Discussion on Plan - Flat Bootstrap Skin

Discussion on Plan - Flat Bootstrap Skin

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When is the Pending upgrade coming out that was spoken of 10 months ago friend ?

I cant get navbar dropdown work on galaxy tab. when I click the dropdown link nothing happens

This is due for an update to 3.3.4?


I purchase your skin recently for a website project. The navbar works great on the desktop for IE, Chrome, Firefox except for Safari. The hover or click doesn’t work. Do you have a fix for that?




Can this please be updated to Bootstrap 3.3.x? There are some bugs with modal operations in the current version…



Can this be updated to 3.3.1?

Thanks :)

Just purchased, had a quick question. I’m getting transitions in Firefox, such as the menu and button drop-downs, but not in Chrome.

Why is that?


Disregard this, it was something with the network I was on at the time, all is working fine in Chrome at home.

Sorry and Thanks!

Thanks for let me know!


Hi , i wanna purchase but will it be updated to 3.2?


Hi, yes, in the course of this week there will be an update for this and for my others bootstrap skin that are pending for upgrade.


Any chance of an update to 3.2?


Sure, all my skins will be updated asap. I’ll just wait this week, I want to see the advances of the milestone 3.2.1 before start doing changes. Please let me know if you are needing this update to fix something on your site.


I wan’t to make the carrot css the default for my website. how do i switch it?

Hi, you need to remove the default stylesheet (bootstrap.min.css) and then rename the file bootstrap.carrot.min.css to bootstrap.min.css.
You can do the same for the extra components. Remove the default plan.min.css and rename plan.carrot.min.css to plan.min.css.

The other solution is to point all your pages to the files with the carrot version.

Let me know if you find any problem,

hello, is that you have a form with datepicker? Regards

Hi, no, I don’t have one for this item but I’ve been using this plugin in others items work pretty fine.

Let me know if you have any other question,

Hi, thanks for share it. That’s a nice implementation. I’ll check it better in the future, currently I used FullCalendar in my item 47Admin which is pretty similar but with a different interface.



how can I do to reverse the menu for “Plan Flat bootstrap skin” is left and menu “Bootstrap Plan Extras, UI Kit, Color Swatches” is right?


ok, I did by putting a link but it was a lag! like this is great!

I have one question, how to put a logo image in the left menu, instead of “Plan Flat bootstrap skin”

it’s good for me, I found how!


Can I compile my own theme css file for the Plan skin strictly from the included less library ? or is everything from the pre made plan theme css files ( i.e.: plan.carrot.min.css) already included in the variables.less file and that compiles to a single bootstrap.css file and there is no need for this separate css file.



Hi, you can compile your custom skin from the LESS library. Each custom version (carrot, etc) is based on the LESS files. There are two main files to compile. plan.less (for the extra components) and bootstrap.less (for the standard), they compile to their respective css version including the rest of the LESS files.
Both files includes the variables.less so if you want to change, for instance, a color (and there’s a variable for that) you can edit that file an re-compile the entire skin.

Please let me know if you have more questions

Hi Better radio dont work after form validation.. We must clic a second time on label word just after clic on em for the option to be sent after form validation. Thanks in advance

... just after clic on em…

the option value was not sent after only one clic

corrected quickly and very friendly. Excellent support – Thank you very much


Love the designs, is it possible to create a class for panels to follow the colour css file chosen. I.e. currently wells change to match the colour scheme of the css file (amethyst etc) but could we have something like “panel-amethyst” or a css rule that follows the scheme colour?

Thanks heaps!

Hi, yes, it’s possible creating new classes for each theme. The simplest way is via less, for example
.panel-amethyst {
  .panel-variant(transparent, #fff, @theme-amethyst, transparent);
In case you don’t work with LESS you can send me a message and I’ll send you a css file to include only with the new panel styles



Has there been a addition to allow for styling of ‘Bootstrap Tags Input’ plugin?

I have added the plugin but the style has not come across of the other input fields as it overwrites them. I have made a work around for the time been but its a bit hacky and wondered if this would get included at any time?

Regards Chris

Hi, I can add it to the skin soon but to make the styles match the form you can include all styles from .form-control into .bootstrap-tagsinput or if you are using less, compile bootstrap with the following rule

.bootstrap-tagsinput {


thanks for the reply. Will give it a try.

Another quick question is how do you use the checkbox code as in the example UI elements … I have looked at the source and copied it but its not working for me. Is there something like the drop down to replace the original checkbox with jquery ?

Scratch that i figured it out. I was not init the planui.js

Anyone know how to re-implement UI selects, radios, checkboxes on ajax loaded forms?

All my form controls don’t match on the ajax loaded forms.




Hello hermano, Congratulations, the last update was very beautiful.

I am working to launch a virtual template for Shop with your product (Joomla + Opencart = Mijoshop).

That sounds great, feel free to share your work when you’re ready launch it!

I found this awesome script are using your theme:

It’s really good with full of kits. I’m planning to buy an extended license for my product too ;)

Thanks! And feel free to contact me again if you have any questions


Hello – Would there be an easy way to switch this to pre-compress with Sass vs. LESS? Thanks!

Hello, currently Bootstrap was ported to sass using a converter tool (a rake task), I didn’t try it yet but they are using it for the official port. Luckily after finish updating all my BS skins to the last version (3.1.0), I’ll start to port them to SASS versions. I can’t give ETA rigth now but will be asap.



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