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Hello. Unfortunately my support has expired. I updated the plugin and my onLoad function doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I’m trying to load canvas state through json and console.log inside the onLoad function does not run.


Can you open a new ticket via support tab please. Make sure to include the url, if you have it hosted online. Thanks!

Hi, rly like the script and want to buy it, however i noticed serveral bugs in the demo version:

1)if you click the menu fast 3 times everything freezes.

2)If you import from URL the crop funktion does not work

3)if you import from URL filters dont work, if you try to apply a filter the editor freezes.

So its currently basically not usable as an productive application. When will those bugs be fixxed?

I am thinking about buying anyways and disable the URL function. if i buy, would you point me in the right direction how to remove the open from URL form and only leave the upload form in there?

Kind regards Patrick


Regarding menu issue, it will be corrected with the next update.

As for loading image with url, that is due to browser security around canvas, if you load an image from a different domain some functionality will not work.

Pixie will work around this if you have PHP enabled on the server by first downloading image to your domain and then loading it from there.

Ok, sounds great! Hopefully the bug will get fixxed within the next month :)

bought it, regarding of having php the load from external URL has some bugs. but i just altered the form so only upload works.

I have a question.

The user after editing his pictures, pressing the SAVE BUTTON can download the picture back on his computer ?

I would add this editor on my site like a service if neede4d people before uploading to my site their picutrre they can retouch them using the online editor in case they dont have any desktop editor.



Yes, they can download the image on their computer (unless you disable this option via configuration).

Hi, it is possible to add options for change the brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, light, saturation and more?

Can you let me know where are the stickers? –

Yes, however we’ve no ETA for it yet.

As for colors, you would need to modify them via css.

I understand about css, I asked where? Which file?

At the end of assets/css/main.css file.

[Bugreport] When you select a square and change the color and deselect it the other sqaure also selects the color.

Ive tryed edge instead of chrome and it just hangs when i try to export any PNG or jpg… seems like there are way more issues with this product than i thought :/ With firefox on the other hand everything works fine. What are the issues that where fixxed in todays update?

It’s not an issue with pixie (see chrome bug for this below), but I’ll see if we can implement a workaround for this.

As for changelog, you can find it in the download from codecanyon.

Thank you for the fast calrification :)

I just hoped for the menu bug to befixxed :(

I have a question:

Is there any way to work with layouts like, for example?

I saw that it is possible to save a creation with Json to recover the creation at another opportunity. Is it possible to import Jsons to provide editable layouts?



Yes. You can see an example of it here:

Hi, looking to make an flyer editor for personal use.. this script seems to be all the right tool to accomplished this… would it be possible to add a templates with layers for each flyer and so when you click on example flyer 1 it will show flyer with all layer for you to edit.. i know custom work needs to be done but how possible is this with this script. Thank you!


It’s possible. You can find and example here: under saving and loading json.

Alright that is great… what about when clicking on the image to load a flyer background with the layers on top.. so it can be edited right from there. what will be the right direction to create that?

You can save and load anything create with pixie via the example in that url. It can be a flyer template or just a simple image with text.

Hi, changelog for this new update?


It’s included with the download from the codecanyon.


Is there any documentation available for this application?



Yes, offline documentation is included with the download.

You can also find some examples here:

Hi, Is it possible to open an internal image just with a simple url something like that: If not how to reload in the canvas an image from an internal folder? Thank you.

ok thank you

I noticed that we can’t save the image if pixie is opened in interactive mode, can you check please?

If this is on your own site, can you please create a new ticket via support tab, make sure to include your site url. Thanks!


I had trouble saving amazon s3 hosted images due to cross domain security issues (Tainted canvases may not be exported) even though i have enabled cors.

The problem is caused because servers, even if they have cors enabled, they don’t return the Access-Control-Allow-Origin headers if origin header is not sent. To fix this you need to set the crossOrigin attribute of the image before loading img.crossOrigin = “anonymous”.

After inspecting your code i found that when you load images with the fabric util (loadimage) you don’t pass the crossorigin parameter. For now i have edited the code of loadimage to always have crossOrigin, but a better solution should be used like a global setting and only for remote images.

Please consider fixing this on your next release.

Thank You


I’ll see if we can correct that for next update.

Also, if you have php on your server you should be able to load images from any domain as they will be downloaded first and then loaded from your domain.

Unfortunately we use python so we can’t use your launderer script. Is there any way i can define the launderer call path so that i can use my own script? If not that could be another fix for people not using php.

There’s no config option for it currently, but you can change it fairly easily by modifying pixie-integrate.js file and changing this line: “_pixie.getPath()+’launderer.php’”

Absolutely nice product! I was exited to see that you are delivering with the complete Angular sorce code. This is fantastic! As a novice coder, I can learn a lot from your implementation.

I have some aftersales questions that are not covered by your documentation:

1. I see that you are using fabric.js 1.5.0 – are you planning to update to the new Fabric.js 2? This would be very important for me.

2. Can you insert also images to the canvas? Did not found this function.

3. I suppose that you are creating the minifyed version of the script with Gulp. Since I am not familier with this: what would be the steps after I changed some functions in the Angular JS files to compile the scripts.min.js file?

4. Is there a “pan” feature on the zoomed canvas?


1. Yes. Fabric 2.0 is still in beta though.

2. You can insert images via “open” dialog in top menu, if that is what you mean.

3. You can recompile it with a task in included gulpfile.

4. Not currently, but you can scroll vertically and horizontally though.

“I try to make load json to the canvas. but could not, which part is wrong? help me” Help me, “help me: this my code.. please be fixed”

<textarea name=”” id=”isijson” style=”display: none” cols=”30” rows=”10”> {state adalah test”,fontSize} </textarea>

<script type="text/javascript">
                var id = $("#isijson").val();
                var editorStateJSON = fetchJSONfromServer(id); //fetch JSON we've received in above example from server or somewhere else.
var myPixie = Pixie.setOptions({
            onLoad: function(window, rootScope) {
                if (rootScope.history) {
                    rootScope.started = true;


See your ticket regarding this, also please don’t double post here and via support system, it will not speed up the response. Thank you!

Hi, are you doing to update the script soon? Any new features? thanks.


Yes, but we’ve no ETA for it yet unfortunately.


srozsa Purchased

Hey, I am having problems to create a ticket in your support system. I am doing something wrong here? Thanks!


What is the issue you are having specifically?


srozsa Purchased

The only way to create a ticket on my side is to select one of the FAQ answers and use “Have more questions? Submit a Request” – I would expexct to have tis function (create ticket) in the my tickets section… Not absoltely necessary but took a some time to realize how this is workung now :-)

That is by design. Mainly so users use the knowledbase before submitting a ticket.

We’ll add an option to show a link in “my tickets” page in next update though.


Before purchasing, I would like to know if the application is flexible enough to allow for the following on uploaded images:

-bleed guides -trim marks -maximum face size guides for passport photos


You would need to implement that functionality yourself.

Is there any integration with Facebook? example: Send or Share Buttons


There’s no such integration yet unfortunately.

Any information on the Angular4 ETA?


Most likely at the end of this month or early next month.

Thanks, for your answer, hope the end of the month ETA still stand? Very excited about this and waiting for the update before implementation on my project.


Vebto Author

Unfortunately not. The rewrite has taken longer then expected, so it will be available only next month most likely.

Hello , can I pre-configure different basic format before creating the image? Indeed I would like to use this module to send print orders on fabric. Do you think that is possible ? Thanks for help


Vebto Author


Not sure I understand your question, can you clarify a bit please?