Peer to Peer File Sharing Without Uploading

Peer to Peer File Sharing Without Uploading

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P2P Sharing is a web application with PWA support inspired by Apple AirDrop service. This application allows transferring files directly between devices without having to upload them to any server first. Users can send large files to multiple devices at the same time over the network fast and securely. This a user-friendly application so it’s easy to use users can manage everything easily.

So many file-sharing apps out there, why would people use this app?

Mostly all these file-sharing websites nowadays exist where these files are shared or stored on the server. This might be a privacy threat as many people during the current situation or generally will be sharing confidential documents or files using these services. Using a secure peer-to-peer connection and its Data channel huge files can be transferred without storing them on any server making it really robust and truly private as only the connected users/peers are communicating directly with no middle server use for transfers.

How to use this application?

To send files to another device in the same local network, scan the QR code or open the same URL on both devices. The application generates random names for you and other connected users. Drag and drop files directly on another person’s avatar or click the avatar and select the files you want to send. The file transfer will start once the recipient accepts the files.


P2P Sharing application uses a secure peer-to-peer connection to transfer information about the file and file data itself. This means that this data is never transferred through any intermediate server but directly between the sender and recipient devices. To achieve this, the application uses a technology called WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication), which is provided natively by browsers. You can read more about WebRTC security here.

What is WebRTC?

The peer-to-peer connection and the data channels are made possible by WebRTC. WebRTC is basically a global network way to communicate and transfer data to each other. Which resembles closely to Bluetooth, NFC, and WIFI data sharing. Although using WebRTC we can achieve cross-platform support as it’s web-based.


  • Dark and Light mode
  • Responsive Design
  • PWA Supported
  • Fast file transfer
  • Real-time chat with connected users
  • Real-time notifications for all activities
  • Manually update user information
  • Receive and Cancel file request
  • Cancel, Reject and Remove all files or file requests
  • RTL version
  • Room Password Protection


  • VueJS – Frontend Framework
  • NuxtJS – Vue Framework
  • VuetifyJS – Vue Material Design Framework
  • WebRTC – Web Framework For Real-Time Communication Between Browsers
  • NodeJS – Use JavaScript On The Server Side
  • MongoDB – Database Management System
  • SocketIO – A JS Library For Communication Between Client And Server

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome
  • Edge (Chromium Based)
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari 13+


Can you install it for me?

Yes, we can install it for you!

What is your response time?

Maximum response time can be up to 2 business days. But don’t worry! We usually get back to you within a few hours

Can you customize the script for me?

Yes! but I will extra charge for doing customization according to your requirements

1.3 Version-Release – Dec 13, 2022

  • Fixed: Bugs
  • Added: Room Password Protection
  • Added: RTL version
  • Improve Performance

1.5 Version-Release – Dec 29, 2022

  • Added: Admin Panel
  • Added: TURN server
  • Code Refactoring

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