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Hello Can i get the “created_by” and “created” fields to show in the list-view

At the moment, You can’t but i upgrade now.

The version I have has the ckeditor in it are you saying that a new version has TinyMCE in it as the editor. I need to add images from within the editor?

Great Program


I will release new version (TinyMCE + add images) about 2 next days.


I also need to know if anyone got it to work on a widows 2003 server with IIS. Installs fine bit can’t load pages when trying to log in.



I have sent you an email.


Hello, i want to ask how to echo and show image instead of a url in component table ?


Man you are very good. Thanks

The link don’t work

The user link the tools links none of them drop down?


Send me the error screenshots via email (


when you release the update?

for example 1) 2)



5) when you update bootstrap to 3?

6) You plan to keep the product further or not?

7) I bought your codeigniter admin pro and want to buy php admin pro, but I need feedback from you.

8) Please tell me the difference between the Php admin PRO and Codeigner Admin Pro about only used framework? I am referring to a functional one?

Hi! How are you? I would like to know where can I translate the “Search box” pop-up. Thank you!! (awesome script! =) ... )

Last one: Where can i translate the datepicker? Thank u!

Ups, one more! =P > Where can i translate the reset password popup? Thank you! (about the datepicker, this is done! =) ...)


sorry for reply late.

“Choose…” in library/scrud/templates/template_functions.php file.

“Search box” in library/scrud/templates/index.php file.

Reset password popup in app/objects/admin/common/login.tpl.php file.


Hello – how can I assign an users_ID to the crud_USER table (I know I could add the field via phpAdmin ) and relate this user_ID to a COMPONENT (a table I want the user be able to edit – but of course only his own data)? I thought this is somehow possible with the PHP ADMIN PRO – but I can not find a way using this system. What I have to accomplish is collecting records (data) of multiple clients in one table and want the clients to edit their own data ONLY (of course). Am I missing something – you state in your online example for “user2” that would be an way to “only edit the data for this user…”. But I can not see how. Please help or let me know how I can access the “crud_user” table via the “Components Manager” where the choosen table is displayed for editing. Please let me have you answer soon – would be really nice for I thought I could use your fantastic system for a project of mine. Thank you very much in advance!

Sorry I forgot: It would not be a problem for me to “hardcode” a WHERE clause or whatever is neccessary to solve this problem – like “SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE crud_user_id = mytable_id”.

I will “manually” assign each user an ID (each customer =user) and pre-build the CRUD table for the users so they can edit their data. Hopefully I could make myself clear. Greets!

Hi, awesome app, just bought it and it made my life much easier since I cannot find enough time to build one myself for the needs of my website. I have a few questions. How can I modify the app to use different users table? Is it possible to add an upload path option and to define the file url to each of the components I am creating?

Hello vudoanthang, could you kindly reply to my email or the comment here?! If I would new how and where (in the COMPONENT php files) to place a WHERE “” =” statement all of my problems would be solved – GREAT SCRIPT, but I can not use it for I really need to identify the logged in users and relate them somehow to their “own” data! Isn´t that a very basic functionality of a DATABASE/ CRUD SYSTEM IN GENERAL??? Greets.

PS in the TOOLS->COMPONENTBUILDER->LIST you have integrated a WHERE clause; if the scond parameter after the ”=” (equals) would also take a table field like “” that would work very well and solved such problems. But it only works with values (numeric, chars?) and this does not help in this case. Could you please add this feature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey vudoanthang – where do I find information about your productdescription: “You can make permission for only access their own records” - guess I can´t see the forrest for the trees; but I can´t find this information for the life of mine, please help (if you are stil alive?)

going through most of the comments I also found (almost) the same question on page 6: “1.- Is it possible to show to the users only the content that they created? i mean, using the table Articles that is in your demo, if an user create a new Article, he only be able to see the articles he created? ” - And then YOU comment “Yes, it is possible” thats all. This thing is driving me nuts. Why cant you explain such important feature in more detail on a help page, instead you leave the your customers in the dark without any further notice… this is such an arrogant behavior I almost can´t believe it. Even if you have written a great script – support is practically nonexistent. And without getting an answer, I do have the feeling that you are lying about this feature. I would not buy again from you, ever!

Hi we are using this incredible app and we have some questions: 1.- When we are creating a form, we only can add table fields, but we need to add some “descriptive” fields that are used to explain fieldsets like “Required User Fields”, “Detailed User Fields”, “Additional User Fields”, etc. 2.- We have 2 tables (countries and cities) and we need that when the user select a value on Country selectbox filter de city selectbox. Both are taking the data from database. 3.- How we can add some validations like “the username must be between 4 and 8 chars”, etc.

Thanks in advanced

Good day. I am interested in “CodeIgniter Admin Pro”, my question is: Can work with two databases at once (mysql and sql server)? and how is it done? relationships can work n: n in the tables and how to do?, thank you very much. Pd: Excellent work, I like your projects.

Hi vudoanthang, I sent you an email many day’s ago, can you reply please?

requests unanswered ….... this product seems unsupported…

Hallo vudo, at this moment the menu item of component group sorted by id of group. I need to sorting by custom field e.g. with new field with name “sorting” in crud_group_components table. where I can edit the code to do this? Or you can add feature sorting at the menu item. Now I have edited the file crud_group_components.php at the /app-root/app/configs/database/database line 10 for create custom soft, but this only effected on the list of component gorup, not also for item menu.

This script is great but never updated … I think the creator will continue updating …. not lying when he says to update with new functions.

I am awaiting the feature of built-in “created” & “modified” date/time listed in list view.. Also Ajax “Live Search” interface and more IE9 above and complete mobile browser supported. And please add delete feature on filter/column element that left when table database was remove/edited/change.. :)

One more… please add ability to disable (permission) for EXPORT CSV

bought this thinking that this would greatly help me with editing my database. But i can’t even get the tables to show up on the app. I was able to connect it to my database successfully, but after messing around with it for 1 hour, I can’t see any of my data from my tables.

I sent email for support. Are you still supporting this product?

Yes, I will send you an email in tomorrow .