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Discussion on PHP CRUD Generator

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is this compatible with microsoft SQL server?


Sorry not yet.


peterlum Purchased


I just download the latest zip. How do I upgrade my site?



peterlum Purchased

How to tell if my version is 1 or 2?


peterlum Purchased

Is it possible me to delete v1 and reinstall v2 from scratch?

migli Author

The version number is in conf/conf.php.

Yes of course you can delete and install the new version.

First unregister your current version:

then install the new one.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Hi. I’m interested in the script. What I am looking for is a program for our club. Where I can maintain all users, use all user data that I need and regularly send out an invoice. Where I can enter who has already paid and can send a reminder with a filter via the program.

Is this possible with the software?


Yes, PHP CRUD Generator is perfect for this.

Of course you’ll have to add your own code to create and send your invoices, but except this it’ll do everything you need using the built-in features.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,



ertwros Purchased

Hi, first of all awesome application, I have used CRUDBooster for years, but this is so much better and cleaner.

1. I am having one problem, when I set my many to many relationship I do not get a nested list, instead I get a button that says add new.. But when I go to edit I see all the related records. just not on the read list.

2. Also, I don’t see the option to view the record, was that option removed?

Hi Ertwros,

Thank you for your encouragement, it’s always appreciated.

1. If the records exist you should see them in a nested table. So I assume there’s a problem somewhere, maybe with your settings in the generator when you build the list, maybe in your database relations, or maybe in the CRUD Generator code, but I’d need to see & test on your own installation.

Would you email me your FTP access and generator URL please?

2.In the generator, in the “OPTIONS FROM THE PAGINATED LIST” section, you have to set ””View record” button” to Yes. Then it should work.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,



ertwros Purchased

Thanks for the reply migli, I discovered that I was on version 1.0 of PHP CRUD Generator, and I am currently attempting to install 2.0 but getting the max installation error. The problem is that I blew away the 1.0 folder, so I can not uninstall to re-install, so I need your help in resetting my purchase code, I have sent you 2 emails, to help address this issue.


I just answered your email

I received this error. ”...The maximum number of allowed PHP CRUD Generator installations (2 installation(s) total) reached.” (installed on the same domain) Can this be reset?


maz07 Purchased

Hello, can we sync data from Google Sheets to our database? Thanks.


This cannot be done natively, as the program can’t guess how you organize your Google sheets tabs and columns.

You have to program it in PHP. The best library for this is PhpSpreadsheet.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,



alveriox Purchased

New update v2 is launched today… im v1 user… do i have to uninstall v1 then the fresh install v2? Or i can just overwrite the old file? Because its a hassle if i have to start over from fresh and rebuilding the web.


V2 is a Major update. This means that you can’t upgrade from V1 to V2.

You have to rebuild your admin from scratch if you want the version 2, sorry but there’s no other way (the CRUD Engine has been completely rebuilt, and many others things.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,



gercla Purchased


can you reset please to zero.

Unfortunately, installation failed because of this reason: The maximum number of allowed PHP CRUD Generator installations (2 installation(s) total) reached

Hi Gercla,

I removed your installations from the licensing system, you have 2 free slots again now

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Hello I have purchased the crud generator and installed it on my computer and I am still learning how to get it to do what I want. Are there instructions so I can deploy it to my host site without having to move my installation and I can continue to work on my code without affecting my site? Also, I am having a problem, every time I make any database changes, I get errors in the generator. Is there a way around this? Thank you


Thanks for purchase.

The answers to your two questions are both on the website:

Are there instructions so I can deploy it to my host site without having to move my installation and I can continue to work on my code without affecting my site?

I am having a problem, every time I make any database changes, I get errors in the generator. Is there a way around this?

I hope this will help you, if you still have any question I’ll do my best,


Ok, I have the whole thing set up with my data and what not, with email and everything. Everything is good if my team wants to add/edit/delete things, but how can we make it to where random customers on our website can add data – without having to create a login, etc?

Yes, that’s what I said, with PHP Form Builder. Here’s an example:

and Database insert/update sample codes:

About using the CRUD’s PHP Form Builder:

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Could you please email me the drag and drop form builder templates?


Yes, please email me and I’ll send you the ZIP.

Dear Admin,

I’ve resintall my server.. How to remove previos installation..?


Hi Altafyusfa,

Please follow the instructions here:

If you want me to delete your installation from the licensing system please email me your purchase code


Something weird happens in the Create/Update form when I try to edit any record. Whenever I click on the yellow pencil icon, no matter the record, the edit page always displays the same record: the first one. ID slugs on the URL are different, depending on the record I am trying to edit, but the data on the edit page is the same.


Thanks for purchase.

Would you please email me your FTP access and URL?

I need to see your own installation to understand why you have this issue (I never saw this before)


I got the email figured out. How can I redirect the receiver of the email to the notated table row of the database within the crud admin page with a href url?

Hi Steven,

You can make your queries to the database with the DB class –

I can help you more than this if you email me your FTP access, your admin URL, and explain clearly your needs.


