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Hello Do we have to buy PHP Encoder & Obfuscator to make it work ?

I noticed from screenshot you are using eval function … making this completely useless ....

Wish you the best

its only a “shadow” function – you would not be able to decode it ;) Cheers

really cool ! i wish you all the best for your sales :)

Thanx – give it a try ;) Cheers

Can you post sample encrypted code here? Eval functions are easy to decode.

Take a look at the Screenshot in the Discription – unphp etc. will not work ! Cheers

Good luck with selling! :)

1.Plugin standalone or for PHP Encoder & Obfuscator

2. Plugin Support Html Code it correctly?

Thank you

1. only a Plugin – dosent work Standalone 2. no, 100% pure PHP is needet


Hello, why is my web page coded?

Hello and thank you for buying our script. We ensure you that the product is fully functional and we will be very happy to help you if you will be so kind to use the codecanyon PM system to ask for support. It is available from our profile page: Thank you so much! We’re waiting for your email. Cheers!

Hi, Is it possible to include a remote file on another server with an expiration time, and when it expires it does not allow executing my php code in other locations? understood?

No, not that way, but with this ( you can set an expiration Date! Cheers

Nice work.Glws


can your compiler work with Wordpress? can I compile Wordpress?

its a Plugin, it only work with the main Script! It encode/compile 100% pure PHP so may work with scripts for Wordpress but not with WP Templates that are a mix between HTML and PHP. Cheers

thanks for your quick respond.

I purchased this code and I downloaded it and am having an issue opening it. It’s a zip file but all it does is open another zip file with zip.cpgz. I can’t do anything. I tried downloading from Chrome, Safari, and Firefox and all the same thing. I tried two different programs to unzip and nothing. I tried to unzip in Mac Terminal and got this. checkdir error: cannot create documentation unable to process documentation/.

I open the .ZIP File and find only a .CPGZ File in it. What should i do? Please try this:

Hi, I wonder the encrypted compiler code is decrypted easily by a decrypter?

Nothing is 100% bullet-proof – but if you have “normal” customers it schould work, if someone is an PHP-geek and have to mutch time it could be hacked, but….

nothing in live is 100% save ;-) Cheers

hai i interest with your plugin, but i want ask “The next buyer of this script who can give a 5 stars rating will get a free script by mail from my portfolio here at codecanyon”

Is this still valid and i can get 1 more plugin ?

If you rate the way it is described you will get a free script of my portfolio here – sorry no more plugin ;-) Cheers

Hello, I’ve been comparing the compiled .php file it is very slow compared to without compiling, what local server does it indicate to get good speed? Example xamp or wamp? Or what I have to do to get faster, it’s very slow.

The speed also depends to your code, but anyway the obfuscated code is slower than the original code. The script must decompress it self before running. If you like you can send the code by example. Send me an eMail on my Profile-Page you will find the Contact form. So i will take a look! Best Regards and thank you for buying!! Cheers