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Can you make script like prnt sc ?


No ,i was think on this http://prnt.sc/dt81x2 That file must be downloaded by users,and then is activated somewhere on keyboard to select what you want to catch and save to computer. And that can be implemented in live website which already work. Can you do that separately like customization?

I think you are talk about browser addon, aren’t you ? and we do not plan to develop it right now.

Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale. :)

Thx @digitalcenturysf

good work, very nice :)


Great work. Can i check are any 3rd party Api’s or SDK’s used or is this fully self hosted and contained?

Thx for the comment.

No API or 3rd party required. It’s fully self hosted. You need permission for some configuration to your host/vps/server.

The documentation will be show you how to setup it.

is there an admin panel for settings?

No admin panel. This is just screenshot. You can custom for resize, crop and image watermark.

“You need permission for some configuration to your host/vps/server”

Please tell which configuration required to use this script?

If you have root permission in your server/vps, it should be ok. Our documentation will be explain step tlby step how to config it.

may give me document to setup this? or tell me which software used?

You will get full of documentation if you buy this item. Thx.

Excellent job


Hi which Codeigniter versions are supported?

Hi, we use latest codeigniter. But it will work fine to all CI version even in native PHP because it’s just like plugin.

Does this script include an API endpoint in order to generate thumbnails programmatically?

It’s not an API, but a function. You can use it function to generate thumbnail like a live preview. Thx.

Issue after uploading I try to screenshot a page and nothing, after reloading it shows the link with a black picture.

Hi, solved by email. Thx.

Hi Otakita!

On shared server, this does not work.

Do you have a solution to offer me?

Hi, thx for purchasing our item.

You can use low budget vps like digitalocean. Thx.


I think you must specify that a VPN server must imperatively operate your script and not say it after purchase!


My apologies, actually i have mention it on description (see caution section).

Or if you want, i will guide you to setup it on your local PC first. Thank you.

Hi, I am not able to run it on my localhost with xampp server could you help?

Please send us your case to contact@otakita.com. Thank you.

Can I integrate it with my script? I am running a web directory. So when user done submitting their blog, it will automatically get the screenshot.

Of course. You only need their blog url and it will work like magic. Thx.

I need to grab a full post from a web page.. However it grabs only what we see .. How can I grab the rest of the page ?


In demo mode, width and height will be lock in 1000px x 2000px. You can free change the size in full version. Thx.

I am very much interested in purchasing this app. Would I need to purchase some special hosting account or this app can run on any hosting? There’e no prior documentation telling me about the prerequisites.

Hi.. you can use vps that you have access to install something like nodejs.. lowest spec of vps will be ok because the app is very light. The full documentation is ready after purchase.



nvtien Purchased

hello, just install and see it not work, my site: https://www.webscreenshot.me/ Please check and help me, thx and sorry my bad english

Hi, i already replied your email. Sorry for late reply. Thx.

hi, I have send you a private message, so my questen is: if your script dont work as I send you a video. can you give me refund? I need your script only for that futures what I ask for. Thanks

Hi, sory for late reply. I already watch your video. It’s should be possible, but you need little modification to use only the engine screenshot.

If you can do it as a programmer, it will be easy. If not, i not recommend to buy this item. thx.

Hi, how much do you charge to help me to do it? Thanks

Hi, i’m very sorry.. little busy a couple of months. Thx.

Presale: is it possible for the user to download and save to computer the screenshot? A download button maybe?

2/ is it possible to use Screenshot Own Active Page + Watermark

Hi, thx for purchased the item,

1. Yes of course, just create a url link(button) to the origin image screenshot location 2. Yes, basically you can create screenshot based on url, If you want to screenshot your active page, just get the url link your active page. *note: you can’t screenshot page with authentication like login page.

Oh please give best rate if you like the item. thx.

before purchase question ,there are tools to print the same text font, the arrows on the screenshot? and most importantly what are the hosting requirements?

Hi, you can test your case with sample of url that you want to test. The result is show the same with what you will get if buy this item.

For the hosting, you need to have root access. The documentation will guide you what is needed to run the system.

Thx for purchasing.