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Hello is there a way to integrate this script in to a gravity form? to replace the regular image upload field ?


Yes, but it would most likely require some custom modifications to gravity forms or pixie.

Hi, Does the script contain a language file? I ask as I would wish to translate the script into a language other than English. And it would in that case also be a lot easier for me to later both copy and add to my done translation within any new language file that would be included within any future upgrade of the script. Thank you kindly for you time and consideration :-)


It does not contain a language file at the moment unfortunately, so you’d need to translate index.html file directly.

I just picked this up and was hoping it would be real easy to add just a default image to edit when pixe started up without displaying the open/upload dialog. I just want to be able to add some code to the index.html page so that when the page is opened it automatically loads a default image from a specified url hard coded to the file.

I added the code:

<script> var myPixie = Pixie.setOptions({{ url: 'HTTP://' }); }); </script>

At the bottom of the index page and it did not change anything. Could you tell me how I could do this the easiest way possible. I just want the editor to start with the image that I hardcode to the index file. If I have to do it another way could you provide an example.


That example should work. Can you please send me your site url via support tab if you have it hosted online somewhere so I can take a look.

I am downloading the update. One thing that might be helpful to you (and others, like me), in order to get this to work under https I had to go in and modify it. It would be nice if there was a separate stylesheet for https or something so it wouldn’t be confusing to deploy. Basically fonts and things like that fail under https.

The fonts do not load with https on the latest update. I had to modify the javascript references to in the main Javascript file. It was not as much work as the previous update.

I am familiar with the HTML canvas and a software developer.

Are these gradients programmed? It would be very useful to have a dialog to create them. There are examples online. Google for ‘CSS3 gradient generator’.

I know how to convert fonts to WOFF and other formats and I know how to reference them in CSS. Any notes on where to begin?

Also, I have noticed, when there is less horizontal space, the menu on the left ‘minimizes’ to an arrow. I like this. It would be nice to be able to minimize even when running full screen.

And I have also noticed that the layers dialog is upside down. In almost all graphics programs (Photoshop, Paint.NET, Gimp) the layers in the front are on top and the layers on the bottom are in the back.

There is some kind of glitch where after using the left menu a lot the UI becomes unresponsive (I use latest Chrome).

Also I would like to remove / replace stickers. Where can I do this?

My mistake, we actually left google fonts url as ‘http’ because when using ’//’ it does not work locally and it’s a very small change to make it work with https properly.

Regarding gradients, we use fabric.js so you might want to look into their documentation on gradients.

As for fonts, google fonts are used currently, so integrating custom ones from files is not that easy to explain unfortunately.

You can find stickers configuration file in main pixie folder (config.json)

Also, can you please send future supports requests via support tab, it’s easier for us to answer that way, thanks!


Is this responsive for use with mobile phones etc? It’s hard to tell with the demo.

Also, is it possible to set a fixed width / height which cannot be changed?


It might work with mobile, but it’s intended work desktop as mobile browsers don’t have good support for html canvas yet unfortunately.

As for fixed size, it’s possible, but might require some custom modifications.

What if I want to edit photos from a url eg without having to select an image first? thanks

is this possible?

and what if I want to save the results to a server with PHP editing what is allowed?


You can open image from url via ‘open’ menu or javascript API.

You can see an example with PHP here

Good morning, I have a problem when I save in JSON format and I charge again the texts lose the font family and they look all the same not like I had created it, not if I could solve this problem or tell me how I solve it.


That issue should be corrected in the next update!

Hello, do I get it right that I will be able to use this for my project? The project is based on photo editing. So I am not going to bill for this service, but I am going to bill for the end product (manipulated printed photo). So, regular license fits in this case right? Also, what about my own additions to this script? Am I possible to custom code and than still be eligible for the support of the purchase? Thanks.


You will need extended license if you will charge users for using pixie.

If you use pixie yourself and sell resulting photo, you don’t need extended license.

As for modifications, yes, you can modify it as you see fit and still receive support (related to pixie itself only though and not custom modifications).

How easy is to add new stickers and new sticker types ( i mean like beach,animals, new_one) ? You have documentation for the following ?


Vebto Author


It’s very easy, there’s a simple configuration file where you can add custom stickers or remove existing ones.