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i want to buy this script but i have question, is it possible for me to use the members on my existing site as members on this script, so that when they are signed up to my site, they dont need to sign up on this script and when logged in there, they are also logged in here

You need to develop a special link and members on your site with the item Can I see your site?

hello, will a version PHP 7.0 exist?

When arrives the new version?

We are working on the new version 3.5 now

ok thank’s your script is very good !!!! +++++++


DXPRO Purchased

Can I leave some suggestions?

It would be very good a forum area for members to exchange information with options of them also create their publications in the categories created by the admin, being moderate, because in the current version the administrator will be overloaded having to publish everything by himself!


DXPRO Purchased

I downloaded the file, but apparently it’s the same, is this already version 3.5?

I apologized because of the holiday, the feast Use version as it is version 2.8 is not version 3.5


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Hello, when are you going to bring a new update?


kerrod Purchased

Are there still plans to add a ticket system and is there a roadmap to when this will be available?


Tickets will be available in the next version

Hello, On what date the new version will be available?

Hi, In mega session, it is possible to make a control with userid instead of the IP ? Because my server uses proxy and we have all the same IP


Hi, djbenjx

Please wait for the new version 3.5 will be a whole new system.

Ok good. Do you have a date for the new version please ?

There will be always a possibility to have members?


Question before purchase

1) Do you intend to add Bootstrap 4?

2) Our potential customers can reach us by e-mail or by using the contact form. We can respond to emails and our customers will receive immediate answers. Your plugin regularly lists an external POP3 / IMAP account, retrieves e-mail and turns it into tickets?

I would like to know if your plugin retrieves emails and turns them into tickets?

3) compatible PHP 7?

4) Do you intend to add Google Authenticator

5) Can we have a demo? the demo does not work

Thank you

Many customers do not like registration to submit a ticket. Is it possible for users to submit a ticket as guests? In other words, is it possible to make registration optional? This means that the customer is automatically registered after submitting a ticket and a progress link is sent to them?