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Good luck with selling! :)

Thank you very much

hi, next update Vector (eps) save ?

I’ll try to figure out with the creation in eps file

Unfortunately it relies on Google API to create QR codes. I wish to see a FULL standalone script that does not rely on any third party.

Does the Cyrillic script?

Привет. В скрипте есть файл в котором можно перевести все переменные и тексты скрипта.

I like your script

But I need to generate QR by calling an “url with parameters”

Does your script have this feature ?

Something like that so I can play with

Like a small simple api

This will really empower your script

I now think about your offer, stay in touch

We cannot generate Vcard

Hi, great script! Have some questions; the ip in the index.php file should be set to my own server I guess? How to use localisation; I want to keep english and add another language if possible. Thanks

Hey. IP refers to the index.php to my demo site, you can igonor it. to make another language you have to duplicate localization.php file to do the translation. On the page to make a simple selection of the desired translation.If you do not succeed, contact me, I can make this work for a fee.

and another question; is it also possible to create a barcode? I mean the old-school basic barcode :-)

Yes it is possible

Could you please tell me what is the QR type “Content” is used for? I don’t get it..

what is the difference between the sms and mms option? They seem to be identical.

they are different


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Гдето видел ответ порусски, так что буду писать по-русски. А как сделать чтобы страницы открывались без параметра ”?” ? Хочется нормальные ссылки. И сколько будет стоить добавить туда кнопки вконтакта и оплаты через яндекс? Как яндекс добавить я расскажу


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В еще, там в верстке надо поправить, в меню.пхп

a class="navbar-brand" href="?home">   <?php echo $_SET['script_name'];?> нет закрывающего тега ссылки

Разъезжается на мобильной версии


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Почему-то не работает каждая 4ая кнопка. Закладки, почта, смс, урл

свежая установка –

Hello, Can we add custom logo in the middle?