Is there a good email that I can send code about the email issues for you to look at and help me with, without posting here personal info?


Yes, please email me from here


When you are editing the email templates, you have the quickcode “{table}” that imports the table data. How can I edit the contents of that? I don’t want to show the id, etc within the email


It’s detailed here:

Scroll down to “Example with custom template”

// Create 'my-custom-template.html' and 'my-custom-template.css' in the 'phpformbuilder/mailer/email-templates-custom/' folder
    // You can use shortcodes in your HTML template, they will be automatically replaced with the posted values.
    // For instance, {user-email} will be replaced with the real $_POST['user-email'] value.

    // You can use the special {table} shortcode to display a complete table with all the posted fieldnames / values.

I added the following code to send emails when a record is updated : // Added Code if (isset($_POST[‘testTable’]) && $_POST[‘testTable’] == ‘testUser’) { // Set the email recipient $to = ‘’; } // End Added Code

// Set the email subject
$subject = 'User Selection Made';
// Set the email message
$message = 'User Selection has been made.';
// Send the email using the sendmail function
    'to' => $to,
    'subject' => $subject,
    'message' => $message,
    'on_error' => function($error) {
    // Handle the error, for example by displaying an error message to the user
    echo "Error sending email: $error";
// Or log the error to a file
error_log("Error sending email: $error");

I placed it right BEFORE this line : $db->throwExceptions = true;

Added into the test-create.php file you referred to in your documentation

The above code does not work as expected, and throws a “http 500” error.

Could you please guide me as to why this does not work?

Last note , I went to the following url : class/phpformbuilder/mailer/email-sending-test.php sent a test email, it said it was successful (but never showed up)

Ok, long story short – it was issues on the hosting provider (Godaddy). End game, it works – but it takes a stupid amount of time to run the phpmailer (70 seconds), per each field creation. How would I pass the form values to a seperate “needs to be mailed” sql database, then run a cron job to email them every 5 min via php mailer on the backend?

Hi Stevensoldan,

it takes a stupid amount of time to run the phpmailer (70 seconds)

That’s absolutely not normal. You may test again with email-sending-test.php to see if you have the same problem, and if so contact Godaddy and ask them to do their job. Email sending should take a few milliseconds and no more.

If you want to record the posted fields/values into your database you can get them with $_POST like you would do with any HTML form, then use the DB class to make your inserts. Here’s the documentation:

And forms with database records and source code:

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Hi I’m trying to install in a dev server, with PHP 8.1, but I only have a 500 error message: [client] AH01071: Got error ‘PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught mysqli_sql_exception: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo for production-host failed: Name or service not known in /var/www/panel/php-crud-generator/install/do-install.php:82\nStack trace:\n#0 /var/www/panel/php-crud-generator/install/do-install.php(82): mysqli->__construct()\n#1 /var/www/panel/php-crud-generator/install/do-install.php(557): registerDbInfo()\n#2 {main}\n thrown in /var/www/panel/php-crud-generator/install/do-install.php on line 82’, referer: Could you help me, please?


Thanks for purchase.

The “Uncaught mysqli_sql_exception: php_network_getaddresses” means that you entered a host that’s unreachable or is not allowed to connect to your Msql server.

This may help:

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


tried removing and reinstalling the user module. I removed access to a test database, because I wanted to go live with the normal database. Got the following error, and now I cannot access ANYTHING :

The test table is used in the admin panel but was not installed with the authentication module. The authentication module must be reinstalled to add the test table in profile rights management.

I dont know how to remove the test database, I DID figure out that if you delete the install.lock file from secure/install it lets me reinstall the module to get working again (again, only if I add the test table)


Here’s how to cleanly uninstall / reinstall PHPCG:

(scroll down to “Clean up your installation”)

And how to use PHPCG on a localhost and a remote server

Sorry to answer you with links to the documentation, but that’s the best way to lead you on the right track as everything you ask for is clearly explained there.

How do I add users, and what is the notation that they need to be in my mysql database?

How do I check files to make sure they are actually secure, not accessible by the user side (database info, passwords, etc)


You can add users and profiles straight from the admin dashboard.

Sorry I don’t understand what you mean with “what is the notation that they need to be”, could you explain please? (probably because I’m French, I think I’ve missed something)

The database info is protected by the .htaccess inside its folder (/class/phpformbuilder/database/.htaccess)

The passwords are all encrypted in the database’s users table. When you login it encrypts the password you post and compare with the registered one, but no one can decrypt this.

In short, I do care about safety, and everything is properly protected.

If you worry about the admin or generator access you can add some protections fairly easily, for instance:

- restrict to some specific IP addresses with .htaccess - limit the number of attempts to connect in PHP

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


When building/creating/updating forms – how do I move the form fields to different places?

You mean you want to sort them?

You can do it straight from the form code in admin/inc/forms/yourform.php

The cleanest way is to sort your database fields according to your needs.


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