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Great game. I love it. One question. Can I make more level for it. and How to create level map for this code. Thanks

of course, the program construct2 have no trouble creating levels if you know how it works.

No sound in iPhone

Ok thanks and I will pay after fixed



Well I don’t understand how this game have 12 levels? How to pass level 1?

the difficulty is increased gems single game adds new colors.

is easy to increase the difficulty of the game from the beginning.

I don’t understand you, do you have 12 levels in this source code or not?

Really really great game ! I love this game so much. GLWS !


1. Where is .capx file?? 2. I don’t see any instructions or “well documented event sheets” 3. How to change graphics, sounds, how to add admob ads??

1. folder penty-construct2 penty.caproj file 2. there is documentation in the docs folder 3. admob is only for mobile, graphics sounds

if you need anything else let me know.

In docs folder you have instructions for changing website and facebook link, what about everything else?? You said in your description that you have well documented event sheets and that’s not true.

I uploaded a version with best explained code. in the next few hours will be available for download.

There is easy way to change “size” of box? and change icons etc?

It is easy, construct2, download the program and if you have any problems doing this send me an email.

If anyone know how to add AdMob ads to this game please leave your skype or e-mail. I am willing to pay for the help

@Tulipanka85 Hi! You need to have Cordova Admob Plugin by Cranberrygame. I build the game in Intel XDK after exporting and building for mobile. Cranberrygame has the plugins working both for Intel XDK and Coccon Js. Check The Google plus group for more info and you can contact with Sang (owner of Cranberrygame) with the email here If you have any questions you can directly ask me from I would be happy to help. This is the google plus group for the plugins.


Is it easy to reduce the number of rows to 6 instead of 7 because I would like to add more stuff to the top part.

very easy

great work! looks beautiful.