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A great module. Plans to do discounts by manufacturers?

great idea. we can add in next release

question before purchase

you can increase prices to percentage?


this is for discounts. for increase prices or decrease only, use this:

Can discount on top (2 discount on same time same product) ?

such as.

Product A discount this month 10% then discounts for Chrismas day 5% So it discounts 15% (For Chrismas day only)


Hi. Yes. You can apply a discount for the selected category of products, and apply all that you want, every discount rule can eb combined. Remember that you apply to all selected products in the selected categories

can I select only a few products from a category? or does it apply to all the products in category? What if I want to select a discount to 50 products from category A and 10 products from category B. is it possible?

hi. no, is not posibble. but i can add a feature called limit, that limit the products, and another tu put the id of the products to choose only from id

that will be great. let me know when you implemented this and I’ll purchase it. Usually someone have hundreds of products in each category and we can’t offer discounts to all.

ok, regards

what if I create a special category for that and I hide it from the shop? I can add in that category all the jewelry I want to make a discount. Does your module also apply a discount to inactive categories?

yes, can be configured for that

I have to buy it

Is compatible with my Prestashop ?

yes, works on it

Hello, congratulations for the module is very useful! I also would have the great need to create massive discounts by Manufacturer. Is possible to implement this function? Thank you very much.

thansk. i put in queue for next release

Hi, if i want to create discount for same product.

Product1 have discount 10% in 2015-01-01 to 2015-12-31 Product1 have discount 20% in 2015-05-01 to 2015-05-31 (only May)

Can do by this plugins?

yes, you can create, but remember that the module apply to all products in the selected categories

Hi, it is possible make a discount for productos of one manufacturer?

yes, can be selected by manufacturar

Hi there, Got a pre-order question.

Got a shop where we have a specific category in which the customer is supposed to select 6 different products (but from same category) and obtain (16%) discount. Is this possible via the plugin?



Hi. No, you can try to use the catalog rules, but i think not for diffrent products

Hi. No, you can try to use the catalog rules, but i think not for diffrent products

Hello, Can the module only apply discounts to a specific shop seller? Because my website is a Multiple store and different shop owners would like to apply different discounts on their products.

I will be happy to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

dont know how the multiseller module work. this can aplpy for group of users


I am very much happy with this module only there are 2 things which i would like to see in this module.

1. Partial use (cart rules), I don’t want to allow customer to use it as partial.

2. Enabling / disabling compatibility with other rules cart


hi. there is no cart rule. the discounts are like the selected in prices tab of products

Hi, shacker. It would be awesome if we could use a CSV file for the massive discounts :).

to import all discounts into tables?

Hello, is this module able to apply the discount code to the sum of different articles in the basket? For example: until 59 various items on the basket – no discount, 60-119 items – the discount 11%, 120 – 239 items- the discount 15%

hi. no, its only for individual products

Dear shacker, i have a big problem with your module: you have decided to include the programming schedule discounts, with AM and PM times compatible just in the US. But in Italy (and throughout Europe) time is calculated in 24 hours, and prestashop European versions are obviously installed with times in 24 hours.

So in your module we can not set the discounts with an afternoon time, because obviously from 1 to 12 hours is automatically considered (in Europe) as a morning time. I have installed the 2.2.0 version of your module.

You may therefore send a new updated version of the module, with the timetable updated standards for Europe? Thank you

hi. we add this feature in next release

Hi friend, i downloaded the update and the new version is really good. I only have one problem: when i add a new discount, it works, but it does not appear in the module’s list. I also tried on another prestashop site, same problem. How can i solve? Thank you

i think in this new version you must uninstall and install it again


Is it compatibles with 1.7.4.x version ?

Hi, I have left you msg today regarding issue from 2 weeks ago whish I sent by Support, pls find email.

hi. we need admin access, dont have any other email

Have sent you details, pls confirm.

just replied


AICV Purchased

Hola que tal, tengo una pregunta: la actualización 3.1.0 que cambios incluye?

solo agregamos la opcion de filtrar por ID de productos, para crear reglas por ID en vez de categorias

it did not work with attributes it should be written in the description   fraud

work with attributes too, you need to selec them

Hi, I want to ask if this module override the specific prices normally set in prestashop or how does it work? We use specific price to have cheaper prices for business customers, so they pay lower price than private. What we want is to make discounts for products in an easy way,

Best regards

hi, creates a price drop to every product in the desired criteria. You can set for a set of customer groups

demo: user: pass: demodemo