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caper58 Purchased

I installed script…. when I run it, I get… Unknown column ‘email’ in ‘where clause’ .... any ideas?

Hi, Please tell me which php version are you using? also Are you on Xampp or Wamp if you are in localhost?

If you are facing issues for installing the script i can help you install it thanks.


caper58 Purchased

I found the problem…. table ‘user’ already existed in my database so it was not created (with the correct columns) when your install script ran. I have emailed you a more detailed message.

I am up and running now, this script has saved me a lot of coding time, Thanks !!!

That’s great! Good luck for your project.

Facebook Login no longer works. Requires an App Secret and App ID, the script only allows for an “API KEY”

Hi your Support Period is Expired, to get support kindly renew your support thanks.

I was going to purchase until I read:

Facebook Login no longer works. Requires an App Secret and App ID, the script only allows for an “API KEY”

Hi your Support Period is Expired, to get support kindly renew your support thanks

Last Update 13 April 16

Regular License: Future updates

It’s not a support issue but a script update issue. Buyer beware!

Support Period is 6 Months after you purchase the script, and if you need more support after 6 months you need to renew your support period these rules are set by Envato not me.

If something is not working and you buy script we will help you to resolve the issue thanks.


pharill Purchased

Wow! I’ve been looking all day for a user manager with “announcements” I just found yours and I’m interested. Just wondering though, would you please consider a newer Editor? one that gives the ability for admin to upload images (not url)? Please consider this.

Have a nice weekend take some rest

You enjoy “your” weekend. It’s hard for us to rest when there is work to do and authors are not responding in a timely manner for their items. But, yes, make sure you get your rest. I’ll be up trying to get your software to working for me

Good luck for your project.

You are one, of the very rare software developers on this site, who cares enough to pre-populate the admin and password login information, as you have done for your live preview page and so, if your script is fully operational (Facebook update), with the admin email notification added, I will purchase a license. If support is needed, just after purchase, because the script is not fully functional to begin with, I will not be happy, because my time is valuable to me.

Hi Thanks for interest in the product, you can visit the script later week and i hope you will find the update thanks… If you buy script, and when i release an update you will get an update email notification from Envato, which will insure you that script have been updated, So you can install once the update is released which should not take more than 1 week thanks.

I’m unable to test if links work in Announcements I get (Feature Not available in Demo!)

Would the following links work in Announcements?: dovend.com/1 dovend.com/1.qr


or would it have to be in the form?:

http://dovend.com/1 http://dovend.com/1.qr

or as html code

I’m still interested in your script, are you still planning/working on the update? Thanks”>

Thanks for reaching us!

Update is planned but is not being worked right now, we are busy in other projects.

You can Post links, but for that you would need to disable, or update the Editor , the editor right now does not accept links, so if you disable editor which is very easy. I can help you to disable for time being,

And then textarea will appear where you can post HTML or direct links thanks.

does this template protect entire directories by setting up the htaccess and htpasswd files in the root or does it protect one page at a time and you have to manually insert a line of code to each page that the admin wants protected?

I just spoke to one of your colleagues offering a similar program and he does not know what an HTML page is and if true, he has no business selling this kind of software on Envato. PHP is a modifier script and operates on HTML pages and the manner the server operating system renders the HTML pages. PHP is a compact programming language files, I am not an expert on the format but it is similar to cgi script to perl and C++. HTML pages are the primary programming format that inserts images and graphics into your browser, so for your php script to work at some point it has to interface with HTML pages.

What is loaded in html , or javaScript, or CSS files is in browser and cannot be hidden anyone can see that.

PHP is server side scripting language, means if someone request a page like teachers.php which is a secure page, the request will go to server and server will verify if the user is loged in or not, and return response accordingly.

So you cannot secure html files, you have to convert them into .php format, they will function same as they are functioning now for you but their extension will be .php and 3 lines of code to secure that page you will need to add.

the way for .htaccess you are asking to secure your files, is a different thing that is not related to user management system, that is you add some code in .htaccess file for whole directory then anyone trying to access any file of that directory a popup asking username and password will be asked and they will get access to see everything in that directory.

Here you can read more about it: https://www.addedbytes.com/blog/code/password-protect-a-directory-with-htaccess/

or search internet secure directory with .htaccess

Let’s say you already have a file customers.html for Customers, Now you want to secure this file to only accessible by loged in users

Here are the steps you will follow, The script you will buy will be installed in same site or directory let’s say inside /admin/ directory and one directory back you have customers.html which you want to secure, now change customers.html to customers.php almost all servers support php, and edit file put the code of 3 lines in top of your file,

Your file is secure and can only be accessed by loged in users, and if anyone try to access directly will be redirected to login page or any other page you specify in admin panel thanks.

Hi Refeeq,

I have just renew my support licence for the next 6 months. I receive this error (Field ‘gender’ doesn’t have a default value) How do i fix this?


Thomas Lowene

Send you update of Script via your Email thanks.


I’m a user of your script

Is there a simple way to make the menu on the side with multiple levels like :

- item1 > sub item 1 > sub item 2 - item 2 - item 3

Sub items may appears on hover or click of the main part of the menu

Thanks a lot Mathieu

Hi Do you know how to use the Accordion in Bootstrap? You can implement that as Menu else you have to add some CSS to make the items as per your needs. You can message me here to get a quote if you want us to make this customization for you. https://themeforest.net/user/webfulcreations#contact

Pre buying question: i need to start a wordpress site with memberships. is it possible to assign a number id from 0 to 1000 one number to each member? instead of username. Thanks!!

When a new user is registered they get a unique User id from database as well. But the sign in process works with email and username, You have to customize it to get sign in through userid.

hello, I have purchased the software, but the top bar logout link is not working, what should I do?

Please email me here i will send you updated CSS file which will solve the problem thanks. https://themeforest.net/user/webfulcreations#contact

the links on the sidebar not working, general settings, logout,message, and all and I noticed that on the demo before purchasing, but I thought it will not happenwhen I make purchase, please get back to me soon.

Please email me here i will send you updated CSS file which will solve the problem thanks. https://themeforest.net/user/webfulcreations#contact