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Hi I like your this script and I will purchase it but firstly I want to ask you something about it.

I want to learn if it is possible to make pointers interactive with texts ?

For example: I pointed Madrid and Barcelona on the map and I want to use Madrid and Barcelona words in sentence after then pointer will become visible when guest mouseover them.

I hope you understand whatever I said because I’m not so good at speak and write in English :)

Whatever features you see in the various examples I showcase on the site is what my file can do. It sounds like what you are requesting would take some additional coding on your end. Thanks for looking.

Hi. Great item :) I need this separated by continents and it should also be clickable. e.g. When I hover ASIA it should glow up and when I click, it should fire up a click event so I can use it for Continent/Region selection in my website.

Is it possible? and if yes, how much does it cost me for you to implement this? Thanks :) you can contact me here: sallar.kaboli at

Thanks for looking. It doesn’t sound like this item is the right fit for you. Would almost have to rewrite the code to do that.

I want to replace the map with my own image. How do I do that?

If you want to map out a new image with dots you have to replace the coordinates in the code.

Hi! Just purchase it and working great. I would like to know if it´s possible to assign a different color to a specific point. For instance I have c_hotPoint: ”#ff0000” for the hotPoint. I´m trying to add a class to the “li” but no luck…any idea?

Thank you, terrific product.

Are you just trying to change one specific hotpoint or all. I’d read the documentation. It has been a long time since I coded this. You cannot manipulate the colors in the DOM (

  • ) as it uses that information and then redraws it in canvas.
  • Hello

    I’m looking for a pixel map that will allow me to create countries in different colour.. For example I would like to have the USA in red and the France n blue. When we click on one of the red pixel a PDF opens. Same things regarding blue pixels.

    Is it possible to do it with your map?

    If not, is it possible for you to create it? And what will be your price?


    hey. my map does not do this “out of the box” and I currently don’t have any time to take on freelance work. Thanks for looking and writing me.

    maybe would be good for a milliondollarpixelsite. buy pixel, roll over publish banner

    Hello! Great work, I was wondering if it is possible to install this into a website with a wordpress admin?

    Thank You

    You can probably do it if you are knowledgeable enough to edit wordpress code, but there is not support to do it as a plugin at all or edit it in the admin. Thanks.

    is there a limit to how many pointers I can add?

    The dots on the map are a fixed amount/pattern, but you should be able to make any of them clickable. It has been a while since I coded this so please ask me more questions if this isn’t clear.

    Hi! Is it possible to use other maps?

    The dots that I provide are the only set that is included. You can create your own, but it would be very difficult and time consuming on your part.


    I would like to change the pointclick method. Instead of I would open a popup using bpopup library. So I place the following in the HTML page (according to bpopup instuctions): X and the following in pointclick: $(’#popup’).bPopup({ contentContainer:’.content’, loadUrl:’', //Uses jQuery.load() opacity: ‘0.5’ }); It works fine with most of the browsers (including IE 10, 11) except IE8 and IE7. If I place this code into the HTML istead of pointclick, it works with IE8 also. How can I call a method (e.g. bPopup()) on another div (e.g. id=bpopup) from your code (inside pointclick method)?

    Thanks in advance.

    Is your pop up supported in ie8 and ie7? I don’t think my program supports ie7

    Hi, Everything is OK with your script (and bPopup as well).The used version of JQuery has a problem with proper handling of which property of mousedown event on MSEI 8. I found a work around for this. Many thanks,

    Great thanks.

    Hello, great code!
    it´s possible to use in wordpress?

    I don’t have it set up as a Wordpress plugin.

    can we move point from one location to other point location rather than blinking?

    Points are static