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I am trying to configure this but Portfolio and Gallery settings screen is asking me to select the Skin and it is not moving forward. Please help


please send me your site access detail in my email id : khunthitesh32@gmail.com

i will check what is issue.


Adology Purchased

Hello. Does this plugin work with the theme Cascade vCard? Is there a demo video explaining how to create a gallery with a category bar?


Adology Purchased

Thank you but your screen shots didn’t help. I found that section before I contacted you. I have an issue finding galleries or portfolio plugins that work with a theme I purchased from Envato. Cascade vCard. I haven’t found a gallery plugin that works with this theme.

you can view my site – www.ryanturnbull.com and under the Portfolio tab, I would like to set up a gallery that can be searched by description. Print – Digital – Billboard etc. When the viewer clicks on Billboard I’d like for all my Billboards to display.


suram Purchased

Thanks a ton for your support! It is working now :)

thank you.


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Portfolio Blocks Layout doesn’t show anything on the page. I suppose a js conflict but not sure..

Please send me link where are you setup this plugin


maltha Purchased

it is in maintaince mode. can I send you a PM for the login credentials?

Yes please send me site credentials. Email I’d is Khunthitesh32@Gmail.com

With out visual composer is it work??

Yes without vc work this plugin. This plugin feature is working with vc. This is WordPress version.

RTL …...?

RTL not support but filter right and text align right option available.


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Is there a way to not have the main image be part of the gallery? For example use a placeholder image for the main image and then on click it will show the gallery but the placeholder image will not be part of the gallery.

I’m interested in a slider plugin easy to use. You know if this plugin it’s compatible with wp theme 123medicine. Thx. Nicola.

yes this plugin compatible with 123medicine theme.


I bought your plugin and have a simple question : where to go to reduce the space between two articles : see : http://www.museemecanicart.com/actualites/

thank you pierre

please select Fitrow layout in layout option.

Great !! Thank you

If you like my plugin and support. Give me 5 star rating on codecanyon

Hello. This plugin does infinit loop with lightbox carousell? And compatibility with latest wordpress version? Thanks

Hi Saragna, sorry to insist. I realy like your plugin and i want to buy it. Can you add the feature i pretend with owl carousell 2.1.0 or later one 2.2, 2.3 and so on

ok i will inform you. when added owl carousel 2.


alebuo Purchased

Hi, i have install the plugin but i dont understand something.

How can i create a gallery and put the pictures?

I have Wordpress 4.6.1 and the plugin. I have send the serial key from my email yesterday: 9 Sep 2016 REGULAR LICENSE


after install plugin created “portfolio” post type in admin. please add individual portfolio in portfolio post type and create grid in portfolio setting.


alebuo Purchased

can i send you the user pass for wordpress to see whats wrong?

Please send me your site access detail in my email Id Khunthitesh32@Gmail.com

I will setup for you.

Does this support custom post type on the popup?

no custom post type not supported.


I have just bought the plugin (purchase code : e9a4db1f-000f-4662-a8c5-2d68ea863b02) and can’t make it work.

Thumbnails are not showing at all, neither in Portfolio Layout mode nor in Carousel mode : http://www.gillesbertrand.fr/test-portfolio-grid

Doesn’t work neither with theme 2015.

Please help.

Sorry to insist but I have bought this plugin that does not work !

Hi, I have fixed the “Featured image” issue by adding code in my functions.php. But a JS error still raises (TypeError: jQuery(...).offset(...) is undefined) on http://www.gillesbertrand.fr/test-portfolio-grid. Please help.

Moreover, is there a way to show the post body or excerpt below the title ?


I have purchased this plugin (purchase code : e9a4db1f-000f-4662-a8c5-2d68ea863b02) that unfortunately does not work.

I have setup a Portfolio layout and pasted the shortcode [sport_grid id=”1”] in the following page : http://www.gillesbertrand.fr/test-portfolio-grid.

Categories filters show up but that’s all.

Please help.

Hello, is the following behaviour possible with your plugin: - showing posts that contain video AND text in a lightbox pop up - portfolio filterable by categories - portfolio with pagination to first show only a few posts and then skip through the others - being responsive - working in siteorigin page builder Do you have an online demo especially for this case?

Hi Hitesh

Could you please take look at your support email I sent you 3 days ago and reply.

It would be from websmartdna@gmail.com

Thank you

I have sent you the email again – why have you taken so long to reply – this is crazy – email from websmartdna@gmail.com

Please confirm you have recevied my email?

Once again you have done stuff all about this – I have sent you the email with site login details over day ago ?????????????????????


My purchase code is e9a4db1f-000f-4662-a8c5-2d68ea863b02.

Portfolio Block Layout does not seem to work as soon as I restrict it to certain categories (in the Build query section).

Categories filters are displayed but portfolios are not showing.

Please help.

Item bought and no support ?

Sorry to insist but restricting to or excluding categories in the “Build query” section does not work at all… making the plugin unusable. Please fix it or refund.

Yeah, support is sure crap

Look you obviously couldn’t care about your customers at all.. just refund my purchase please!!!!!!!!!


RE20 Purchased

I am very interested in purchasing this, but was curious if there was a demo to add to my site to make 100% sure? Thanks

I am working on a website for a client that purchased the Portfolio and Gallery Grid Layout with Carousel plugin. The featured image for each of the galleries is showing up in the gallery itself instead of being set as the cover image for the gallery exclusively. Is there anyway to turn that off? The featured image shows up last in the gallery order currently. Here is the page that I am trying to troubleshoot. http://www.olackplasticsurgery.com/gallery/