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gogamoto Purchased

Hi again,

I feel sorry to bother you so many times.

the timezone now work perfectly fine.

I almost finished my table creation and the only problem I noticed is that I can’t delete any record. it shows me an error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’<’ in /home3/gogamoto/ on line 25

I tried to figure out by myself but could not find anything helpful in that file, on line 25.

Can you please help me to resolve this problem?

Thank you in advance.


I need to see what’s wrong in your appointmentscanada-delete.php Please can you send me this file? Or even better, send me your ftp access & url



gogamoto Purchased

Hi, Yes sure I can send you ftp access and url as well. where should I send the info?

Here’s my contact form

We’re now both online, you can also contact me on chat if you want –


Lucho13 Purchased

Hi is it possible to create a filter that will bring data with more than or less than a specified value?

Hi Lucho13,

Thanks for purchase.

Yes, it’s possible but you have to edit some code.

If you want to have both > and < possibilities you’ll have to create 2 different filters: one for “more” search, the other for “less” search.

  1. Open admin/class/crud/ElementsFilters.php
  2. Go to L.532 and edit the code this way:
    // original code L.532:
    $qry_where.= $transition . $this->sqlProtect($field_to_filter) . ' = ' . $field_var_sqlvalue;
    // replace with this:
    $compare = ' = ';
    if ($this->table === 'my-table') {
        ' > ';
    $qry_where.= $transition . $this->sqlProtect($field_to_filter) . $compare . $field_var_sqlvalue;

This is the idea. Don’t forget that this is a CORE file and it might be overwritten when you make an automatic upgrade (I’ll publish one in the incoming hours for PHP 7.4.x)

If you need anything else you’re welcome,