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How to translate the form fields “Email Adress” and “First name” and “Succes! please confirm subscription” I cant find it in the translations section in prestashop modules

WARNING: This module is NOT compatible with prestashop due to wrong color picker code!!! I had to find out the hard way! Do NOT install on a Live Prestashop store!

It would be really helpful if you could provide the access info in the ticket system. And it is really Not a wise act to make a comment based on someone else’s comment. It would be better if you would get our views first and then make any comment. However, thanks for the ticket and please follow up there.

Hello, Im using your plugin. Works great. Thanks. With all the signups, Id like to filter them by having them select a field. Is it possible to add a dropdown select, and have that passed along to mailchimp? So id have say in the same list, the ability to filter the emails with different interests?

Does it work on Prestashop? There is a comment some lines before saying that is not working.

Yes, of course it works with Prestashop and we provide the necessary support if someone face any issue to make it work for thyself.

So, no worries please :)


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Can I use this module to sync mailchimp <-> prestashop and prestashop <-> mailchimp for new customer registrations, without using the popup?

Yet, to have this feature. But you can email us for custom development though :)