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Can create user and each user access only their own created records to view/edit/delete?


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You can create users profiles, choose []full/restricted/no] [read/create-update/delete] rights for each table & profile individually, and add a query for restricted rights like “WHERE table.users = ” . $user_id

The restricted tables must of course have a user_id foreign key

Hello, nice script! Is it possible to add information and then generate graphs in the form of a Power BI?


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All is possible, there’s no restriction, but you’ll need to customize with your own code.

The structure & files are well-organized, the code is clean with PHP Classes to generate objects & templates to render.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,



Hi Migli, this is an amazing product, congrats. My question is in relation to the generated admin panel. Please, is there a license restriction on how many can be generated ( generated panel running in a different domain than the generator, for example ) and if not, what is the recommended way to extract the generated panel ( ex: zipping the admin/ folder, re-setting includes .. unless I missed an entire chapter, I couldn’t find it in the documentation ). many thanks ! Sergio

ps: I fixed the mentioned problem by inserting 4 records in the user_profiles table ( read 2,update 2,create 2 and constraint null).... seems to be ok now, but is there another place that I need to address ? thanks!


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You did well, you can add the fields manually in your user_profiles table and it’s fine, no need to reinstall.

The “official” procedure is first to disable the auth. module, once it’s disabled you can uninstall it (a new “uninstall” link appears in the dropdown), & reinstall.

But it does nothing more than what you did, and I do the same when I add a new table.

I tried to make all features as flexible as possible (when you build your CRUD you can always easily edit your lists & forms if your db has changed or if you just want to rebuild in a different way) but it would require more work to allow adding tables in the users_profiles list. I may add this in a future release.

Migli, one extra thing I had to do was to re-generate the forms for the users table ( because of the field password ). It’s working great now. Your system is very flexible and kudos for that ! thanks.

Hi Migli, I think I’m interested with your CRUD generator but i have a few questions:

1. If i bought PHPCG, can i also use it as your PHPFORMGENERATOR script since this PHPCG has the phpform generator package already built in right?? Like if I have phpcg, i dont need the other product right?

2. My project involves several domains (t’s actually for my business where i have different domains for different parts of the web application i built.) I understand the Regular license is for 1 project, does that mean 1 domain? A want a framework that I can use it on all my domains

Hi BrownChiLD,

  1. PHP Form Builder is included, you can use it on your project just like if you bought it when you buy PHPCG. The current included PHP Form Builder version is 3.6.2, which is not the very latest. I’ll upgrade someday but I need time to do it.
  2. 1 license = 1 domain. It allows 2 installations: 1 for localhost & the other for production server. You can use it on any subdomain without restriction.

You’re welcome

Hi Migli, quick question, PHPPCG when first unzipped creates a directory php-crud-generator/ and places all the files and subfolders within it. According to the documentation everything under it is all that is needed, but when I move the files to the actual root, it goes nuts. Is it not possible to unzip the original package, move all files and folders up one directory ( so ‘php-crud-generator’ ) and run the generator off it ? In my context it really needs to be in the root ( no top php-crud-generator/ parent directory ) ... Not that I don’t like the name ‘php-crud-generator/’ but this is due to production policies. Thanks!