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Great work! Looking for exactly this for my project. I will definitely purchase if need arises again.

Thank you for the compliment amzee!

Yes – Good luck

Nice work. By the way, the right click in Opera is not so much of an issue now-a-days. Currently I used version 11.51 and right click works fine, I think it has since version 10+

From memory older versions right click worked in conjunction with Ctrl+Right Click.

Hmm. I’ll look into this and update the description. Thanks.

Hello! I try demo but in Firefox I get 2 menus – your and standard Firefox menu – it’s not cool :( And I need right-click menu on “option” values in SELECT tag… Can you do this?

What version of Firefox are you using? Unfortunately, JavaScript cannot bind to an because they are handled by the the browser. If you want this functionality, you will need to build or own combo box.

I’m use FireFox 9.0a1. I don’t know about binding… I use onclick method on option – it’s work perfect.

onclick, or for a right click, onmousedown, seems to work just as well as a JavaScript event binding. It works in firefox, but not chrome or IE (I haven’t tested event binding with other browsers). See

I am very impressed with this work but I want to clarify a few things before I purchase it. First, what are my rights with regard to modifying the code? The licenses do not mention anything about this. If I purchase an extended license, am I allowed to modify the code if I need to?

Also, I would like to verify that this works properly with jQuery 1.6. I downloaded the demo page and replaced the jQuery used there with 1.6.4, and the features demonstrated appeared to work properly. However this does not mean everything will. Are you aware of any issues with using 1.6 that are not present in the previous versions?

I am happy that you like my work. You are free to modify the code in anyway you wish. You do not need an extended license to do so, but you will need an extended license if you wish to use it in any of the ways listed on

And yes, it does work fine with jQuery 1.6. Please contact me via my profile page if you need any additional assistance.

Are you ever going to reply to my email?

I have replied now. I apologize for the delay.

Am having issues with the context menu.

Can get it to display just fine, but it requires clicking on the link twice.

Roll over and click the link once.. nothing roll over a second time and click the link and it works.

I have stripped down the code to the bare essentials, and have sent an email to your gmail account with additional details.


I have replied to your email.

Hello, Are you able to reference the same menu multiple times on the same page? When I add the id in a 2nd time both menus don’t work….. Thank you for such a great bit of code! -Mark

Nice Work! – GLWS