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Extremly poor sql design from start. Installation was a real hell since it keept complaining on default values for tables.. The demo available is great, hence why I bought it, but i’m leaning on towards a refund because this is supposed to be an out of the box solution, not a “fix it yourself” script.

Tsk tsk tsk…

Yeah, def. issue with the installer file, or a miss made since the Data of birth field is not mandatory, leave it blank = error. Enter wrong format = error. Do you have a place where you can post bugs etc for tracking like github or bugzilla? I want to help with troubleshooting.

Top right menu doesn’t work. Click on it and drop down comes down, but nothing happens when you choose for instance “Edit profile” or “messages”. Left menu works. Firefox mozzila

Hi there can be server configuration problem. Or PHP version problem the recent updated version of script installs very well.

Please send me your server logins here >> https://api.envato.com/authorization?response_type=code&client_id=webful-creations-support-ovlqid9e&redirect_uri=https://www.webfulcreations.com/members/envato_api.php

or send me private message here: i will install script for you. https://codecanyon.net/user/webfulcreations#contact

I will also check the dropdown issue

Hi, looks great. Is-it possible to send email with SMTP ?

Hi there is a function inside functions.php file which you can edit and use SMTP PHPMailer class inside that function you should know how to use php mailer class, so just catch arguments function send_mail receiving and send them through SMTP instead of php mail function thanks.

Where is the settings for restricting user.php by group? I created a moderator group that should have access to users.php but only list, however it refuses to load any users. I tried looking at the .php files like functions but I couldn’t really pinpoint the location.

Thats nice, i recommend you to create another function let’s say list_levelname_users($user_type) << and grant access to your desired level. Thsi way you can stop them to edit users, and delete users. Else the priviliges admin have on users other user type will also have.

yep, that’s what I did. Also, I found some more bugs. The Action buttons are blank. To fix I had to open the classes/users.php find button and add a text right before </button>

Now when I’ve poked around a bit in the system and managed to fix some stuff I have to say that I’m very satisfied sofar :) will update my review later, just trying to get rid of some annoying bugs.

Yeah this system is written in pure PHP which is wonderful to learn php and make your script onward. :)


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Not fully responsive…. its ok but needs work on the buyers part..so if you buy it prepare to work on it…

Hi if you have any issue please contact us thanks. https://www.webfulcreations.com/support/


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Hi, why getting Field ‘gender’ doesn’t have a default value in new update please help me


mkkhan Purchased

Hello, i deleted old site and installing the new downloaded script from fresh and i am using php 7.0 latest updates you have uploaded wrong not working script please check that once

Please update your support i cannot provide you any support thanks.


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Hi friend, sorry for my english … I’m using google translator … rs rs I created a database on my server and uploaded the script in a “newlearning” folder, while installing it gave the following failure: ...... includes / functions.php on line 40 Can you help me with what I’m missing in execution? hugs!


Benegas Purchased

What is the login and password?


Benegas Purchased

Fatal error: Call to undefined function password_hash() in XXXXX/classes/users.php on line 87

No problem good luck! if you face further problems please open a support request thanks here >> https://www.webfulcreations.com/support/


Benegas Purchased

Adding new user: Fatal error: Call to undefined function password_hash() in XXXXX/classes/users.php on line 87


Benegas Purchased

A thousand apologies!!! Really total lack of attention lack !! Lower PHP ….. I did change to version correct and it worked everything perfectly !! I apologize again for my lack of attention. Thank you!

No problem good luck! if you face further problems please open a support request thanks here >> https://www.webfulcreations.com/support/


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Hello, I have the same problem as the user “RDB2013” who posted the message 5 months ago. In fact, the user who registers receives the email, but only contains ”: username” and that’s it. I looked in the source code of the email and you can see the activation code and all the rest of the email. Why the complete email is not displayed. The same is true even if one tries to make a password recovery. Please can I have help? Otherwise I’m stuck with my job … I can not put the login system in public. I emailed you all the data to log in as Admin and try to register. If you have already solved the problem for the user “RDB2013” please tell me how I have to do, thanks

Can I have information about my problem? When is the update that solves the problem of email? Thank you

Hey please note the issue you raised is being worked on and we will release an update and reply your ticket as well. Updates takes some time thanks we are trying our best to release update asap.

No more importance, I bought new software. I do not ask for a refund, but I will often come here to comment on what has happened. My problem is the same problem as the “RDB2013” user who posted the message 5 months ago. I think he solved the problem by himself, without your help.

Will this work on php 7.1.1

Yes our Live demo is running on PHP 7.0 So it will work just fine on php 7.1.1 thanks.

Hi there!

I’ve purchased this script by accident 2 hours ago! I’m so sorry!! the page was open with another script :(

Please refund my account :(

Again, I’m so sorry for all the hassle, it was open and accidentally I’ve downloaded it…Only now I realized it is the wrong one :(

Thank you in advance for understanding


Please open a refund request and we will see if your case is valid to give you refund thanks.

Any plan of adding premium membership and payment with paypal?

Hi, one presale question, we need private messages beetwen admin and users with archive messages , do you have that options in your script ? Thanks in advance

Good luck! After buy if you have further questions you can open a support ticket https://www.webfulcreations.com/support/

Hi webfulcreations, our client just bought your script and we installed them in our production server , everything is ok, exept that register form not showing hint to check the email in order to verify email and user only get the blank email with their username, there’s no link to verify account. Also , 3 buttons in admin section besides each user are little messed up , it seems that some css not loaded, but that’s the small problem , can you just check and register to our productions server at http://ninaco.co.rs/marko/user/pm/register.php , thanks

Hi you can request your client to open a support ticket here >> https://www.webfulcreations.com/support/ Thanks.


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Hello, I purchased the script, today. Installation fails… The database tables are created well. But trying to create the admin does not work. After filling all data and going to setup the admin quits with: “Field ‘gender’ doesn’t have a default value” Same happens when trying to register (new user).

No user data are stored in the table ‘users’.

What’s going wrong here?

Thanks in advance, Thomas

Something could went wrong during the installation. Please open your database from PHPmyAdmin and delete all tables from the database you have created for script, just select all and drop them.

And run installation again. If problem remain same Please send your logins to phpMyadmin and your script installation location by opening a ticket here >> https://www.webfulcreations.com/support/ thanks