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Hi !

Is it possible the content of the page “our stores” in the pop up ?

Thank’s in advance.

Sorry I made a mistake, “Is it possible to load the page “our stores” in the pop up ?

Hi lucaswoock,

no, the module allows to enter content via TinyMCE editor, not to define some particular Prestashop page.


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Hello, it´s posible this things: -Configure autoclose after “X” seconds -Add diffrerent popups for each products or each category


Hello, at the moment there is no autoclose. You can define only ONE popup (and choose if it should be displayed on product page, category, homepage or everywhere).


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Hello, is this working with cookies so a user could see it only one time? If thats the case, if i change the content on the popup could it reset the cookie from before so the user could see it again?

Hello, yes, you can setup the module to display the popup only once (cookies) for the user, or always. No, there is no cookie reset.

hello . i would to know if it’ s possible to load the pop up in any position on the page or only in the center of that. thanks


it always shows the pop up centered.


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Hi is it compatibale with 1.6


yes, it’s compatible with 1.6 version.

Regards, Premium Templates

Hi, I have purchased this module and the installation went well BUT if I activate the module I get this:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WPPopUp::getCacheId()

Please any idea how to fix this??

The FTP access was read-only so I couldn’t test it for you. The reason why it doesn’t work is that you have deleted default footer hook in your theme (in footer.tpl of your theme):


There are two options. Either you put the code back and it will work. You can delete other modules that you don’t want to display in footer. Go to administration > Modules > Positions > Footer section > click on delete button to unhook modules you don’t want to display in footer. It’s recommmended way instead of deleting this default hook – it is used by other modules too (google analytics, statistic, etc.). OR if you insinst of this way, I can change my module to use custom hook and place that hook into your theme. I suggest first option.

YeAAHHH it works fine now. Thanks a lot.

Hi, Does it works in version 1.4.7 ?

Hi, no unfortunatelly it’s compatible only with Prestashop 1.5 and 1.6 versions.

Is that possible to show popup daily or weekly by its type (category,home,product) ??

Yes, you can setup to show popup either always (each page load) or once in certain number of days (7 for weekly, etc.). Then you can also setup another parameter – page type (homepage, category, product, all). You can have only one popup.


I need a little modification that detects if user logged in or not and hide the popup if user is logged in. Can you assist me please ?


please edit wppopup.tpl

and add this line to the beginning of the file:

{if !$logged}

and this line to the end of file:


Then the popup will not show if user is logged in.

Doesn’t work. Popup still appears even if user logged in

I tested it on latest and it worked OK for me. Please contact me via my TF user profile page. You can send me the access to your web (Prestashop administration and FTP) and I will recheck it.

I bought the module but increasingly it appears that the client is going to the homepage can be configured to only display the first time you connect?

Hello and thank you for purchasing my module. You can setup the popup window to be displayed either always OR only once for each client untill certain number of days pass (e.g. 7 days for weekly etc). For testing (setup) purposes, you should setup the popup to “Display always = YES”. If you setup number of days, you either have to wait or you have to delete the cookies in your browser after each test to see the popup again. You can also select on which page the popup should be visible (homepage, category, product or all pages).

If you think that something doesn’t work for you, please describe what you need and send me the access to your eshop via contact form on my profile page (see support tab). I will recheck it, but the module should work ok.

Hello, I’m thinking about buying your module but I was wondering if it’s possible to set up the video display to autoplay mode? Thanks in advance for your reply Best regards

I have trouble with your module in mutistore environment cant work anymore and dont know why can we chat or mail directly ?

Hello. Thank you for purchasing my module. Yes, you can contact me directly from Support tab on top of this screen. I will receive an email and reply. Please send me all the details. Meanwhile I will retest the module with multistore.

it’s working again. For your 1.5 version, I had to comment out this line from wppopup.php:


because the Fancybox plugin is already loaded in your Prestashop.

Nice module.

I bought the module. I’m having serious problems. I use version prestashop. The home page does not load properly

Fixed. For 1.5 Prestashop sites, that already loads Fancybox by another module, this line in wppopup.php has to be deleted or commented out:


thank you very much. But I have a problem, does not upload new images. Unless, and remains the test image.

I sent you an email. Please use email for further suport. Thank you.

Great module + very good after sales services from editor. Reply to my private email was fast, within 24 hrs. He has provided me answers to my questions and solution to my problem. Hope to do business with you again.
  • Highly Recommended * Happy New Year 2015 & Take care. Regards, Kris’

Hi Kris, thank you for your comment. Happy New Year 2015! Jiri

hi, you can see that popup in the final phase of purchase before you pay ? for example to show the info about free payments over a certain threshold ? thank you

Hello. Unfortunatelly not. At the moment, you can only setup to display the popoup on all pages or product page only or category or homepage.

Hi, will it work with 1.6.1.x ? Thanks in advance

Hello, yes, I keep the module updated with 1.6.x., so it will work with 1.6.1.x versions too.

Hi, can i add popup exemple only every monday ?

Hello. I’m sorry, but you can only setup number of days after which the popup will be displayed again. This works individually for each visitor, so if you setup number of days to 7, it will show popup weekly to all visitors, but you can’t setup a particular day (Monday). It will show them popup on first visit and then after 7 days (or whatever number you setup).

thanks for your reply but i need this function. Just to know i don’t find any addon on prestashop to use this perhaps is an idea for an update :)