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Hello how to change folder for image upload ?

Hi I have purchased this and I am confused as to why I can view components but although there are records in the database for the components the list view shows the number of records with the edit delete view buttons for each row but there is no text in any of the rows.

If i Click the view or edit button they show but in the list view they don’t



I want to send an email to an email address in the list view record can this be done easily?



When I select the image insert icon in the editor it loads the popup image properties window but does not allow me to point it to a folder and locate an image for example. It only shows a blank URL textbook where i can enter a URL. How do i find the url of the image?


I have purchased this but am still waiting for you to respond to any of my comments.

This is extremely frustrating and is certainly the worst support I have received from any of the pieces of software I have purchased.

Why are you not responding to comments.

can i do it this whit that?

Hello, I need to make a simple project, it is a SQL database with php web programming, to mount in the cloud, it is very simple. It consists of a database of different items such as cell phones, computers etc an inventory of all that, with the option to register each item, and you can check what state that Article.

2. Another database of users or employees that is connected to the inventory database for when to discharge an employee assigned to this article some of invetario.

3. This database may print a status report that is the inventory item or that employee was assigned, just as in the database of employees can print a report with the company logo with the articles They were assigned. I hope I’ve explained.

example of how I imagine it. = page login and password = page with buttons to access the database inventory or employees. database button to give employees high of employees, each employee has option to print a state in which it is located and who has inventory assigned. database inventory button to give high of an item and button to print the report on their status (how many obtejos there, are assigned to employees etc)

that’s it.

can this be run on widows server with IIS? It Installs fine bit can’t load pages when trying to log in.

Hi, After setting and changing the config, I have uploaded the files in the source-folder, into my web root folder. However, I get an error : “The IP page isn’t working IP is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500”

It seems like the Index.php is blocking something. If i just echo “Hello World” in the first line of the Index.php – it loads normally.

Did anyone had encountered this issue?

Hi, why i m getting “ERROR 404 – PAGE NOT FOUND”once I m login I m getting this error.

This script is made with PDO extension?


how to change Uploader size limit ???


What are the differences between the scripts ‘CodeIgniter Admin Pro’ and ‘PHP Admin Pro’?

Hi to change from CKeditor. to TinyMCE please help

how to replace the CK Editor to TinyMCE

Hi after creating the from can i generate the php code to add it my website for exp a login form so that my customer can log in?

works with PHP 7 ? thanks

demo dose not work