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fmarano Purchased

the confirmation email doesn’t work. the url of the web site is etnomediateca.unibas.it but my email is firstname.lastname@unibas.it. It is a problem?


fmarano Purchased

what is your email?

ateeq (@) webfulcreations.com


fmarano Purchased


This is what i want… but can i rename User Levels subscriber and teachers to like silver and golden user or anything else..:)

subscriber, and admin are default user levels , but you can rename subscriber, or leave subscriber as it is. and going to user levels add new levels like, Teacher, Gold, Silver and as many as you need. Then copy subscriber.php rename it to your desired filename, on its 2nd line user_authenticate(‘subscriber’) << change t oyour user level name. that’s it

how to auto sent email to inbox the recipient when ex : subscribe create/sent message in form ? thanks.

in Folder includes/ file messageprocess.php that file process single message, messaeg to all, message to user level, and reply to … in whatever message you want to include your signature, before its echo $messag concatinate your signature to message like

$message = $message_obj->message_all($subject, $message);

//New Code
$signature = '<br /><br /><strong>Company</strong>';
$signature .= '<strong>Your Name</strong>';

$message = $message.$signature;
//New Code Ends

echo $message;


Okay i try but still can’t insert signature in inbox email.

this my code : http://pastebin.com/3XNkDAby

please help.


Move your Code before this line

$message = $message_obj->message_all($subject, $message);

how to auto sent email to inbox the recipient when ex : subscribe create/sent message in form ? thanks.

Email notification Goes to each receiver unless they deactivate Email notifications from their Profile

how limit view to pagination on messages pages ?

On Messaegs Page there are 10 Message per page limit, on single message, there is whole thread of messages.

Hi just purchased was looking at your PHP Project Management System which was what i preferred but seemed Little more work was done but noticed this interface way superior so before i reinvent the wheel and disassemble your code and start writing can Both be integrated together are tables same? How I will be using your script is on a existing company that has a few workers scattered across a few countries so there weekly tasks can be issued for the sake of talking project will equal Task company=Users in that work zone Project Plan:= Task Project Updates: = Task update Todo lists: = tasks needed to be done Project Files: =Task files Project Notes:= task notes So is this possible to blend the two Im fine coding but not aware of the table structure on PHP Project Management System and if same

other little things multiple subscription to different user levels do you have a segment to do that? and profile photo upload permissions are right still not getting there is it a blob or sent to the upload folder? (folder permissions are right)


Oh do you want the fix that saves you photo with out having to crop it first?

Hey plesae Email me, From my proffile, i will send you PHP project Management Script, if you want to use that, just buy one more license of Login Script else its okay thanks. and Crop is so people dont save very big pictures. If you fixed it that’s great Else leave me a message i will get you answer in 24 hours. from my profile messages thanks

no problem sent you a email thanks

Hi Wanderingdrew ,

Please help for the following for example


to only:


because the user can reply message from a particular id which is not hers with add or subtract thread_id e.g. from 116 to 1164 or to 11.

Sorry my English is not good

Hi Support is not able to help you with additional functionality and customization in Script for that you have to update script yourself or by anyone you hire thanks.

The instructions say … Please go to http://facebook.com/developers/ Register new app add your website url to its Web URL make your app live. And get your API key from dashboard

But there is no API key just APP ID and secret key

plus The right top menu in the ADMIN Dashboard does not work in Chrome

To fix right top menu in Chrome please add this CSS in your folder css/style.css file,

.dropdown-menu { z-index:9999999 !important; }

For FB API issue kindly send your logins through my profile so i can check thanks.

Hello, I”ve bought the script but I have a issue.. When I’ve created a second user and try to log in on the dashboard with him, I always get a to many redirects error on my browser… Can you please help me? Kind regards

Message me through my profile with all login details.

Seems that i can fix it. I changed this (functions.php: 102) HEADER ;// send new header

For this

if (headers_sent()) { // headers sent don’t try to send again } else { HEADER ;// send new header }

And it works!... by the moment! XD. Thank You


cobrax Purchased

i have a presale queastion is this system integratable with bootstrap? becouse my website project is with bootstrap, i wil buy this becouse there are not much simple user systems with a private message system.

Yes this is in bootstrap


cobrax Purchased

ok thanks man I wil buy in few hours


cobrax Purchased

hi man, i bought this script now. i like it but i have some issues that wil not work. i want the index page as the first page you see and i want to add a nav bat that adds the following:

if not login (login) if logged in see you username and profile option if logged in see private message icon ass shown in dashbord and logout button

but everithing i trie i get a non working what do i need to add to get that working? thanks

Hi, Please check in header.php for ways how i have included different files for loged in Users and non loged in users, Also read documentation to see how to know if someone is loged in or not, then you can make two top navigations, in different files and include them by applying conditions, you can check files, like loged in user admin, file, and loge in user file and non loged in user file so you can have idea.

for Redirect page after login, kindly go to admin account General Settings and set redirect page after login. thanks

Can I use this script on a server with PHP 7 und MySQL 5.7?

Yes this is updated script works well in this Enviornment .


alem01 Purchased

I bought your template. how is it possible to work the email notification? Im using xampp.


alem01 Purchased

Its working now. I configure the php.ini :)