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Hello, it looks awesome.

Should I be able to add this modal to any theme?

Thank you!

Hi There,

Yes, you will able to add this modal form set to any theme.

There are two options to add this model form set to any theme.

1. Shortcode There are two types of Shortcode. a. Button Shortcode for modal. b. Page Shortcode to use the form in a page.

2. Function There are two types of function to use in your code. a. Button function for modal. b. Page function to use the form in a page.

You could review the plugin’s video overview here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ruj0E7hUJFw

Best Regards,

ThemeLooks Team

very cool work ! all the best for your sales ;)

Thanks! :)


Is it compatible with buddypress login?

Thanks! Great plugin!

Hi There,

It is only compatible with WP login.

Best Regards,

ThemeLooks Team

Hi, just a quick question. Can I customs add fields in the pop-up firm such as mobile number, location (Google Map API) and even add a Jquery Date and Time Picker ?

Hi There,

There is no option like that in default at this moment.

We will try to update the plugin ASAP with some more options like that.

Best Regards,

ThemeLooks Team

will it work with woo commerce customer login ?

Hi There,

This plugin only for wp login. If you want to use it for woo commerce customer login, then you need to customize it.

Best Regards,

ThemeLooks Team

Hi there, Is there a way to remove the ‘create account’ text for a log-in form?

Hi There,

You could remove it manually from code to follow the steps below.

1. Go to: popforms > inc > login-form > pop-login-form.php

2. Check out the screenshot http://prnt.sc/cv8lrm

If you need more assistance then please register and use our support forum ( http://www.themelooks.com/support/forums/forum/popforms/wordpress-plugin/ ) to get support from our experts. Please make sure, you are registering as “Envato User”.

Best Regards,

ThemeLooks Team

Thank you, this worked.

Please don’t forget to give us ‘rating and review’ (on https://codecanyon.net/downloads ), if you like our plugin and our support too.

Hi, I’ve a pre sale question:

Is it possible to jus refresh the current page after login instead of redirecting the user to another page?

Hi There,

At is moment there is no option like that. We may add this option in the future update of this item.

Best Regards,

ThemeLooks Team

Does this plugin support a data collector plugin like Contact Form DB (https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7-to-database-extension/)?

I found a workaround by defining the path to the logo.

Where can I find the Captcha Site Key?

It appears this plugin does not play nice with themes.

If your current theme based on bootstrap then you need to check the “Bootstrap Unload” checkbox to fix the issue. http://prnt.sc/dto9ps

Moreover, please follow our provided documentation. You will get there a video overview too.

Hi! Easy to translate into nb_NO?

Not yet included. We will include it on our next update.


Cool! When will that be?

Please contact us via our profile contact form here https://codecanyon.net/user/themelooks#contact

3 pre-sales questions: 1. Can I redirect visitors to a page after filling out the form? 2. Can I register the contacts on MailChimp automatically? 3. Can I receive attachments?

1. There have an option in login modal to redirect visitors to a page

2. Yes, when you will provide your MailChimp list API, then every subscriber will be added automatically in your MailChimp list as a subscriber.

3. Yes, you will able to receive attachments.

I would like to put a form to apply for a job. Can I create a form for : request an attachment in the form + automatically register on MailChimp + redirect to another page. (1 form for 3 functionality)

Thank you !

No. In this issue, you need to customize the plugin.

Is it possible to call modal from wordpress menu?


Does this plugin support customizing the multi site sign up page? Such as adding fields and such?

No, the plugin doesn’t support such things at this moment. However, we will try to add more features in the future update of the plugin.


cflpr Purchased

este plugin no funciona correctamente.

Please write in English.

Would this plugin replace the functionality of a plugin such as ‘Theme my login’?

No, our plugin have own functionality. Please review the video overview here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQ1FnMr0klg

Sorry I wasn’t clear in my question. What I meant was that if I use this plugin can I still use theme my login or I can use only one of them at a time?

Yes, you will able to use both plugins at a time.

Is it possible to add custom fields to the sign up for example?

Hello, Pre-sale, is it possible to add the social login like google


There is no default option to add the social login. In this issue, you need to hire someone else to customize the plugin.

Best Regards,

ThemeLooks Team

Can you please and confirm if this plugin will work with you login form, https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-social-login/ Thanks

In this issue, you have to integrate that plugin with our plugin to make compatible with our plugin.

Hello, a pre sales question,

Now for example when I press in the login button and I sign in, your plugin will show the logout button after I sign in, it same place of the login button Please advice

Hi There,

No, this plugin will not show the logout button at the same place after I sign in. However, we have listed this in our plugin update list. We will try to add this feature in our future update of the plugin.

Best Regards,

ThemeLooks Team

did your plugin also convert woocommerce checkout fields in material design format ?

No, our plugin not convert woo-commerce checkout fields in material design format.

Best Regards,,

ThemeLooks Team