the issue and I believe we identified this module. Can I have you look at this? Its quite a big issue. rw-r-r—1 3664 Aug 3 00:54 ./img/p/5/1/6/9/5169-small_default.jpg rw-r-r—1 4072 Apr 14 2016 ./img/p/5/1/6/9/5169-small_default.jpg-old stat ./img/p/5/1/6/9/5169-small_default.jpg-old File: `./img/p/5/1/6/9/5169-small_default.jpg-old’ Size: 4072 Blocks: 8 IO Block: 4096 regular file Device: 1ah/26dInode: 58331101 Links: 1 Access: (0644/rw-r-r—) Uid: ( 501/) Gid: ( 501/) Access: 2016-08-24 04:25:28.053163875 -0400 Modify: 2016-04-14 13:56:05.349819932 -0400 Change: 2016-08-22 19:27:24.071396048 -0400

ls -all ./img/p/5/1/6/9/5169-small_default.jpg*

mm, the module dont delete the folder images or any folder. when you optimize images, the module create a backup of the image with the -old text so you can restore in case if get a corrupted image

Thank you for the reply. I guess there must be something else deleting product images and folders then.

keep me informed


Will the module work after upgrading to 1.7?

we are working on the update. regards

hello We bought this module to speed up our website but still after installing that plugin the speed is same ca youplease help us whats wrong we are doing

ok. send me the credentials

Hello I send you the credentials in PM and waiting for you guys there. Can you please let me know when we can connect.


send a email

Olá, este módulo parece muito bom, parabéns. Como posso testar o módulo antes de comprar? Posso usar este módulo numa loja portuguesa sem problema, certo? obrigado.

hi. you can test in

user: pass: demodemo

iu welcome

Hey Shacker, I just tried using the optimize image function again and now most of my images are missing on site. I am not sure if the processed timed out or didnt function correctly. I was weary of using this feature because the same thing happened in past but Gtmetrix showed I needed a lot of image size reduction. I tried to regenerate images through Prestashop but many images are still missing.

the only thing is a server issue that cant download the images to your server. can you check it with the host provider?

What do I need to check with host provider? Are these settings outlined in the read me file or setup?

why the server dont let you download the images via api

the theme no longer see well, how can I fix it? Thanks so much

yes, please send me the ps access so we can fix

Whenever I seem to run the Database optimization part of the module, it seems to crash my browser and then the admin is unresponsive for quite some time. Is there a certain amount of memory needed to run this function?

Yes, it is the latest version. It was an issue before too. I removed the module for the time being but will still get you admin access to look at why there is a failure in the module or timeout.

Ran the newest version on and had to reboot server because it wouldnt respond.

Ran the “Clean Page not found” function in module and it doesnt seem to work. Checked ps2_pagenotfound table in cpanel and its still the same.

Hello i would like to buy your module but I am little scared to have problem. I have seen some persons have problem with pics or bugs. Can you explain me ?

issues with pics are most from server that cant download the compressed images to the pc. we solve these issues if happend

Thanks for your module and for your help. Really serious and professional person. thanks Shacker

iu welcome!

Has anyone else used the database optimization function? I have used it multiple times only to find that it does not clean: pages not found, customer connections, etc. as well as timeout constantly.

is strange that dont work. i checked in other sites and its ok. resend me the data, i was on holidays


83krynio Purchased

Hi, I got error like this one from your module: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/polcart/web/ on line 166

Is it something important to fix?


83krynio Purchased

errorlog from server

but when you use wich function of the module?


83krynio Purchased

I have no idea, I have no cron task for this hour. When I start each function (manual) from module nothing hapdened.

Sat Feb 18 06:00:12.358920 2017 pid 31944 PHP Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$src_size in /home/polcart/web/ on line 162 Sat Feb 18 06:00:12.360540 2017 pid 31944 PHP Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$dest_size in /home/polcart/web/ on line 162 Sat Feb 18 06:00:12.360555 2017 pid 31944 PHP Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$dest_size in /home/polcart/web/ on line 166